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like every other blogger, i decided this milestone had to be celebrated by a follow forever! it’s basically just a list of all of my mutuals and bunch of other people that i absolutely adore, tysm for making my tumblr experience the very best :’)

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you can do an au if the sleepover episode of svtfoe where instead of star lying about her crush, it's Marco lying about his feelings for Tom?

Of course I can! I loved that episode so much! I thought Star shared some great wisdom! And it was a time to include my new ship! Oskar x Jackie Lynn Thomas! I hope you enjoy! Sorry it sort of derails and trails off, but I had a great idea I wanted to write! Enjoy!

“MARCO!” Janna cried. “Tell it the truth!” She was getting whipped around the room in some sort of tornado that the machine had created. Marco gripped the side of the wall to try and stop himself from getting blow about.

“I already did! My crush is on Jackie!” Marco yelled back. Star got blown over and crashed into her best friend.

“You’re lying! I told the truth! My crush is one Janna!” Star cried. Despite the dire situation Star was still blushing at her confession.

“And I really like Star!” Janna called back, trying to grip the floor as to not get whirled around. “We all told the truth Marco! It has to be you!” She accused again.

“I like JACKIE!” Marco yelled again. The game seemed to get angrier and pulled and pushed the children about. Star was getting pushed between two walls while Janna kept flying up and then dropping to the floor.

“We’re going to die in here unless somebody tells the truth! Jackie?” Star called.

“It’s true! I like Oskar! I just didn’t want to say anything because I thought Str still liked him!” Jackie admitted, not wanting to hurt her friend. Star smiled at the sweetness.

“Oskar is a lot less appealing than he seems, Jackie, you can do better!” Star yelled.

“THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!” Janna screamed, getting thrashed around. She crashed into Star fan 13 who was almost crying. Afraid this would ruin her night with Star. “Marco! I know your tells! You’re lying can see it!” Janna screamed.

Marco put his arms up to sort of block himself from the harsh wind inside this cube. He shut his eyes tight and tried to block all of this out. He liked Jackie, that’s what they thought, and that’s what he would keep saying. The wind picked up and Marco began getting pulled forward, he looked up and saw a giant pile of fire that the game was pulling the human boy towards. Marco gasped and tried to run against it, but to no avail.

“Marco!” Star cried.

“Star! Help me!” He yelled.

“It won’t let you go until you tell the truth!” Ponyhead screamed at him. “We know you’re lying! If you weren’t the game wouldn’t be targeting you!” She explained. So tell the truth so we can get out of here!” She begged.

“FINE!” Marco cried. The wind stopped and everything seemed to hold still. Like time froze. Marco gulped as all eyes were on him. “I… guess I have… a bit of a crush on… Tom.” He whispered and bowed his head. “But it’s really nothing!” He assured. Star gasped and everything was still for another minute until the box lit up a bright red.

“SOMEONE IS LYING!” The box hissed. All the storm commotion started up again and the kids started yelling and getting tossed around.

“MARCO! WHAT DID YOU DO NOW!?!” Janna cried.

“Nothing! That’s the truth! It’s Tom!” Marco cried. The game seemed to get mad again and pushed them all around, swirling them in a rampage of commotion.

“Marco!” Star yelled. “Just tell us the truth!” She begged, about to get swallowed whole by this game meant to be “fun”. Marco bit his lip and put his head in his hands. He looked around at his friend and then up at the box.

“It’s not nothing!” He called. The commotion stopped once again. “You-you think I’m lying because I didn’t… I wasn’t honest with HOW my crush on Tom is.” Marco decided. “I said it’s nothing but that’s a lie. I really, REALLY like Tom Lucitor.” He admitted. “It’s not a ‘bit of a crush’. I… I think I’m in love with him.” Marco sighed. The box lit up a light blue color and all the metal walls around them shrunk down and receded back into the box.

“TRUTH.” It stated. Marco felt a deep blush cover his face and he lifted the box up.

“Woah.” Marco spun around and saw the group of girls staring at him totally shocked. Janned had her mouth wide open. “That was deep.” She stated. Marco blushed furiously and made a bit of an angry face, looking away.

“Okay! Fine! You all know!” He hissed. “I’m in love with Tom! I’m a fifteen-year-old human boy, who was dumb and careless enough to fall in love with a reckless, annoying, hot-headed demon! You can laugh all you want but… I can’t help how I feel.” Marco sighed. He looked away and toyed with the metal box in his hands. He looked up fast when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He saw Star smiling at him sweetly.

