As promised here are the thoughts on Newcastle brown ale or Newkie brown as its called. 

For me this is a true classic and I find myself drinking one of these every now and then. This is the beer that, at least in Finland can be found everywhere. This means that if the pub does’t have a descent beer in there selection they usually at least have the brown stuff. Now this may sound like Newkie isn't much of of a treat, and that has been the case for me for a while now. I’ve felt its an ok beer and a good backup if I cant find anything good or interesting. However, this is not the whole truth, When you really taste it and think about there is more to this one.

Starting with the aesthetics of course. Now its hard to judge the looks of this beer. I’m so used to looking at the bottle, logo, and posters that it has started to feel as somewhat of an standard pub interior decor. The bottle looks simple and resembles the standard cheap lager bottles we have here in Finland.(I actually don’t mind the design of the Finnish bottle its beautiful in they're simplicity. Designd by Tapio Wirkkala and as such a finnish design icon really. But the content of these bottles have ruined them for me.)

The colour of the Newkie is something that i really like about this beer. The colour is a dark golden amber and for me, very close to the perfect colour for a beer. If you pour it into a glass you dont get much head, now usually this would not bother me but since the colour is so beutiful this would really be lika a piece of art if it were to have a thicker, creamier head. Now some of you may think, sure it make lots of foam, theres lots of head on the pint in the pictures and advertisements. But for some reason this is not the case for me. Must be doing somethin wrong.

Then the to tasting. At first sip I find that the Newkie resembles a typical British bitter. This first experience however quickly turns into something different. After you get you mouthful the taste turns into something much more sweet and rounded. Theres a small hint of syrup in there. There is some typical brittish hoppiness butt not its very settle and not sharp at all. I remeber from years back, I used to think f this beer as a very easy beer to drink and to like. Back then i didnt enjoy strong sharp hops as much as I do today. Big IPA fan today. this beer may not be a favorate for the IPA or even the someone who loves standard bitters like London Pride but it feels like its a beer for everyone. I have a very hard time imagining anyone hating this beer. It has all the basic malty and hoppy flavour that you expect from an good ale without having anything too strong or sharp and at the same time being slightly sweet and syrupy. I have never heard anyone saying that that they dont like this beer. On the other hand I have never heard of it being anyone's absolute favorite either. 

As a conclusion, this beer is a beautiful beer, with a descent amount of taste. Its a good beer all in all, but there's nothing there to give you that wow factor. Its a safe choice that can never go wrong. And thanks to the excellent availability, its the perfect backup if you cant find any of your favorites.

Rating: 3/5

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It was the end. The echo had taken over most of his body. In a matter of minutes Loki would be gone forever
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