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Rules (Simon Dominic)

Anonymous asked: You write for the most khh artists I’ve seen on Tumblr omg. All of my favs are on your list 😁 Can I request something with Simon D where he tries to win over a female producer from a rival company that has said she doesn’t date musicians? Thank you in advanced and keep up the amazing work! 😁

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    You glanced over your schedule, your brow creasing as you read what was marked in for 3:30-4:15. Meeting with Jung Kiseok? The secretary had already left your office after dropping off your schedule and you decided to ask him about it once you broke for lunch; you had things to do.

    After a busy morning of recording with a new rapper under the label, you headed into the small cafeteria, looking around for the secretary. He was sitting by himself, reading the paper, and you slid in across from him. “Hey,” he said cheerfully, lowering the paper.

   "Hi, Seonwoo,“ you said. "Hey, I had a question about my schedule. I saw I’m scheduled to meet with Jung Kiseok from AOMG today- what’s that about?”

    “Oh,” he said. “I actually don’t know. Our CEO told me he wanted to meet with you so I worked it out with the people over there and got it on your schedule.”

    “Hmm,” you said. “Okay.” You’d met Kiseok before; being in the same industry in the same genre, you ran into each other fairly frequently. But you couldn’t think of any reason he’d want to meet with you.

    When 3:30 came, you’d finished another session with the same artist you’d worked with in the morning, and he had just left when there was a knock on your door. You stood, calling, “Come in!”

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“It’s not forced.” (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “a Nate imagine where y/n is kinda like a pale geeky grunge girl and they are like opposites but he still loves her and she feels uncomfortable around some of his friends because she doesn’t really have much in common and so she sorta leaves like a hung out and he confronts her and says it’s okay and stuff and it’s all cute.”


You and Nate have been together for a few months, but you found yourself questioning small details about your relationship. He was an up and coming rapper, but you weren’t into rap. You were into metal and alternative music. You honestly didn’t even know why he wanted to be with you when he first asked you out.

“Because you’re different. I know we’re not the same type of people, but you’re an amazing girl and I think that you’re funny, you’re beautiful, and you make me happy. I know it was a shot in the dark me asking you out, but when we met, I just felt an instant connection. And I am so happy that we’re together.” Nate would always tell you.

“I love you too Nate. I don’t know. It just feels forced and awkward, this whole relationship between us.” You said.

“It’s not forced, I promise you.” Nate said. “I love you and that’s all there is too it.” Nate said.

A few days later, you and Nate were hanging out at home, and some of his friends were over. They were all sitting around talking about the newest Chance the Rapper album, questioning when Frank Ocean was going to release his next album, and about a bunch of other rappers. And you just sat there, not knowing what they were talking about, nor what to say to contribute to the conversation. You sat there, swirling your drink in your cup, zoning in and out of the conversation.

After a while, you were tired of sitting there and not knowing what anyone was talking about. You got up from your chair and went outside to the balcony and sat out there, alone with your thoughts. You sat out there for a long while, before Nate came out to check on you.

“(Y/N), what are you doing out here?” He asked as he sat next to you.

“I just, wanna be alone.” You said.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I just have nothing in common with your friends, and I hate sitting in there, listening to them talk and have a good time, and now knowing what they’re talking about, nor what to contribute to the conversation.” You said.

“Babe, you don’t need to worry about what they think of you. I know that you don’t have much in common with everyone else, but we have enough in common to keep things interesting in our relationship. I love you, you love me, and that’s all that matters.” Nate said. You looked up at him and smiled.

“I love you, Nate. You always know just what to say to make me feel better.” You said as you kissed him softly.

“I love you too. Now, let’s get back inside.” He said. He took your hand and led you back inside. You sat back down on the sofa next to Nate and sat around and enjoyed the rest of your night as you finally started to open up to Nate’s friends and get to know them.