“Marco, we aren’t going to laugh at you.” She assured. Marco looked surprised. “Just because you fell in love young, and I might not see Tom as a suitable bachelor.” Star huffed this last part. “I’m happy you have somebody you care about. And if you really feel this strongly about him, we want to help you get him!” Star beamed.

“Really?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“I wanna help spark some demon-human passion.” Janna teased, she was making a joking face that made it sound like she was talking about something scandalous.

“Tom’s the three-eyed kid?” Jackie asked. She then beamed. “I think you two would be super cool together.” She smiled.

“Okay ladies, okay ladies.” Ponyhead interrupted. “We all think Marco and agro would be great together. You know what this means, girls?” She asked. Star jumped up excitedly and Ponyhead smiled smugly. “Mm-hm. Star knows. Marco, we gonna dress you up and make you over. Make you a human that fire-hazard can’t resist.” She offered.

“Marco-makeover!” Janna cheered. Jackie jumped up and down and they ran into the bathroom to get beauty supplies.

“I’m in!” Jackie smiled.

“If Star’s doing it I will too!” Star Fan 13 promised. All the girls grabbed makeup and hairbrushes and clips and jewelry and crowded around Marco. They started poking and prodding, causing the human to become annoyed.

“Guys, come on! I can do my own makeup!” He complained.

“That takes all the fun out of it!” Star reminded, and she scontinued styling Marco’s hair. When they were finished Marco looked like a made-up show pony. With far too much colorful makeup and his hair curled and puffed out. “You look… perfect! I’m going to call Tom!” Star declared. Before Marco could object the girls were already crowded around the mirror.

Star dialed and Tom picked up the phone. When he saw the girl he seemed upset. “Did you mean to call your mom again?” He asked, assuming the worst. Star made a face.

“Oh stop it. Can’t I just call you to talk?” Star asked. Tom raised an eyebrow.
“That’s… not like you.” He pointed out. “And also you are surrounded by a clique of strangers… and Ponyhead. How have yu been?” He asked the horse.

“Okay. St. O’s is a party school now.” She told him. Tom nodded.

“I heard… so… bye?” He tried to hang up, confused about what this friendly chat was all about. But Star stopped him.

“Tom wait!” Star creid. “Marco is here! Isn’t that a surprise?” She asked.

“No? Doesn’t he live there?” Tom asked.

“Shut your face you are surprised.” Star seethed. She pulled Marco into view of the mirror. He was a blushing mess and he was holding his breath. As soon as Tom saw Marco he burst out laughing.

“What is wrong with your face? Why do you have your makeup done like a pageant clown?” Tom ridiculed. Marco huffed. “Are you a show pony? But with makeup and glitter?” Tom asked, laughing hysterically.

“Shut-up! Marco looks great!” Star defended.

“No, I don’t.” Marco assured her. “The girls did this.” Marco explained. Tom laughed again and shook his head.

“Well no wonder, you’re makeup never looks that bad.” He laughed. “You normally look nice, but this is like Dance Moms meet the circus.” He jabbed. Marco opened his mouth to back talk the demon for making fun of him., but stopped.

“Wait… you think I look nice normally?” Marco asked, blushing. Tom shrugged.

“Well yeah, you normally know how to put on makeup and you have a cute sense of style. But this is a little much.” He teased. Marco blushed and looked away.

“We um… it was just for fun.” He mumbled. Tom smiled.

“I can see that.” He grinned. “You guys have fun at your sleepover but… don’t go out of the house like that.” Tom grinned. He couldn’t hang up without getting in one last insult. Marco smiled and hung up after Tom, holding his hands to his heart. Tom thought Marco looked nice… most of the time at least.

pretear091  asked:

I love your drawings so much! They're really cute :) For the color, how about purple or black?

How about both :D!

When I think of Black I think of Noctis and When I think of Purple I think of Eunwol! And thanks glad you like them ^^ ((Tumblr has absolutely destroyed this picture’s quality how dare they))

starbluesketches  asked:

Do you have a link to a doc about Marco finding out about Tom's little sister? Or if Nat could you do one

Of course I can write one! I’ve done it before in the dragon au, but this one is regular Tom and Marco hahah. I hope you enjoy and I’m glad you liked my idea for a little sister! Tom would be great with her!

