newger-z said: holy fuckin hell, that actually happened??? that’s gross as FUCK, hope she understands how wrong that is on so many levels! what, she’s gonna brag about it? “i tricked dallon weekes into calling me when he was desperately trying to find his wife” ugh

The account is suspended but some girl tweeted at Dallon that she was in France for visiting though she was really from Cali and Dallon tweeted back saying, “Paris” and she said “yeah” and then got a call from him idk and pretended to “look around Paris” but then people started asking her to check specific places or to meet up with them and she became sketchy and said, “we’re going to the airport now” back to Cali? I think and then literally five minutes later she’s apparently no longer in Paris lmao but “landed”? somewhere else BWAHAHA and then made tweets about actually being in Phoenix and her parents being weird and saying they were actually in Paris.

Even though she originally said she was born there or grew up there and then later changed it to saying “I’m just visiting.”

Haha I read through her tweets like some people might have screen shots but her account is currently suspended but it used to be @laniexelizabeth 

newger-z said: what’re they doing wrong? i just heard about the female thor and i’m psyched about it but…. not if they’re gonna fuck it up :<

sorry my laptop shut down on me. anyways these are the points:

- fan service to fan boys, sporting typical female armour gear that does nothing much to protect your body, all the fucking curves because???

- introducing another char to do this is weird bc why not just use Sif

- Lazy concept “lets turn a well established male character into a female version” (tho this is false, thor odinson still exists in the comic, it’s just that he’s now NOT wielding the mjolnir)

- which means chances are this isn’t going to be a permanent thing

But I’m still excited too. The concept is that this new char comes along and is worthy to wield Mjolnir so she now becomes Thor (title giving to the one who wields it) and Thor odinson is no longer worthy but is still a part of the MCU which I think people are missing and tripping up on. Above is just what I’ve heard, the only point I agree on is that it DOES seem like lazy writing and again with her costume design but heh, Thor’s primary strength is the mjolnir anyways so how much DOES it matter?

I’m going through old shit and I’m laughing my brains out over this gem:

translation: newger-z said, “LOG ON, OR ELSE THERE’LL BE A MASS MURDER IN GOTHENBURG!”

I posted the screenshot all “da fuck is this weirdo”

to which she replied,

swedish translation: “I wonder if you could report me for that.”

happeh memories. apparently online friends that threaten you when you’re offline stick together through the years lolllll


I did my make up for the first time in forever. I wanted to do something cool and ~inventive (I was inspired by Drag Race ok) but it ended up looking really… normal. Blargh. I haven’t worn eye make up in a long time, though, so I guess it’s worth uploading.