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How is this for interesting, I follow Maple Ty on I/G she's kind of a travel blogger. She tweets about meeting Sam today in Hungary but her newest follow on I/G is Cait , not Sam !

You mean she met Sam but she followed Cait? Well that really is interesting………


For anon…Fred survived the Battle of Hogwarts as requested (yay!) and the reader is also female as requested. Enjoy!

The door chimed, alerting the twin owners to another presence. Given the hour, the shop was quite filled with rambunctious witches and wizards. Fred glanced over to the door to see a witch around his age. Her eyes were gazing around in awe and curiosity. Fred couldn’t help but find her fascinating.

It seemed she had a few friends with her who were immediately off to roam the store. George tapped his brother on the chest.

“Looks like we’ve got another one, eh?” he teased.
“Looks like,” Fred replied while keeping his gaze on her.

George’s eye glinted with knowing and mischief. Without so much as indicating that he had caught on, George started walking toward the newest customer. Fred followed as he usually did. George leaned against the banister as he reached where the witch was currently gazing.

“Skiving Snackboxes,” George started, “A classic choice.”
Y/N glanced up to see the brothers. She beamed. “Umbridge-itis is quite contagious you know. I’ve got to be prepared to handle it.”
Fred smirked. “Who could blame you?”

She smiled, holding his gaze. George cleared his throat before extending a hand.

“I’m George and this is Fred; we’re the owners.”
She shook his hand. “Y/N; a potential customer.”
Fred chuckled and arched a brow. “Potential? I thought we had you sold.”
“And be predictable?” she teased, “I don’t think so.”

She glanced over her shoulder as she heard her friends calling to her. She smirked and told them to hold on. She turned back to the twins, her gaze setting on Fred.

“It was pleasure meeting you two. I hope to see you around.”
He smirked. “The pleasure was ours.”

Y/N hurried over to her friends, Fred’s gaze following her. Chuckling, George tapped his twin again.

“Oi Freddie, I think you grabbed a snack box by accident.”
He knit his brows. “Eh?”
“You’re lovesick.”

George laughed as Fred scrunched his nose attempting to laugh it off. He had no idea how hard he just fell for her. Only time would show him.

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Synopsis: While stopped in a town on their journey, Sakura Uchiha meets two new patients. Kind strangers, they give her an experience that will change her life forever.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or anything related. Everything written is purely fan-made and not intended for copyright infringement or unauthorized distribution. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Word Count: 2327, this is so much longer than I had intended it to be. Oops?

12 days. 12 days had passed since the pain began. Uchiha Sakura hadn’t complained about it, she didn’t want her husband to worry or think there was a problem. She was a medical shinobi. She’d know if there was an issue. Nevertheless, the sharp cramps irritated her. So did the peeing. She had to pee. It felt like it was constant, she knew the way she had always been asking to stop for a break the past week was beginning to annoy her husband. He wasn’t a man who liked to take things slow. He’d never been, she feared he’d send her away if she kept up this atypical attitude. So she tried to stop it. She held her bladder as long as she could and didn’t complain about the pain in her abdomen. She didn’t mention the emotional drain she felt, instead she blamed it on poor sleep and bad weather. She had been tired, tired for so many years of being a burden on him, she didn’t want to become one again. You’re not a burden anymore, Sakura. She thought to herself, reminding herself that his seemingly insensitive comments were that of endearment. After all, he had asked her to be his wife. Still, she couldn’t fathom why she had begun to feel so awful.

On the 13th day, the newly-wed couple made their way into a new town. A tiny place, only a few houses and shoppes in the area. Sakura walked closely to her dear husband, watching as he examined the area. It was part of his redemption, he’d stay and offer help to these townsfolks if they needed it. Even minor assistance, he’d insist they were no bother. Watching him interact with the people of the town, her heart swelled with love and admiration for the man she called Sasuke-kun. He had been working so hard, for so many years to redeem himself of his crimes. Their home village of Konoha had forgiven him, and their friends in Suna had as well. Word was quickly spreading of the bloodline Uchiha’s good deeds, but all was not forgiven. There were still many who thought he should never be forgiven, who thought he should be thrown in jail or executed. Sakura tried not to mind any attention to them. She knew her husband was a good man, that he planned to spend the rest of his days helping people and protecting the ones he held dear to his heart.

