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OOTD: I was feeling really fucked up about my body today and to be honest I tried on about 30 outfits before I was able to leave the house without crying, thereby making myself 90 minutes late to meet a friend for coffee. (I am fortunate that he is an understanding friend!)

You can see my newest tattoo in this pic, on my right shin - a tarot card (the lovers).


hola si, i died for like 3 years what did i miss

so blizzard shattered my headcanon thanks to the newest young gabriel pic but. It used to be that young gabriel had curls but as reaper he can’t leave his hair longer than.. well a buzz cut due to his condition? like cells dying and regenerating and yaddayadda would make him have parts of rlyrly short hair and others with curls and it’d look weird (or he’d get outright bald parts i guess)

Jon Snow

**images are zoomed in for clarity**

Top: Jon Snow turning his head to face someone - as shown in the earliest GoT trailer (we all know it’s Sansa, you can see bits of red hair in the actual screen cap, on the extreme right)

Bottom: Newest pic of Jon Snow leaving/returning from/to Winterfell, looking at someone and making a slight tentative and shy wave.

Quiz time! Do you see the similarities?? (hint: it’s in the eyes)


What I bought in Japan

Pic 1: A towel with picture of EMA+L, EMAL cloth, Eren cloth, EMAL socks, 2 t-shirts and perhaps my favorite merch of all - Eren pillow!

Pic 2: Newest BSM, 5 special DVDs (with bonus material/merch - such as calendar as depicted), the new 3DS game, Japanese manga vol. 20-22, metal case (E+L/E+J) with candy inside.

Pic 3: EMAL chapsticks, Levi tea, SC coffee cup, 7 cards of different snk motives, art concept book (?), Armin coaster, snk cup, pack of crackers with character images on them.

Pic 4: E+M+A postcards, E+M+A clearfiles, A+E wall stickers, E+J stickers, handkerchief from Tokyo skytree, a BUNCH of the fabled bathsalts (A+M), Mikasa coaster, 2 clearfile+cards (E+L and EMA).

Pic 5: 2 EML clearfiles, EMAL clearfile, 2 3D cards of A+L, Armin keychain, EMA clothespins, Armin plastic figure with stand, snk pouch.

Pic 6: 2 snk clearfiles, snk chibi poster, Armin figurine, 2 clearfiles with AM/EL.

Pic 7: 8 EMAL stamps, SC pin, 2 keychains of E+A, Armin pen, 3 buttons with A+A/A+J, Eruri pen, EMA + A tiny figures, Armin keychain, Armin button, key earrings, SC+garrison+blades earrings.

Pic 8: Letter keychains (complete set), EMAL stickers (found inside cracker boxes, complete set), Armin pin, Eren mini button, Armin keychain, Moblit pin, Armin plastic figure on stand, Armin keychain in different character design, E+A keychain, Reiner and Bertolt keychains.

… So. Much. Merch.
Let me know if you guys want to look closer at anything. ^^

This is my newest pic. I wanted to try a challenge so I had a friend suggest a style and my goal was to try and draw and color in that style. My friend chose invader zim as the style. So I thought why not draw Handsome jack.

I had a lot of fun drawing this. Admittedly coloring was a bit harder. I don’t usually color things in this style but I think it turned out pretty good :) this will be a show exclusive when I go to the Scifi Valley con in June :) 


I remember when i first looked for cullen references and only had a pixel pic of his armor xD
Before the game was even out… ah good old times.
And best pic to make comparison in art development x)

Anchan and Shukashuu having fun in Osaka together before the SIF Thanksgiving Festival!! 🍊 ٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶ ⚓️

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El's nose looked different to some Larries in the newest pic, so now we have the twin theory back again. Recycling at it's finnest.

*A woman turns to the side while not wearing much make up*

A Tinhat: Wow this is so fake, how did she change her entire face like that? One of her entire eyes and half her nose vanished? This is impossible and Antis think this is realistic? Eyes don’t just disappear like that! Clear stunt fake girlfriend alert.