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Idk. Just more of the Newest Directions being a weird, silly little family.


           Jane loved both of her boys equally,but differently.

           With Roderick, it was easy. He was the friend she’d grown up with- figuratively, at least, if unfortunately not literally. Roderick was the shoulder to lean on, her favourite pillow, a steady, comforting presence that was always just there. Roderick was phone calls at weird hours of the night about performance jitters and math homework and the meaning of the universe and “What if turkeys know when Thanksgiving’s coming?”

           Mason was different. Mason was shy smiles and brushing hands accidentally and those stupid butterflies in the base of her stomach. Mason was glancing at each other from opposite sides of the choir room- she had learned never to look at him when she was singing, because sometimes he’d have this awestruck look on his face that had once thrown her off her game so much that Kitty had sent her outside to calm down.

           Ultimately, she wholeheartedly considered both of them her soulmates, and she couldn’t remember what she had done before she met them and she didn’t know what she would do next year when Roderick graduated. Both of them had become part of what she associated with the word home, as surely as Kitty and Madison had become what her mind flashed to when she heard the word sister, as much as the word happiness had always led her to an image of spotlights in her eyes and her favourite song on her lips, but was also starting to share its space with the regular booth at Breadstix and Mason’s warmth pressed against her side.

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“Katsuo sempai”- Notice me Sempai’s newest romantic interest, Swim team sempai has quickly become one of my favourite Sempai’s <3 Thank you @skillshotlabs for such an addicting game *u*

This is for @notice-mesenpai‘s competition :)

Hi guys! I reached a huge follower goal of 5k this past weekend and wanted to celebrate with a follow forever! Some of the blogs on here i have followed for years now and i consider them close friends, while others are newer to tumblr and to me, and i can’t wait to get closer to you guys! (✿◠‿◠) 

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and most importantly taylorswift: I love you forever and always. thanks so much for being my best friend, my older sister and my role model. 

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1989 @ Gillette Stadium

Hey guys!!!

I don’t know if you guys remember the idea of the snapchat account for 1989 tour that newest-romantics did but I’ll be running it at Gillette for those two days.

I want to meet as many of you as possible and get pictures of everyone’s outfits and stuff like that!!!

I will have my tumblr username on one of my arms and then ‘Taylr’ written in blue on another.

I am going to try my best to get as many of you as possible into loft ‘89 to meet Taylor because I will be trying my best as well. I will be making a separate list of all the swifties going to Day 1 and Day 2. If you want to be on the list please reblog this or message me and I’ll get your name on the list. In order that more people are aware and help everyone out please reblog it if you see this! ITS NEVER TOO EARLY TO START!!!

Finally I will be sitting in the Swiftstakes seats on Day 1 and A5 Row 11 Seats 21&22 on Day 2.


Hey Taylor Please follow all these lovely people!

Taylor!! I can’t believe your not already following these amazing people!! I have put together a list of deserving swig ties that you should follow!!
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