As Sasuke spoke to the town leader, a little old man with a silly mustache, Sakura noticed a woman with a large, round belly and a small boy by her side. She approached them, a smile drawn on her tender features.

“Hello, I’m Sakura.” She introduced herself, giving a little wave to the boy. He stepped behind his mother, peering around her leg.

“Hello Sakura, my name is Hyoshi. This is my son, Ako.” She waved again, though upon closer inspection the two did not look to be in good health.

“Are you two alright?” She asked, her eyes drifting naturally to the woman’s protruding belly. Hyoshi sighed.

“Our town is very poor, we can’t afford much. Ako and I haven’t been able to afford healthcare in a long time. We do our best to keep ourselves healthy, but with so little money we have to buy what we can in order to sustain ourselves.” Sakura felt for the two, offering a kind hand.

“Maybe I can help treat you. There are plenty of plants in the area to make natural elixirs.”

“That’s very kind of you, but we couldn’t pay-” Hyoshi began a small protest.

“No need, my husband and I are more than happy to help people who need it.” She looked over to Sasuke, who at that moment was showing a young man the proper way to hold a kunai knife. The boy couldn’t have been much older than an average genin, Sakura guessed he was likely asking for tips on how to protect his family.

“Isn’t that Uchiha Sasuke?” The woman whispered, the breath lost from her voice. Sakura nodded.

“He’s changed a lot since his past, he’s gone to many places just like this and helped people all over.” Ako watched, his eyes wide in awe.

“That’s very noble of him. It’s good to know he’s turned himself around.” Hyoshi commented. Sakura smiled.

“Darling! Will you come here please!” Sasuke looked back from his activity, handing his knife to the boy. He approached the women and child.

“What is it?” He asked.

“I’m going to help these people, but I’m going to need some plants. Will you get them for me?” He nodded, waiting for her to tell him what to retrieve. She took a quick look over Ako, then over Hyoshi.

“How many months are you?” She asked. Hyoshi smiled.

“I’m due any day now.” Sakura ran off a long list of various plants and berries to him, watching a moment as he left town.

“Are you sure he’ll be able to find all that?” Hyoshi asked, her skeptical face drawn in. Sakura nodded.

“Of course he will, now we should get you two inside and sitting down. Is there a place we can go?” Hyoshi took her to the Inn, where upon request they were given a temporary room. Just as long as Sakura needed to heal them, under the circumstances of the pregnancy. Hyoshi sat in a chair at the corner, watching this famed kunoichi treat her son. She stripped him to his underwear and scrubbed his back with water, cleaning the germs he picked up off and rinsing out his hair. The boy was feverish, Sakura guessed his temperature was around 101 or 102 degrees. With a fresh rag, she soaked cold water and lay in on top of his head. She told him to rest, that she was now going to help his mother before Sasuke returned. Walking to Hyoshi, she asked that she moved to a stool nearby and began a thorough examination of her. Noting a strain on her lower and upper back, she attempted to use her medical ninjutsu to heal the pulled nerves.

Much to her surprise, she was unable to focus her chakra as she was required to. She tried again, still unable to focus.

“I..I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s going on with my chakra.” She admitted, embarrassed with herself.

“Don’t feel bad, I had this pain while pregnant with Ako as well.” Sakura nodded, and continued her examination. She learned that Hyoshi was overdue to give birth, at least by 3 weeks. She couldn’t imagine the pain she was enduring, her energy levels dangerously low. She fetched a glass of water for her two patients and waited with them for her husband.

“Again, I’m so sorry my chakra is behaving so strangely. I’ve never had this problem before.” Hyoshi gave a laugh.

“Have you considered the possibility that you’re pregnant?” She asked. Sakura’s eyes all but fell out of her head.

“Pregnant? I’m not.. I’m not pregnant! There’s no way.” A coy smile crossed her new friend’s face.

“Are you not being intimate? Because a woman like you, with a husband of his looks, I’d find that difficult to believe.” Now, Sakura blushed. She didn’t enjoy talking about her intimate life with Sasuke. Those times were theirs, theirs alone.

