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do you think you could make a contained version of your newest theme?


LALISA VERS. 2. 「 CODE 」 /   LALISA VERS. 3. ( w/ header )CODE

  • 300px posts header dimensions: 605 x 130px
  • 400px posts header dimensions: 705 x 130px
  • view original post and features here


DO: enjoy it, edit it to your fancy, make it nice n pretty, use good color schemes, leave the credit intact, change it up to your liking, leave some feedback if you have any issues/comments/suggestions
DON’T: use it as a base code, redistribute/repost it elsewhere, lift any bit of coding (including fonts) from this theme and put it elsewhere without permission, alter the credit in any way, take heavy inspiration to the point that it’s nearly identical, claim any part of this theme as your own

Haunted House (Jason Todd x Reader)

My Newest Halloween Themed fic! I can’t write Kori for the life of me

tw:ghosts, death, brief mentions of blood

Originally posted by my-world-my-life-my-paradise

You held Jason’s hand tightly as the four of you entered the old haunted mansion. The Outlaws had no fear, or so it seemed, because they were sauntering around laughing and you were gripping your boyfriend’s hand so tightly you were worried it might fall off.

“Why are we here again?” You whined tugging lightly on Jason’s wrist to try and incite him back to the door. You knew he wouldn’t go. He was all about the thrills and wherever Roy went Jason went.

“Because Y/N,” Roy drew out, “it’s fun. Besides, you have nothing to worry about, if anything bad were to happen Jason would protect you." 

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Are there any stories that include conversations between Rick and Michonne where they talk about their new relationship after their first night becoming canon? Are talk to TF about each other? Thanks!

Hey anon, 

check out these fics:

Also, don’t forget to check out our newest theme list; Episode Fic Listing, which could futher help your search. 


DEE’S ROLEPLAY THEME COMMISSIONS. Since I have written two of my own base codes, I feel ready to do this. I don’t want to bore you with details but to put it simply: graphics is one of the few things I do enjoy making, which doesn’t put a strain on my mental or physical health; seeing as I can’t find a job at the moment ( for various reasons, though I’m looking ) I feel it would be a good idea to try and make some money out of it.


this will be just the background image, made usually to fit into the container theme. I will not provide you with the coding or tutorials, but you are welcome to use my base codes for them. Prices will vary depending on the details of your request.

A N I M E. ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇ ɢᴀʟʟᴇʀʏ   ✖   R E A L - L I F E. ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇ ɢᴀʟʟᴇʀʏ 
(arranged from newest to oldest )


 this option will have the theme fully coded and ready for use, however, is much more variable and prices will vary highly depending on what you wish to have included in the code; ex: custom links, customized pop ups, hover sidebar / topbar, etc.

L I V E. ᴘʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡs    .   .    . 

 Terms and further notes, under the cut. You are always more than welcome to contact me / IM me regarding any further details or questions you may have~ Thank you very much c:

— Lots of love, Dee

Even if you’re not interested / can not buy, reblogs to spread the word would be greatly appreciated

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Headcanons of Kacchan and Kiri getting a matching tattoo with their s/o!

I’m here for this, even if realistically they probably wouldn’t get them given the Japanese attitude towards tattoos that is the same reason my mom refused to let me get one of my own; bless the newest ending theme for giving us a tatted up Kacchan, though, because ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Katsuki Bakugou

Originally posted by lawlu

+ it probably wasn’t his idea; he saw his s/o doodling designs and became intrigued by their interest in body art

+ he let them doodle a design on him, and he liked it so much that he decided fuck it, let’s get em

+ there are very few physical things that Katsuki Bakugou is afraid of, but a tattoo needle gun is one of those for him he’s lucky his s/o didn’t go for a traditional style of tattooing called tebori

+ he gets his done first, it’s the same design his s/o initially created for him, and it goes on his upper left arm so he can show it off while wearing tank tops as he often does, including in his hero costume. he really loved the design and how it looked when he moved around in front of the mirror at home, and it was created by his s/o so it has a sentimental value

+ this hurts way more than that ink pen you used, y/n, fucking hell

+ He’s trying to laugh through the pain of getting it done, but it’s obvious that it’s an uncomfortable experience for him

+ when it’s over, he gets to see the final product; he’s amazed, the artist had done it freehand by just looking at his s/o’s design for a few minutes, and it came out perfectly.

