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OK, so it’s the 13th (so I think the meetup is technically over?), but after spamming my blog with all these meetup selfies, I just couldn’t help myself but to make another post (previous post can be found here). After reblogging all the beautiful selfies, I felt kind of left out. I don’t usually post my full face on Tumblr, but how could you not with all the beauts out there? So here is my belated selfie post. 

Hi, I’m Katey (though I often shorthand it to Kt because no one seems to be able to spell my name) and I'm cis female (so she/her pronouns). I’m currently 22 (23 come May). I’m Canadian, a Taurus and a Hufflepuff. I love cats and dogs (big dogs in particular) - and though I hate to admit it, I’m the slightest bit more of a cat person. My Patronus is a Newfoundland, and my Illvernormy house is Pukwudgie. The thimble is my monopoly piece of choice (as when I was little my baby brother claimed the dog for himself). Eeyore is my favourite Disney character (I just really want to hold him and not let go), though I do love Stitch and Cinderella a fair bit too. My biggest fandoms atm are Harry Potter, Galavant, ShadowhunterLetterkenny, Supernatural, and this one. And if I had to choose a favourite fandom, it would be this one. Though I’ve only been part of it for a few months, @thatsthat24 ‘s fandom brings me the most joy. 

Bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, or genderblind, I don’t really mind which label, I’m just glad to be meeting so many beautiful people (who are beauts inside and out)!😘

House of Elrond + Dogs*

*all images taken off of google, i do not own

Elrond - Siberian Husky

A female named Hithui (“Misty”). She’s great with Estel and most definitely does not sleep in her master’s bed.

Erestor - Corgi

A male named Parf (“Book”). He sits in the library and is trained to put books back on the shelves.

Glorfindel - Greyhound

A male named Faron (“Hunter”). Purely a working dog, and has saved his master’s life on more than one occasion.

Lindir - Dachshund

A female named Taen (“Long and Thin”). She follows him everywhere and didn’t like to share him at first.

Elrohir - Newfoundland

A male named Cirion (“Seaman” - mostly cause I’m a history nerd). 150lbs of loyal fluff, trained to give kisses and attack people.

Elladan - Rottweiler

A male named Bôr (“Steadfast/Trusty Man”). Devoted to the members of the house, but suspicious of strangers. Banned from diplomatic missions abroad or meetings at home.

Arwen - Beagle

A female named Caeloen (“Soaking Wet Earth”). An escape artist, especially after heavy rain, but she loves her elleth.

Estel - Golden Retriever

A female named Mîl (“Love”). A gift from Elladan and Elrohir, named by them. Trained as a babysitter and as a hunter/retriever.


Jellybean Row by Jackson Chu
Via Flickr:
Kimberly Row, downtown St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. Small, boxy, Victorian-style houses are iconic of downtown St. John’s Newfoundland. They get their name from the fact that they are multicolored like a bag of jellybeans.

A Very Potter Quiz

Thank you @abradystrix for this :)

What is your name? Lol I don’t like to give out my name on tumblr

How old are you? 24

What House(s) are you in? Slytherin

What kind of blog do you run? I don’t think I can categorize it? It’s a mishmash of memes, sj, personal stuff, and fandom

Your Patronus? A Newfoundland!

Your Pottermore House results? Slytherin and Horned Serpent

Which book is your favourite? Order of the Phoenix

Which book is your least favourite? I…love all of them. Before this year I’d have said Deathly Hallows and if you held a gun to my head I’d still say Deathly Hallows (because of the long stretches of nothingness), but I still do love that book, just a little less than the others. But also my love for each of the books keeps evolving and changing.

Which is your least favourite movie? Hate all of them. ALL. OF. THEM. #notcanon

What is your favourite quote? I don’t like this question. I feel like I would need to do a full re-read to give you my favorite quotes. For now, I will say, “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

Favourite Potter? Harry.

Favourite Weasley? Ah. This is tough. I love several of them - Arthur, Ron, Ginny, and I’m curious about HPCC!Rose.

Favourite Malfoy? Duh. Scorpius.

Favourite Black? S I R I U S.

Favourite Marauder? S I R I U S.

Favourite Golden Trio member? Harry.

Favourite Silver Trio member? Ginny.

Favourite Female character? Hermione.

Favourite male character? As a whole…Harry. I used to be madly in love with Sirius but now I don’t like him so much as a character, but I still have a certain fondness for him. And I love what we’ve seen of Scorpius and Newt so far, I really think they’re kind of chipping away at the sometimes-toxic masculinity of the series.

Favourite Professor? I loved Remus as a professor and wish we’d seen more of him in the teacher role. I also love Minerva McGonagall’s backstory.

Favourite House? Ha. Slytherin. Snekssssss.

What character do you dislike the most? Close call between Snape, Petunia, and Draco. Snape probably wins.

What ships are your favourite? Hinny, Jily, Romione, Wolfstar, Scorbus.

Is there a movie that you liked more than the book? Hell fucking no.

If you could make your own House, what would be the traits? I don’t know - but I think I’d like to change the traits Slytherin is known for? Ambition, cunning, resourcefulness.

What would your Amortentia smell like? Hmm. Jasmine, coffee, and…mothballs. But also, isn’t it supposed to smell like the person you’re in love with? I do not know any such person yet. These are just smells I associate with love/happiness.

Which do you prefer - owls, cats, or frogs? CATS. Why didn’t more Hogwarts students have cats?

Which is your favourite Harry Potter Era? Ooh. This is tough. I think ever since DH I have exclusively dealt with the post-Hogwarts era, and specifically next gen. So I guess that would be my default favourite era. But I used to LOVE Marauders era. LOVE. I mean, I also like Hogwarts era of course - but I guess I don’t feel like I can write/read/headcanon fic about it because it feels like everything has already been written and it’s so perfect I can’t add more to it.

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Colourful Row Houses of Historic Downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada by Bencito the Traveller
Via Flickr:
More colourful row houses of historic downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. I was very impressed with the Victorian architecture of these beautiful row houses.