newfoundland houses

GRYFFINDOR: “Welcome to the land where the winters tried to kill us and we said: ‘We will not be killed!’ Welcome to the land where the waters tried to drown us and we said: ‘We will not be drowned!’ Welcome to the land where we lost our loved ones and we said: ‘We will still go on!’ Welcome to the land where the wind tried to blow, and we said, ‘NO!’” -Irene Sankoff + David Hein (Newfoundland Citizens: Come From Away)

I’m sorry for this post but I need help. things are really bad on my end. the short version of it is that i’m $1200 in debt and unable to afford my medications or food; i’m literally starving. this friday, the 23rd, i’m being flown to stay with my boyfriend while my neglectful family goes on vacation.. the good news is that he’s taking me to his grandma’s house in Newfoundland for several weeks.

tl;dr i need that $$$ bad and i’m also about to explore a new country so i’m taking requests on what yall might want me to bring back in august.

what I have/can obtain
-herbs herbs herbs herbs flowers and more herbs
-have I mentioned how much babies’ breath I have? jfc
-graveyard dirt AND crossroads dirt
-beachy things (driftwood, shells, seawater, etc)
-sea salt
-bee pollen
-animal bones
-engraved bottles
-pocket ‘coins’ engraved with sigils of your choice!
-engraved anything!
-friendship (trade only, just exchange your hand to into mind. metaphorically.)
-wands and athames made from anything you’d like, including human bone! (yes, osteology is legal. i get my bones from a lab.)
-cheap tarot and pendulum readings, and scrying!!!!
-four leaf clovers
-a lot of other stuff!!!

(please ask me if there’s something specific you’d like me to bring back!!!!)

what I’m looking for in return
-primarily $$$ (it doesn’t have to be a lot and we can haggle!!!)
-candles of nearly any kind
-anything skull or goat themed
-sheddings from your pets (fur, claws, milk teeth from kittens, snake skin, etc)
-cool trinkets
-cards from incomplete, damaged, out of use tarot decks. my favourites are the Lovers, Death, and the Moon, but I’ll take any cards you don’t want!
-things with pentacles or pentagrams
-surprise me with an offer!!!

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Jellybean Row by Jackson Chu
Via Flickr:
Kimberly Row, downtown St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. Small, boxy, Victorian-style houses are iconic of downtown St. John’s Newfoundland. They get their name from the fact that they are multicolored like a bag of jellybeans.