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2 new Feminist Rants hoops up for grabs! If you want to make your own, the pattern is also available for instant download & comes with a photo stitch guide to teach you 4 different stitches! #etsy #embroidery #handembroidery #hoopart #handmade #feministrants #feminist #feministart #newgirl #jessicaday #jessday #crafty #craftsposure #embroideryinstaguild

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Schmidty did it ❤️ and it only took 5 years and 3 tries ❤️😭😍❤️ #newgirl #maxgreenfield #hannahsimone #schmece

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Legit conversation that happened
  • ok so Shawn works as a DJ and a bouncer at a strip club and thusly is in charge of collecting the legal info on the new girls. Normally he hates it because of the nature of the place but then this happened last night
  • Shawn:Ok I'll just need to make a photo copy of your ID
  • Newgirl:*hands him her drivers license*
  • Shawn:Jean Summers? This is your real name? *starts laughing*
  • Jean:Yes...why is that funny?
  • Shawn:No reason. Are your parents big into comic books?
  • Jean:No. Why?
  • Shawn:No reason at all! So what is your stage name going to be?
  • Jean:I'm not sure. I haven't thought about it.
  • Shawn:How about Phoenix?
  • Jean/Phoenix:That sounds pretty. Lets go with that.
  • some time later
  • Phoenix:*sees shawn's tattoo with his son's name on it* aww is that your son?
  • Shawn:Yes
  • Phoenix:Aww that's so cute! I have a little boy too. His name is Nathan.
  • Shawn:*starts laughing again* Good name! Out of curiosity is he a big kid?
  • Phoenix:Wow how did you know? He's pretty big for his age especially in the shoulders.
  • Shawn:GOOD! Best friends with a kid named Wade?
  • Phoenix:Huh? Not that I'm aware of. Why?
  • Shawn:No reason! Just keep him away from guys named Wade. They're crazy!
Hey you!

heyy i’m looking for internetfriends and i know that sounds really desperate 😂

My name is Tessa and I’m 15 yrs old. i really like photography, reading, drawing, watching youtube and netflix(of course,who doesn’t 😂). I watch shows like pretty little liars, teenwolf, newgirl, modern family, under the dome and more because i don’t really have a life😂.

i also really like listening to music , shawnmendes omg i love him😍  (sorry fangirl moment😂)but also ed sheeran, ellie goulding, coldplay,demi lovato and way more.

i’m a really awkward  (you probably already noticed 😂) and shy in the beginning but that will change fast not the awkwardness.

I really don’t care about gender, race, sexuality etc. just be yourself 😊. i’m just looking for someone that I can talk to a lot and i like online chatting but i wouldn’t mind sending snail mail. so if you’re interested just send me a message 💕

kik: memories.never.die._

tumblr: memories-never-die-2

hope to hear from you -x-