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Waking up to lots of updates, today!

HesoWars is releasing a new set - Casino Dealers! Unsure if this is a gold set or it is to be the newest special event theme, but it’s most likely the latter.

They’re all dressed up so extravagantly, what fun outfits.
Pole dancing Kara has always been a thing I figured would stay within the fandom, but no. The staff distracted us with cotton puff Oso and then blindsided us with this xD

These are actually some pretty big spoilers, we don’t usually get so many peeks at both their costumes and their attacks all at once like this.

Either way I’m excited for this colourful event!
Get ready for it, guys~

Hey kids. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my followers, and I need to address it before it becomes an even bigger problem. I have it very plainly written in my rules that I am NOT interested in writing with duplicates of my muse, and I am very uncomfortable being followed by people who write Guy too. Especially when those people reblog gif sets from me and then start talking about wanting to make Guy their newest “theme” for their multi-muse less than 36 hours after I made a new theme for this blog. No, I’m not even trying to be vague here. 

I’ll quote directly from my rules, since they were clearly not read:

“- I will not follow back other portrayals of the same muse and frankly have no interest in any following me. All portrayals that follow me will be blocked and ignored.”

I am not a resource for you, nor am I someone to “borrow” ideas from. Anyone who has a problem with that can unfollow me now. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

I know it's a small thing but I absolutely love the look of the scrollbar on your newest theme (velvet)! It's so sleek ✌️️

I don’t really care for custom scrollbars myself (they only work on chrome and safari anyway) but someone asked me to put a custom scrollbar in there so you can thank them haha

Say you want to escape the doldrums of daily life — but you can’t quite afford a trip to Hawaii. Why not to head to your local tiki bar for a sample of the South Seas?

These faux-Polynesian, palm-thatched rum palaces that were all the rage in the 1960s are now making a comeback. Leading this nouveau-tiki movement are Lost Lake and Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago, Lei Low in Houston and Latitude 29 in New Orleans.

The newest, hippest island-themed establishment in Washington, D.C., is called Archipelago — and it’s tiki-kitsch to the max. There are glass fishing floats hanging from the ceiling. A lamp in the corner is shaped like a sexy hula dancer. And by the bar they’ve got a shrine dedicated to our favorite Hawaii-based TV private investigator, the ‘80s-tastic Tom Selleck.

Let’s Talk Tiki Bars: Harmless Fun Or Exploitation?

Photo: Frank N. Carlson/Courtesy of Archipelago

Breaking news from the Squid Research Lab: We’ve just received this exclusive photograph that shows a dinosaur marching onto the set of Futurama. This can only mean one thing: IT’S SPLATFEST TIME!

Beginning tomorrow, head to the Inkopolis Plaza to vote on our newest theme: Would you rather travel to the past or the future? We realize this is a tough decision, so we’ve made a pros and cons list for you to consider:

Past Pros:

  • Dinosaurs are totally sweet.
  • It’s easier to stay on your Paleo diet in the Paleolithic era.
  • Caveman fashion was pretty fresh, assuming The Flintstones is an accurate documentation.

Past Cons:

  • Dinosaurs might eat you.
  • No burgers OR pizza.
  • Your mom might ask you to be her date to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

Future Pros:

  • Your best friend could be a robot.
  • Holodecks provide hours of entertainment, all without needing to leave your house! 
  • Transportation potentially seems cooler: Rocketships? Scotty beaming you up?

Future Cons:

  • Robots might have gained intelligence and decided they’re not friendly.
  • What happens if your transporter makes a mistake and mixes you up with someone else? I think we’ve all seen The Fly enough times to know what could happen… 
  • All food now comes in the form of an affordable and widely available pill, BUT IT’S ONLY AVAILABLE IN SQUID FLAVOR. 

Listen to Run the Jewels’ new track, “Rubble Kings Theme”    

The newest track from cat chemists Run the Jewels, like most Run the Jewels songs, feels like a tow-truck backing up slowly into your skull. Killer Mike shoves verses like bricks through walls of crackling percussion; El-P raps like his brain is moving faster than his tongue. 

The track was created for Rubber Kings, a documentary about the evolution of New York City hip-hop in the late ‘60s and '70s. “

Made with SoundCloud

As the next #BlackoutDay draws closer, we the Blackout team have been working on selecting our newest theme (read about that process here). We are pleased to announce that the country we will be featuring on the September 21st #BlackoutDay is…Haiti!

Haiti occupies the western third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which is part of the island group the Greater Antilles. Haiti has a powerful and unique history; the Haitian Revolution, started in 1791, was the only completely successful slave revolution in history. We thought about what we have already learned and how we can continue to learn from the powerful revolution that gave Haiti it’s freedom and independence. We are still existing in a time where anti-blackness is a global issue. We must continue taking steps to stand up and be heard.

Inspired by the Haitian Revolution, the theme for this #BlackoutDay is “Uprising”.

In addition to showcasing your beauty, we are inviting you to share photos and stories about how anti-blackness is being combated in your life. In the days leading up to the September 21st #Blackout day, we’ll be providing you with more information on how you can support relief efforts for Haiti as well as more information on the Haitian Revolution.

As always,  this is a suggestive theme, and while we hope that you will participate and learn more about the history of Haiti and how the Haitian Revolution shaped black history, you may celebrate the Blackout any way you’d like.

-The Blackout Team (blkoutqeen, expect-the-greatest, nukirk)


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              after my unexpected hiatus i’ve still managed to giain ( and keep ) so many
             amazing people here and now i’ve hit my next hundred! so it’s giveaway
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This has a total of 175 total tracks!!  I tried to make it super epic for you guys.   Please mention/tag me when you repost and I’ll like and follow if I can!  Thanks for reblog/sharing.  Means the world to me you guys!

Best, P