Marco blushed as Tom walked next to him on his way into the dojo. “I’m uh… I’m really glad you walked me to my match.” Marco smiled. Tom shrugged and grinned at the human.

“Eh, it’s the least I can do. I feel really bad about not being able to stay and watch, even though I told you I would.” Tom rubbed the back of his head and felt a little guilty. Marco smiled brightly at the demon.

“It’s fine! Things come up. What do you need to get doing?” Marco asked. Tom smiled a bit.

“Charlotte said she needed me.” Tom responded. Marco tilted his head.

“Charlotte?” He asked. Tom smiled.

“Yup, Charlie, she’s my special girl. And she just always come first, so I need to be with her if she said she wants me to be. I hope you understand.” Tom explained. Marco felt jealousy well up. This girl Charlotte, or Charlie or SOME GIRL! Taking away his Tom? Marco bit his lip. He didn’t know Tom had a girlfriend. “Marco?” Tom asked.

“Nope, no, it’s fine.” Marco said a bit harshly. “You go, I’m sure Charlotte or Charlie or whatever is missing you.” He seemed to snap. Tom seemed a bit confused at this sudden wave of anger Marco seemed to exude. Tom tried to dismiss it as nerves for the match, but was still a little put off by it.

“O-okay.” Tom tried, and watched Marco storm off.


“Tom has a girlfriend?” Star asked, a bit surprised.

“YES! And he ditched me to go on some dumb date!” Marco seethed. Star thought for a moment.

“Well, if you’re upset with him for bailing on you then tell him.” She suggested. Marco stood up and snatched his scissors off the table.

“You know what? I will! I’ll tell him how mean it is to cancel just for a date! I really wanted him there! He promised he’d be there!” Marco stewed. He was acting up a little bit, but it was mostly because he was hurt. He really wanted his crush to see him fight, and to hear he cancelled for somebody else hurt him even more.

Marco slit a portal open and shut it behind him, jumping into the demon’s living room. “Tom?” Marco called. “It’s me! We need to talk.” He grumbled. Tom poked his head out of the next room and seemed happy when he saw Marco, but then cut of with anxiety.

“Hey Marco! Can this wait? I’m dealing with some trouble right now.” Tom explained. “Charlie got her hair stuck in the blow-drier.” He explained.

“How? Has she never dried her hair before?” Marco snapped. Tom narrowed his eyes.

“Hey, back off her she’s only six.” He defended.

“Yeah but- wait what?” Marco stopped and saw Tom get on his knees and start untangling something. Marco stepped closer and saw the cutest little demon child standing in front of Tom. She had pink hair, but it was much much darker than Tom’s And it was very tight and curly. She was a fat girl in a cute pink dress with adorable, yet demonic, markings.

“Charlie, sweetie hold still.” Tom told her. “I told you not to mess with this stuff without me.” He reprimanded. Tom looked over at Marco. “Just one second.” He told the human.

“Charlie is… a kid?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“Well it wouldn’t make sense if my little sister was older than me.” Tom teased. He gently pulled the drier away and smiled at the girl. “There you go. Charlie don’t mess with this stuff, I don’t want you getting into a mess.” He told her. Charlie sniffled.

“I wanted to look pretty.” She explained. Tom laughed a little and gave the girl a hug.

“You’re super pretty, and if you want your hair done I can help you, okay?” He offered. Charlie smiled and then looked over at Marco. She tugged Tom’s sleeve and whispered something in his ear. “This is Marco, he’s a friend.” Tom told her. “What did you want to talk about?” He asked the human.

Marco just stood there totally shocked. He thought Charlie was Tom’s girlfriend. He wasn’t expecting him to have a little sister. “Wait you said Charlie was your special girl.” Marco reminded. Tom grinned.

“She is.” He smiled and ruffled her hair.

“Aren’t you angry at her for getting into the blow drier? Even when you told her not to?” Marco asked. He expected the demon to be mad at her. And not act so gentle when helping get the electronic out of her hair. Tom shook his head.

“Of course not. She didn’t mean to.” Tom assured. Marco smiled really big at this. He should have known Tom would be slow tempered around the little one. He honestly didn’t expect him to treat her this nicely though. Or be responsible enough to care for a little kid.