“Well, yes, but I don’t see how that can automatically make me pregnant. We, uh, we aren’t very new at intimacy.”

“That may be, but it’s all about the timing. Perhaps you were ovulating and his swimmers were stronger than the past times. Perhaps you were in a position that lead to it easier than most.” Sakura furrowed her brow, deep in thought, remembering their time together before her pains had begun.

They had done it in a cave, on a rainy night. Twice with her on top. After cuddling for hours, she found herself waking up highly aroused. Sasuke had been happy to give her satisfaction, though less enthused with her request to take her on her hands and knees. She loved it best like that, he was able to hit her in her most sensitive spots, she finished much faster and harder than their other positions. Suddenly a tidal wave of information washed over her, she remembered her lessons she’d been taught through lecture and experience on pregnant women. The symptoms, the stages, the specifics of an almost promised impregnation. So much of it had applied to her now.

Sasuke entered the room, a satchel of plants and berries, along with some bowls and jars. Sakura took the supplies from him and worked restlessly to create the needed medicine for Hyoshi and her son. Once the three elixirs Ako needed were complete, she began working on Hyoshi’s. Sasuke watched intensely, following her each step with his eyes.

“Here, this should endue labor.” Sakura said, offering a dark blue drink to the woman. She drank it happily.

“How can we ever thank you?” Sakura smiled, waving the notion of a thank you away.

“You’ve already helped me plenty. Though, we’ll stay in town so I can help deliver your baby, I want to make sure it’s healthy.” Hyoshi nodded, Sasuke and Sakura asked the Inn Keeper for a room.

Two days later Hyoshi went into labor. Ako, afraid of his mother’s screams, waited outside the Inn room with Sasuke. Sakura stayed with Hyoshi, giving words of encouragement at the birth progressed. With a scalpel she cut the cord, wrapping the small newborn in a blanket and showing her to Hyoshi. She rinsed the baby girl off and gave her to her mother, inviting Ako and Sasuke in.

“We’ll give you a minute.” She said, walking out as the little family welcomed it’s newest member. Sasuke followed.

“Wait here in case they need anything, I have to go to something quickly.” She said, handing him a few dollars to pay for their stay. She walked to the market, only  small one-roomed building with a few shelves and a young man behind the counter.

“Hi, do you sell pregnancy tests?” She asked. He smiled.

“Sure do.” He reached under the counter and pulled a pink box out, the label reading “Instant Home Pregnancy Test” on the front. Sakura paid the man and left, without a word more said. Anxiety built in her throat and chest, she wasn’t sure if she was ready to be a mom. It was easy, taking care of other’s kids, but she knew her own would be entirely different. She returned to the Inn, to Hyoshi’s room, with her test tucked away in her pouch.

“Have you decided on a name?” She asked. Hyoshi nodded.

“We’ve decided to call her, Sakura.” Sakura thanked them, wishing them the best of luck with their lives and went back into her own room, Sasuke close behind.

“Are we leaving now, Sakura?” He asked. Sakura nodded her head.

“I just need a few minutes, I have to use the bathroom.” Though she faced away from him, towards the door, she felt him roll his eyes. He wasn’t irritated at her, maybe only slightly annoyed she was prolonging their stay, but he wouldn’t refuse a simple bathroom request.

She walked into the bathroom and locked the door, pulling the box out and opening it. A folded up piece of paper fell out, printed instructions on how to take the test. She read them carefully, she knew how to take the test but there was no harm in being sure. It would take 2 minutes for her results to come in. One line would mean she’s not pregnant, two lines meant she was.

She was almost too nervous to pee. It frustrated her. She did everything she could to entice it out of her, finally succeeding just a tiny bit. The young woman hoped it would be enough for an accurate result. She set the test on the sink and waited. Counting each second as it passed, all the way through 3 minutes, just to be certain. Finally she was ready to look.

As she took the test off the sink, a million thoughts raced through her mind. She didn’t know if being pregnant was what she wanted or not. Every second she had decided on her hopes, her mind and heart told her to feel the opposite.

