newgrounds crash

alright everyones doin this so im gonna join the party

homestucks ending. this massive, 10,000 page beast, 7 years in the making is ending. and i got to be a part of that. WE got to be a part of that.

i came in near the end of the Glory Days/Dark Ages, which is what i call the fandom at its Peak Ridiculousness. and i have to say, it was insane. i had no idea what i was getting into when i started this fuckin adventure, but i dont regret it for a minute.

this fandom has done some crazy shit. we’ve taken over cons and weve crashed newgrounds. we’ve created this crazy massive community just through tumblr and word of mouth and all sorts of nonsense and its just so insane to think about this thing started with some guy in his bedroom writing about “kids in houses”

all the in jokes and stories and those fics that EVERYBODY knows. all the Big tumblrs and the theories and discourse and characters. the va troupe and the lyricstucks and just everything homestuck has created and influenced and the way its become this massive phenomenon that somehow still feels special. ive made a great amount of friends here, people i hope to know for years to come. we have homestuck to thank for that.

homestuck is, in its essence, a community, even with its massive size. its entire existence is like an inside joke between several million people. if someone has heard of homestuck but hasnt read it they dont know what it is. its not harry potter or game of thrones or whatever else people are into these days. its homestuck. its something special. its something more. you have to get into it, youve gotta learn the lingo, the symbols, the characters, the history, if youre getting in, youre getting in

this fandom has been a wild ride. its had its ups and downs and we all know it but godDAMN if i didnt love every single miserable second of it. this fandom is gonna be around for a while but i just wanna tell every last one of you right now on the eve of The End, i love you so much and im gonna miss this more than i could possibly say. its been amazing. happy 4/13 shitnerds. its upd8 time.