Tracker Jacker scene: Peeta’s hallucinations.

After Katniss is gone, I look around searching for one of the careers, but all of them seem to be far. I lay down in the grass feeling dizzy as I try to remember the effects of tracker jacker poison.

Powerful hallucinations.

Before I can do anything about it I heard a familiar song and opened my eyes wide open. A young version of Katniss is standing in front of me with two braids instead of one just like in the day I met her. Shock cross my face as I realize she’s singing the valley song.

Suddenly, she disappears and a seventeen year old Katniss appears. She’s not really looking at me, she is looking away. Everything is a bit blurred, her face is the only thing clear to me and she seems really, really tired. When I was about to ask her if she was okay she disappeared just like the young Katniss.

I was searching for another Katniss when I saw two kids playing. The little girl had brown hair and green eyes and the little boy was blonde and had grey eyes. For a second I felt happy for the first time in days. I don’t why, but that kids were special to me. I opened my mouth to call them when I felt something cutting my leg causing me to fall. Iturn around and all I see is Cato with a sword in his hand and lots of blood on it.