“So, do you like take care of her?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“We’ve been on our own for a while. Dad doesn’t have much time for his kids, I pretty much keep this little monster in line.” He teased the girl and she giggled. “Why do you ask?” Tom asked. Marco rubbed the back of his head.

“It’s just… you don’t really seem to be the type to… raise a little kid and take care of her.” Marco admitted. He hoped he didn’t offend Tom but the demon laughed.

“I get that a lot. People think I’ll just go aggro and freak out at her.” Tom explained. Charlotte was now playing on the floor a few feet away. “But the truth is, even if I was totally INFURIATED, I don’t think I could ever bring myself to hurt her.” Tom admitted. He seemed embarrassed about this for some reason. But it was explained when he kept talking. “You-you can’t tell anyone that! I don’t want them to think I’m… weak or whatever.” Tom muttered. Marco smiled and shook his head.

“It’s not weakness. But I won’t tell.” He promised.

“So why did you come over?” Tom asked. Marco blushed.

“Oh I uh…” He now felt embarrassed for his misunderstanding and felt guilty for acting so rashly about Tom not being able to make it to his fight. So he made something up. “I just wanted to see you!” He tried. To his surprise Tom blushed.

“You… did?” he asked. Marco smiled a little bit and nodded.

“I missed you at my fight and thought we could spend some time together.” Marco added. He then blushed deeply. “I really… like you. And I like hanging out with you.” He looked away. Tpom blushed deeper and fire sparked at his feet and hair. Marco reached out and gently took Tom’s hand. The demon moved in a tin bit and Marco felt his heart race.

This was it! It was happening. It was so sudden! But they were just less than an inch away from kissing. Marco was not expecting this when he first came over, but feeling Tom’s hand grasp his own was euphoric. Both boys let their eyes fall shut and Marco stood on his tos to be able to meet Tom.

Just as Tom slipped an arm around marco’s waist they stopped short. “Tom? What are you doing with that human?” Charlotte asked. Tom and Marco both jumped and they ripped away from each other.

“I uhm… I was uh… I was…” Tom was turning redder and redder and Charlotte looked between the two boys confused. They she gasped like something clicked

“Ohhhh! I see!” She smiled. Tom blushed even more.

“No! Charlie it’s um… it’s not-” She cut him off.

“It’s fine! I’ll leave you two alone.” She assured, and toddled down the stairs. Tom and Marco both stood there in shocked embarrassment and looked away from each other.

“It um… it’s wasn’t…” Tom stuttered.

“No! No of course it wasn’t.” Marco agreed. “I was just… um…”

“Leaning!” Tom tried. Marco nodded.

“Yeah! I was just leaning, I definitely wasn’t about to…” Marco trailed off and took Tom’s hands again. “I wasn’t going to… do this.” He then kissed the demon gently and looked at him with starry eyes. “What gave you that idea?” Marco asked.

“I don’t know.” Tom responded, kissing him again.

anonymous asked:

Could you continue the fic where Marco goes to Rhombulus for advice? Like Marco telling Tom he loves him?

Sure! I had a good idea for this because I love romantic things like this! You know, gushy cliche stuff that probably would never happen. I love it though! I hope you enjoy! Ps, Tom and Marco are supposed to be older in this. Like Marco is maybe right out of collage. 

Read the first one here!

Marco pounded on Tom’s door frantically. He wouldn’t stop until the demon answered. He was rewarded when Tom opened the door and gave him an odd look. “What is it Marco? You’re gonna break it.” He said, in reference to the door. Marco ignored him and grabbed the demon’s hands, pulling him a step closer.

“I’m sick of wasting time.” Marco spoke. Tom looked at him curiously but Marco cut him off. “I love you. I’ve loved since we were fifteen, and I wasted time thinking you wouldn;t love me back. But I’m through. Tell me now so I can love you, or move on and be happy.” Marco demanded. Tom was drawn back.

He had never heard the safe kid talk like this. Marco was always the one to plan everything out, and be too nervous to say stuff like this outright. He held onto the crush on Jackie for years! And now he was declaring his feelings for Tom in his doorstep. “Marco… what do you mean to say?” Tom asked.

“What else do I have to say?” Marco retorted. “I am in love with you! And if you love me back, I don’t want to waste time planning what might happen. I want to be with you and roll the dice! Do what feels right!” Marco had a sort of dreamy tone in his voice. He was quiet for a minute and when Tom was silent he feared he made a terrible mistake.