He is Love - Part I

// Namjoon, Jimin, Reader
Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 802
The passionate sympathy you have for Jimin’s emotional struggles puts you in the middle of the two men’s affections and insecurities.
Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - Part VII - Part VIII

A/N: This came out of the fact that Namjoon is one of my Bangtan biases (cookies for Eomma Jin), but I - and I know a lot of us do - sympathize with Jimin’s self-confidence and self-love issues, and I always feel the need to sit him down and tell him how much we love him, how important he really is to ARMY and Bangtan, and how it’s okay to put himself first every once in a while. At the same time, Namjoon has said that he would have girls pick Jimin over him, because he thinks Jimin will treat them better than he can. Fuck me, these boys are a mess inside and I’ll be damned if we can’t just hold them together, because at this point, we love them more than they love themselves, and while that’s sweet, I don’t think that’s okay.
Image is mine. //

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If Warframe was a sitcom what would the personalities of the Tenno be?

Ash • The quiet one who likes to collect knives and show up to places without others realizing he ever walked into. He scares most of the other guy but he’s really cool if you ever got to know him. He has made it a point to make Loki his arch rival.

Banshee • Host of the schools most popular radio show who has a undying love for vintage records. Always has her cool head phones on playing some dubstep. She also a pretty good singer in fact she is also the Lead in this years musical.

Chroma • The bro who is secretly poetic but doesn’t want to tell his other bros because poetry is OBVIOUSLY for girls…Despite knowing this he still has several color coded journals for each type of poetry he writes.

Ember • The edgy big sister who always seems to get the others to do really crazy shit. But secretly has a terrible childhood that she’d rather cover up with an explosive personality.

Excalibur • Male heart throb of the high school. Captain of the football team, the only guy on the basket ball team that can jump high enough to dunk, most popular guy in school. He an all around good guy. His only drawback to him is that he’s not very practical. He only really shows his true talent when he gets to go to the schools ‘not so secret’ fight club known only as “Draco”

Frost • Guy who swears he can get his mix tape off the ground. He wants to be the newest and biggest white rapper. Everyone supports his dreams but he’s just preoccupied with spreading his “Ice”(his strange term for his genre of rap music) (but it wont because you can make fire with frost LOL)

Hydroid • The strange guy who always manages to almost blow himself up. He’s always pretending to talk like a pirate all the time. No one tells him to stop because they all get a laugh at his bad grammar and accent. Has a creepy obsession with tentacles.

Limbo • Math geek who is also in to being an amateur magician. He is the top of the class. He is so smart that he actually skips class when ever he wants. One time he just straight up [rift] walks out of the class because he knows he’s not gonna fail.

Loki • The older brother who is always pull simple, yet somehow strangely ingenious pranks on everyone. He messes with everyone even the teachers sometimes. He’s brave but if he ever gets caught he screwed. He never plans that far ahead and always gets slammed for it.

Mag • Quiet girl who always seems to attracting more attention than she can  socially handle. Sometimes she can be really greedy which has labeled her as a gold digger. Despite this fact it doesn’t stop all the guys from hitting on her.

Mesa • She as a transfer student from Texas so place where southern drawl is the norm. She always sneaks her guns to school even though everyone tells her that not okay here. When she heard about the secret fight club she quickly dethroned Excalibur as top dog. Mostly because she threatens to use her guns all the time. She use to spend a lot of time after class with Mr.Alad V but the other convinced her that hanging out with him wasn’t such and infectious idea.

Mirage • A strange girl who is really colorful. She’s into rainbows and flashing light shows. Last christmas her house was like a beacon in the middle of the night. She is also very close to Limbo. Sometimes she helping as ‘The magicians assistant.’

Nekros • Emo Kid who swears “This is who he is!” He scared a lot of people because of the way he dresses and has more than on one occasion tried to  literally raise the dead. However he does have a way of getting cool things, most people suspect grave robbing.

Nova • The small cute girl who everyone adores. Everyone agrees that she is ‘the cutest little thing’. Its a shame that her personality doesn’t always match her looks. She may act really shy at time she has a habit of randomly exploding into a flurry of well… joyful explosions. Once she has built up enough energy its best to stay out of her way.

Nyx • Twin sister of Excalibur who is the hottest girl in school. But unlike her brother she uses her popularity to get what ever she wants. There a reason she student council president, cheer captain and has most of the boys on the tip of her finger

Oberon • Oberon is nicknamed king of the fairies. Not because some jerk was making a gay joke, but because he likes calling himself that. He’s always in the woods just enjoying nature. He doesn’t let anybody else near one of his special spot because he says its ‘hollowed ground’. He’s a Wiccan type of person that says he can feel the breath of nature. The trees are his friends so he dent have many actual Tenno-being friends.


