I was tagged by the lovely @cressinadress, thank you for tagging me!

List ten songs you’re currently into and tag ten people

  1. The Pants Song- Be More Chill
  2. Power- Exo
  3. I Should Tell You- Rent
  4. You Will Be Found- Dear Evan Hansen
  5. The World Will Know- Newsies
  6. Goodbye Until Tomorrow- The Last Five Years
  7. You Matter To Me- Waitress
  8. Spring Day- BTS
  9. Two By Two- The Book of Mormon
  10. Voices In My Head- Be More Chill

I tag these (not ten I’m sorry) people: @newhieghts, @everyscript @aph-dorito, @manateesarethebest, and @theofficialgrahamcracker