But the demon then grabbed Marco and pulled him close. He gave him a deep kiss and dipped him down slightly. Tom pulled away from the passionate kiss and held Marco as close as he could. “I’ve wanted to say the exact same thing since I was fifteen.” Tom whispered. Marco’s face lit up and he jumped to kiss the demon again.

“Oh Tom!” He cried, giving him kiss after kiss. Tom giggled and scooped the human up, spinning him around in circles as the two laughed. He set Marco down and the human smiled up at him, with stars in his eyes. “I love you, Tom.” Marco whispered. “I just wish I didn’t wait so long to tell you that. I wasted so much time being unhappy.” He mumbled.

“Then let’s make up for lost time.” Tom whispered back. Marco looked at him curiously and Tom smiled down at him, getting more and more excited. “Marco, let’s get married. Tonight.” Tom proposed. Marco’s eyes widened.

“Married? Tonight?” He asked. Tom nodded.

“But I don’t have a dress and we don’t have anything planned or we don’t-”

“I’ll get you a dress! We can get Star or a friend as a witness and we can break into city hall to get the papers! I break into places all the time!” Tom bragged. Marco wanted to seem worried, but excitement was clear.

“What if-”

“Marco, you said you love me, and I love you. Let’s not waste time. Let’s just give it a shot. We can get married now, or in ten years or on june fifty-seventh! But doesn’t it feel right now?” Tom asked. Marco grinned.

“Yes! It does! Everytime you say it, it feels more right but- rings!” Marco cut him off. “I know you may not get the tradition but… I feel like for it to be a wedding we need rings.” Marco told the demon. Tom thought for a moment and then reached down to the ground. He picked a blade of grass and tied it in a knot. Tom then got on one knee and took Marco’s hand. He slipped the tied grass around Marco’s finger and the human couldn’t fight a laugh.

“Oh Tom.” He whispered.

“Marco Diaz, will you marry me?” Tom asked. Marco put a hand over his mouth. The sudden confession, the sudden wedding, the blade of grass he decided to use as a ring. It was all too much. Marco burst into tears and dashed into the demon’s arms.

“Oh Tom! My Tom!” Marco cried. “You know very well I will! I always will!” Marco promised, covering him with kisses. He then got up and looked up, noticing the sun setting. “I’ll call Star, Janna and my parents! You go get the papers from city hall!” Marco instructed. Tom nodded excitedly.

“I’ll get a dress and suit from the castle, we always have fancy stuff like that. Send Star to get yours! We’ll meet in front of the movie theatre in an hour!” Tom added. Marco looked at him oddly.

“The movie theatre?” He asked, confused. Tom took Marco’s hands and pulled him into another kiss.

“It’s where I fell in love with you.” He whispered. “We’ll be married in two hours, max.” Tom promised. Marco smiled.

“Then I’m going to take you to my family’s lake house! We’re going to spend two whole weeks together!” Marco swore. He pulled the demon close again and gave him another kiss. The two were getting carried away at this point. They were there in each other’s arms. Marco broke away when he noticed it was getting darker. “We’ll never be married at this rate! We have to go!” He cried. Tom turned around, but made a U-turn to grab Marco again. He dipped the human down and kissed him one last time.

“Just to hold me over till I see you again.” He grinned. Marco blushed and pulled away, as hard as that was, they were going to be married and had to get this done.

Well, they didn’t HAVE to get it done. But they sure as hell wanted to.


Heya everyone!! Su is here!! this is my 3rd follow forever!! i havn’t reached 3k yet but i just need a little more to reach there…but well i grew impatient and decided to make a ff lol!!! 2017 just started yet 2 months flew by so quickly. i wish everyone good luck this year!! i hope everyone reaches their goal and be happy in their life!! 

and so i wanted to say thank you to all my mutuals and followers for following my blog and supporting me throughout this year!! i made a lots of memories here and tbh rather than my real life i enjoy spending time here more!! you guys know me more and you all are so kind and nice to me and really!! you all are so precious to me!! i always want to help and support you guys at any means but i cannot do much ughh ><

but really thank you guys!! i really love my life because of you all~! i am really glad that i made so much sweet memories with you here and they are one of the sweetest memories in my life!! ily~!

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