The next thing she knew, she was staring at two light pink lines, staring up at her, confirming that she was indeed pregnant. Tears began flowing heavily out of her eyes, silent, blurring her vision. Happiness washed over her body, excitement drowning out her pain. She stood and walked out, the test clutched firmly in her hand behind her back.

“It’s about time, what were you taking so long for?” Sasuke asked, sitting slouched in their own rooms chair, his chin resting on the palm of his hand. Trembling, the pinkette pulled the test out from behind her back, pointing to it.

“I.. I was doing this.” She said. He furrowed his brow, stepping over to her.

“What is that?” He asked, taking her hand, looking at the results of an unknown test.

“A pregnancy test, Sasuke-kun..” She trailed of a moment, looking to meet his eyes. “We’re going to be parents.” She was suddenly engulfed in a black cloak and warm embrace, his hold on her tight.

“We’re going to be parents.” He softly spoke, hearing it come from him made her heart swell. She nodded over his shoulder, her tears once again flowing freely. He pulled away to look at her, his own dark eyes gleaming with wetness. Not a word more was said then, the two dried their eyes and left the small town, hand in hand.

There would be time later to discuss the news, but for now, they’d continue on their journey together, letting the news of a new arrival settle in their minds and in their hearts.

Somehow in the middle of being way too inactive, while nerding all seasons of Teen Wolf, I’ve still managed to get 2k followers. I really don’t get why y’all follow me (I’m a really boring person lol) 

I just want to say thank you to all of you for following me - even tho my gifs are bad and I’ve only finished one fanfic since I came back. I’m also sorry about being really inactive these days, I’m just not feeling like talking to people at all otl. 

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hi!!! you're like one of my absolute fave ppl i follow in yoi fandom and i love all your fic and hc posts and shitposts they're all gr8, and it's so good seeing ppl call out the anti shit (i wasn't bothered abt otayuri but holy shit i think i'm starting to ship it out of spite). anyway, i was wondering if u had any recs of other yoi blogs similar to you? and thank u for being awesome!

hi thank you holy shit!! this message made me feel very WOW AMAZING.  here are some lovely mutuals who all still consistently produce and reblog wonderful YOI content who i have had the pleasure to meet in this fandom. i’m going from the date i followed them newest to latest, if the order seems weird: 

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i adore all these people and want to spend my twilight years drinking white wine spritzers with them on the patio of a fandom retirement home while we throw water balloons at kids across the street, they are precious to me and Good People and i will fight in the pit for any of them, please check them out!

Monthly Calendar (Ver.2) 

Pack Includes Calendars from June to August

Following my newest printable aesthetic, I have returned with a new version of my monthly calendar :3 It comes in 7 colors and is, for the most part, in the same format as my original calendar design. Anyway I hope you lovelies love and enjoy this calendar x.


One and Only?

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Warnings: Threesome, overstimulation.

Kind of a continuation of this? (You don’t have to read that to read this, but it’s there if you want to.)

“Why do you always hang out in my studio when Jay’s busy?”

“You’re the only one here that doesn’t stop working to try and entertain me. Or use me as an excuse to procrastinate. You just pretend I don’t exist.”

“You don’t need entertaining. You do a pretty good job of that on your own.”

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“I’m so glad you could join me for dinner.”

well i am GLAAD to announce that i’ve hit it, so without further adieu i am going to name some of my best friends i’ve made in this fandom ayyyy lmao i mean im glad you guys are all here. :P thanks for sticking with me folks, you guys are the best honestly??? pretty glad you guys are all here, tbh. so yeah im super happy. and you guys should really know that it’s really good to be by my side because there’s plenty of advantages being my friend.  need a person for ur wedding? ask me !! need a person to help u with homework ?? me !! need a person that can recommend u jobs or resume help ?? ME!!! hahahahaha honestly u guys are all the best so here im gonna tag everybody IN FOLLOWERS ORDER: NEWEST TO OLDEST

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Hey all, I’m so pleased to announce my newest (follower controlled) series! 

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Fanfiction tropes. You all know them. You all love them, no matter how overused they are. 