+ you see that shit? that looks sick!

+ if his s/o is having a hard time with their tattoo, he tries to comfort them, will hold their hand if he can, gives them constant updates on how it’s looking as the artist works, cracks jokes, talks about how rad his tattoo is.

+ once they’re both done, they admire each others tattoos and go to show them off to their friends because how fucking cool is this shit!?

Eijiro Kirishima

+ whoa, you like tattoos?! that’s so cool, y/n!

+ he asks his s/o to design one for him, since they’re already thinking about designs for themselves

+ like Bakugou, he likes it so much he decides to get it, but he was originally much more open to the idea than his best friend would be

+ unlike Bakugou, he wants to get it tebori style because that’s fucking manly and he can show off how tough he is

+ his s/o will not be getting theirs using tebori, nope nope nope too intense

+ he’s super excited about it as they wait for their appointments to start

+ It’s gonna be so cool, babe! I won’t even flinch, just you watch! A little stick isn’t gonna hurt this guy.

+ oh, but it really does hurt

+ and he does flinch a bit, but he keeps his cool and doesn’t yelp in pain or anything

+ his s/o is super impressed that he chose such a manly way to get a tattoo done, and that he’s really going through with it after having seen the stick because holy shit what the actual fuck you could kill a man with that thing if you wanted to

+ watches his s/o getting their tattoo done and is super excited to see the final product

+ when his is done, he spends approximately 15 minutes just rambling about how cool it is, and showing it off to everyone that’ll look at it in the shop. takes like 20 selfies to spam the group chat with because guys look at this badass tattoo I just got with y/n

+ after the fact, he helps make sure his s/o is taking proper care of their healing tattoo, and he’s so, so happy with his.

+ maybe we should get more later, that was definitely an experience!


Summary: Dean and Sam are Paleontologists; Castiel is a writer. So none of them are quite sure why Gabriel, Castiel’s brother, is inviting them out to get a sneak peek of his newest ‘nature theme park’. But their fascination with the creatures that haven’t walked the earth in 65 million years quickly turns to terror when a betrayal sends the whole island into turmoil, and when the fences come down, all bets are off.




Waking up to lots of updates, today!

HesoWars is releasing a new set - Casino Dealers! Unsure if this is a gold set or it is to be the newest special event theme, but it’s most likely the latter.

They’re all dressed up so extravagantly, what fun outfits.
Pole dancing Kara has always been a thing I figured would stay within the fandom, but no. The staff distracted us with cotton puff Oso and then blindsided us with this xD

These are actually some pretty big spoilers, we don’t usually get so many peeks at both their costumes and their attacks all at once like this.

Either way I’m excited for this colourful event!
Get ready for it, guys~

A quick notice on like & reblog buttons!
Many of you have requested/asked if I could integrate those buttons into my themes, and although my answer has been “no” up until now, I’ve decided to stop being lazy and try to integrate them into most of my themes starting from today! My newest theme [24] Lachesis was a start (my first theme that I included the buttons); I’m still learning though, so bear with me! I just don’t want to mess anything up (-_-) zzz


Newest listing up!  Natural Themed yellow/brown Dress

This dress is inspired by nature itself! I had originally made this for a dandelion character but it can work for all matter of organic characters; from fairys to druids to hermits to witches!

And if you’re interested request a custom from me to change the type of yarn!! I’m sure I have every color in the rainbow, its only the gauze that is limited.

Etsy: Dollsanddress