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Anchan and Shukashuu having fun in Osaka together before the SIF Thanksgiving Festival!! 🍊 ٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶ ⚓️


I remember when i first looked for cullen references and only had a pixel pic of his armor xD
Before the game was even out… ah good old times.
And best pic to make comparison in art development x)


this pic was cute until i put it next to mei qi

I was tagged by @acelululala, thank you!

so here’s my lockscreen (my kids, nct dream), my background (mei qi, i cried when i saw those pics wow i love her), a selfie (which isn’t new or anything idk you’ve probably already seen it) and the last song i listened to was pd101′s pick me (the season 2 one)

i tag: @jjongsensation, @puppy-jjonghyun, @kimjongkeyshipper  and @tuuzmorado, only do it if you want to^^

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Pinging off the last anon - I feel like Prompto is probably like Hughes from FMA. Always showing his buds the newest pic (which is *several* times a day) and squealing about how cute his son/daughter is. I mean just LOOK at them in their new tiny chocobo jammies !!!!

I have never actually seen FMA but I can definitely see Prompto being the Social Media Dad™


hola si, i died for like 3 years what did i miss

so blizzard shattered my headcanon thanks to the newest young gabriel pic but. It used to be that young gabriel had curls but as reaper he can’t leave his hair longer than.. well a buzz cut due to his condition? like cells dying and regenerating and yaddayadda would make him have parts of rlyrly short hair and others with curls and it’d look weird (or he’d get outright bald parts i guess)


I feel so comfy with sharing my emotions on tumblr. 
And also I love those pics, just pure emotions. 
I would say sorry for only posting my face recently, but I wouldn’t do that If i knew someone better than I know myself. 
sorry for awful lipstick
THE MOST IMPORTANT - not posting bc of attention, I just wanted to share with You my newest pics 

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Just logged in. And I think I'm caught up? I saw the newest bts pics. Henry on a stretcher and in a neck brace, Black Fairy holding the Story Book (and dressed like Regina was in S1?). Spec is either AU or Dark Curse Part 2? I officially have no idea what's happening

Yep, that’s the spec I’ve heard.  Also don’t forget Mr. Gold walking around looking nefarious, getting in and out of cars with his mama. 

I have no idea what could be happening.