With that in mind, here’s how we get this party started: Pick a character. Then pick a number corresponding to the trope you want me to write a fic with that character and send it to me through my ask box! (ONE TROPE PER ASK PLEASE)


  • Dean Winchester 
  • Sam Winchester
  • Steve Rogers
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Alex Summers
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Boaz Priestly
  • Newt Scamander
  • Tadashi Hamada 


  1. There’s only one bed
  2. Fake dating/married…turns into real dating
  3. Person A thinks Person B has feelings for someone else but Person B has actually been in love with Person A for years
  4. Mutual unrequited pining until a third person(s) intervenes and gets them together
  5. Person A and Person B have to huddle together to keep warm in the cold
  6. “I hate them…but they’re so hot”/“I hate them…but I’d die for them”
  7. Person A and Person B have been friends for a long time and one day Person A realizes that they’ve fallen in love with Person B
  8. “If we’re just friends, then why are you jealous?”
  9. Emotional or physical hurt/comfort
  10. Always arguing but one day while arguing there’s a kiss 

Alright, go forth and send me some requests! 

Oh [American] Society...(Questionable Queer Problem #8)
  • Society: Kids you can be anything you wanted to be!
  • Society: Except that you'll never truly be awarded for your acts of generosity.
  • Society: Really we only care about how much money you make.
  • Society: We're going to ruin your life!
  • Society: Let's talk about your negatives instead of you're positives!
  • Society: You can't be queer or mentally ill!
  • Society: No you're just faking it.
  • Society: Actually, never mind! Queer and mentally ill are in! Let's pretend that we're one of them and give them a bad reputation!
  • Society: Ah look! You're not following the newest trends since you're a smartass and know that it's dangerous; you're now a fucking outcast!
  • Society: Oh you're the one who originally thought about that? But someone more famous said that so we'll give them the credit!
  • Society: You can be anything you wanted to be! But you can't be yourself!

Brown eyes following the newest member of the Saviors. Something is wrong with him, he’s looking all shy, almost submissive, but the blue orbs are suspicious.
Slowly he walks towards him, smirking as David and John instantly jumping out of his way.
“Rick, right?” He asks and the man nods, swallowing hard. “We need to talk.”

Diamond Enterprise’s Fortnightly Awards

Note: the awards list posted only days ago was to acknowledge the work produced by Diamond Enterprise between May 15 - May 29 that due to complications was posted late.

So the newest awards are as follows:

Model of the Fortnight: @nessaxsweet

Runner-Up Model of the Fortnight: @voodoodahl-imvu

Image of the Fortnight: Nessa’s Bitch Beach Adventures, Part 8 by @nessaxsweet (ft. @moaneyyx)

Porn Image of the Fortnight: Nude beach got us like…. by @nizaelvu (ft. @the–rebeljezebel–rosey & @tlo-explicit of @elementsenterprise)

Adult Entertainer of the Fortnight: @tlo-explicit

Runner-Up Adult Entertainer of the Fortnight: @iihueteriot

Scene of the Fortnight: Slam Dunk by @tlo-explicit (ft. @xxlizah of @elementsenterprise) & Laundry Day by @tlo-explicit (ft. @camilahaux of @dragonproductions)

Second Life Model of the Fortnight: @collisionofworlds

Second Life Image of the Fortnight: I got a new body… by @collisionofworlds

Second Life Adult Entertainer of the Fortnight: @collisionofworlds

Second Life Scene of the Fortnight: Early morning fun… by @collisionofworlds

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     Where did 300+ of you guys come from?! I haven’t had this blog for more than 2 months at this point and it just reached over 300 followers within that time! I can’t even express how happy I am to get to this goal in such time!
 ♥ ♥ ♥ This couldn’t be possible without you guys, so thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥  There will be a giveaway eventually done, either for Ultra Beasts or art after my finals are done! Look out for that.
    But, without further ado let’s do the classic Follow Forever and those people who really helped me get this blog going!

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Toni: We make the cutest kids. Each one is a new blessing to the world~
Lovi: Stop.


This looks good because I started it before the ask came about but then it seemed appropriate. Also to show my newest followers I actually can draw sort of.

Meeting Him (Gladiolus) - Part 2

So…This is my first *ahem* adult writing. I have no idea if this is actually any good but lord was I blushing a few times. But, I hope y’all enjoy! :)

***Also, nsfw happens below the cut although not immediately.


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