Saryn • Punk girl who hangs out with a ‘not so good crowd’. She was already approached once by teachers who suspect she may be using toxic substances.  She was never one to listen to authority! She doesn’t need people to tell her how to liver her life. Her rebellious attitude has landed her one of the “favorites” by the faculty and the even the town.

Trinity • Strange wanna be doctor who doesn’t know how to actually be a doctor. One of her methods is to stop her self from being sick by drawing essence from other and consuming it herself. It makes her unique for sure…  despite this crazy notion she does have a strong understanding of first aid and medical treatment.

Valkyr • Really popular girl has a dangerously short fuse. Literally she will go of for seemingly no reason. Its just the kind of person she is. No one questions it because no one wants to know why. Rumor has it that she was molested by Mr.Alad V at a young age. No one has the guts to confirm it or not. Even though she is angry almost all the time she is a powerful ally to have. On her good side and she will move mountains, however get on her bad side and you should start writing a will.

Vauban • He’s older that most students at D.E. High School because he stuck around for the engineering courses. And with that age come a car. A really cool one. He says that its completely battery powered Tesla Motors car with custom hydraulic chassis so it bounces. He said it was almost impossible to get and he was saving up FOREVER to buy it.

Volt • Unstableonewhoalwaysspeakswaytoofast! He runs literally everywhere and is always fidgeting in some way. Some call him mischievous other call him just plain stupid. There was one time where he ‘accidentally’ overloaded the schools power grid and caused a town wide black out. He claims he just wanted to see what happened if he plugged everything in an turned all of it on at the same time.

Zephyr • She is a fairly new student to the school and as a new student doesn’t really have a place to call her own. She’s not really compatible with anyone, but due to her floaty nature she can hand out with almost everyone. She know a lot about birds and wants to be an ornithologist.


Cool guys - Excalibur, Rhino, Chroma, Frost

Mean Girls trio - Nyx, Ember, Mesa

Non popular Girls - Mag, Nova, Banshee, Trinity

Nerds - Hydroid, Limbo, Mirage, Vauban

Delinquints - Ash, Loki, Volt, Saryn

Untouchables - Nekros, Valkyr, Oberon


Stalker • Excalibur‘s illegitimate step brother who holds a grudge against all the other characters because he never gets invited to the cool parties. He tries all the time to ruin everyone else’s fun. Sometimes he success and the other get mad, but other times he fails and runs away while trying to act cool. He also somehow knows everyones email addresses.

Lotus • Guidance Counselor of the high school who has a strange obsession with potatoes. There was a rumor going around that the other teachers don’t like her because she did something in the past that makes her entrust worthy.

Captain Vor • History teacher who everyone hates because he’s an asshole. A while back he was in a terrible accident that involved getting injured in his midsection. Everyone was glad he was gone for a while. Until he came back next semester teach 4th level history courses. He even more of an asshole now but At least his class is easy to pass if you have taken on one of his class before.

Alad V • Science/Economics Teacher that is crazy in the worst way. He’s always bringing his annoying dog into class. There was a rumor going around that he was kidnapping students and feeding them to his dog. He done some questionable thing in the past, it raises the question “How is he allow to teach here?”

He is Strength - Part I

// Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 2450ish
All Jimin wants is to get over the love of his life, maybe fix one of his many mistakes. He never meant to fall in love with the wrong woman twice. But you are the perfect distraction from his pain, even if you are the girlfriend of his rival, MB.
- Part I -

A/N: This is a spin-off of my story “He is Love,” which is still ongoing. You might not need to read that series to start this one, but it is recommended. //

No matter how often it happened, Jimin couldn’t find a way to accept the times in his life where nothing made sense, no matter how hard he worked to improve himself, his life, or the lives of those around him. And the thing he hates the most was that, this time, everything had fallen apart simply because he’d fallen in love.

With Namjoon’s girlfriend.

And now, everything had gone to shit - “a giant cosmic fuck-up” she called it - and nobody was happy, and Jimin was having a hard time finding a way to make it all better again. So he did the next best thing and poured himself into Bangtan.

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