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Borrowed Books and Long Showers | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested: Yep!

67. “You’re strong, baby. You have to be.”
70. “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”
98. “Don’t shut me out.”

Requests: Open!

Summary: You and Draco meet again after the war and things become serious. You struggle with your mental health because of PTSD from the war, he helps. Super fluffy ending. This is a roller coaster ride tbh I am so sorry. Angst, fluffy fluff.

Warnings: PTSD, mentions of Cruciatus Curse, swearing

Words: 2807

A/N: I’m posting this with less than an hour left of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter!! As stated before, this is a roller coaster ride so I apologize. I hope you all find it at least somewhat cute. I have written a lot of the reader comforting Draco lately so I decided to switch it up a bit for this one! Feel free to reblog and feedback is greatly appreciated!!

             The magical healers were unparalleled in their abilities to heal the wounded body. Magic could regrow bones, seal gaping wounds, and create fully functional prosthetics. But what magic couldn’t do is heal the wounded mind, and you knew that fact all too well. You had been a Gryffindor while you were at Hogwarts, a part of Dumbledore’s Army, and a muggle born at that, so when the war rolled around, the new management did not take too kindly to you. You also had been involved when the DA was ambushed at the Department of Mysteries, as well had been harshly interrogated during your seventh year under the death eater reign on the school because you were believed to know where the Golden Trio was hiding. After the Carrow Siblings were appointed as professors and they began using, and making other students use, the Cruciatus Curse in detentions, where you found yourself often because of your resistance, you fought alongside Neville and Ginny to reestablish the DA and push back against the strong fist in which Voldemort held the school with. Because of all this, you often found yourself waking in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, a scream tearing your throat, and days where the flashbacks were so bad you could barely get out of bed. Potions and charms could fix the deep cuts and dark bruises you earned in the battles, but they couldn’t soothe the wounds of the PTSD you were left with.

             It was because of this that everyone was shocked when they heard the news that you and Draco Malfoy had started seeing each other. Though, you couldn’t blame them, you were a bit surprised as well. You had been in a book store in Diagon Alley, two days before your paycheck would be in, and looking at the newest book in your favorite series. As you reached up to grab the book on a shelf you realized you were too short, and while you were looking around for a foot stool, you had seen him seated across the store at a table. When you made eye contact with him you found yourself smiling at him softly, and you were a bit astonished when the corners of his mouth twitched up with a small smile. After reaching the book you had your eye on, you checked the price and the number of galleons in your pocket, realizing you didn’t have enough you pursed your lips and placed the book back where you had found it before exiting the store with the intention to return in a couple days. But when you returned home to your small apartment after work the next day, you found that an owl sitting on your window sill. When you opened the glass it dropped by a small rectangular package wrapped in brown paper, a note attached. Upon opening it you found it was the latest book in your favorite series. Grinning, you opening the note and read it,

          ‘I wanted to apologize, but didn’t know how. I hoped that this would be a good start. I can’t put into words how much I want to thank you for your smile.


             It was simple, but it carried massive weight. You quickly scrambled to get paper and a pen, checking to see if the owl was still there. When it was, you scrawled out a letter in response.

             ‘Thank you for the book, I really appreciate it. There is no need to thank me for a smile, I believe strongly in second chances and redemption.

             -Y/F/A. Y/L/A.’

             After that you attached it to the owl and sent it off then sat down with your new book. You were a couple pages in when you idly wondered if you would be receiving a letter back. You didn’t.

             It was later that week, after you got paid, that you decided to go to a new café in Diagon Alley to read more. When you got there and waited for your coffee, booked tucked under your arm, you surveyed the large room. It was quaint and cozy, not many people were talking and there was a fireplace in the corner. And, to your surprise, you saw the same familiar face as you did before in the book shop. You bit your lip, wondering if you should ask to sit with him or to find somewhere else to make yourself cozy. Moments later your name was called to pick up your order, causing Draco to look up from the paper he was reading. Grabbing your drink, you glanced over to where he was sitting and found that he was still looking in your direction. You smiled warmly and waved, and he gave you the same small smile he did the day before, lifting a hand slightly for a subtle and hesitant wave back, before he returned to the paper. With a spark of courage, you were a Gryffindor after all, you made your way over to the table by the fireplace and plopped down in the seat in front of him. Startled, he looked up.

             “This is a wonderful little place, isn’t it? I’m so glad it opened up.” You said with a grin, looking around the place again, “What do you think?”

             “Yes, I agree,” He responded, surprise was still evident on his face.

             “Thank you again for the book. I was wondering if you were going to respond to my letter but you never did.” You couldn’t hide the disappointment in your voice as you took a sip of your coffee.

             Draco took a moment to reply, as if he was carefully formulating what he was going to say. “I didn’t want to overstep my bounds.”

             “Nonsense,” You said with a smile and a dismissive wave of your hand. “Speaking of overstepping bounds, is it alright that I sit here with you?” You hoped he would say it was. You didn’t know exactly why you were sitting across from someone who a year earlier would have called you a slur and cursed you, but he was making an effort to change. Word had it that he had cut ties with his family and was training to become a healer. Some said it was selfish reasons, that they were holding his image back and if he cut ties it would help him seem more progressive, but most everyone knew the amount of pressure that was put on him by his family to do what he did, so most left it alone. Though leaving it alone is far from acceptance.

             “Yes,” He said with that smile that you were growing fond of, “It’s alright.”

             You grinned before opening your book and began reading. It was a while before either of you spoke up, this time it was Draco who broke the silence. “What is it about?” He asked, nodding to your book.

             That then caused you to go on a long winded and excited explanation of the series, your eyes lighting up as you talked about the depth of the protagonist, your hands gesturing wildly as you went on and on about character development and different plot arcs. Draco listened intently, his eyes rarely leaving your form as you talked. He frowned when an apologetic look found its way onto your face and you apologized, saying that was probably more than what he wanted to know and your friends always tell you that you had a habit of getting a bit overzealous at times.

             “No, I enjoyed listening, if you like them that much I may have to read them.” He smiled encouragingly, a genuine smile. Not the small reserved one you had seen previously. There was a faint pull in his chest when he realized that your friends had censored your excitement so much that it made you apologize for something you were talking passionately about.

             “I own all of them, you can borrow them if you’d like.” You offered before finishing the last of your coffee.

             “I’d like that.” He nodded, though he was unsure if he liked the fact that you’d be loaning him the books or the fact that this meant that there were going to be future interactions with you.

             After that you had loaned him all the books. It was a mildly long series too so it meant that you’d keep having to converse frequently to exchange the books as well as you could discuss what he thought of them and different theories about the plot. It was at a few books in when you told him you were too busy to meet at the coffee shop to give him the next book in the series and that he could stop by your flat to exchange the old one for the next. He said he could just send his owl but you insisted he stop by. When he knocked on your door and heard a ‘Come on in,’ he opened the door a bit cautiously, as if the second he stepped over the threshold you would kick him out, but instead he found you at the stove, wand tucked behind your ear, various pots being stirred by enchanted spoons.

             “The books are over on the bookcase on the left, you’re welcome to stay for dinner as well, I accidentally made a bit too much for just myself.” You nodded toward one of the bookcases in your living room.

             “Accidentally?” He asked, an amused smirk on his lips as he realized the real reason you insisted on him coming in person.

             “Accidentally.” You winked before returning to the food.

             You two somehow made it a weekly event, one night a week one of you would go to the other’s house for dinner, staying after to talk or just enjoy each other’s presence while you read or caught up on work. Then it moved to two nights a week, then three, then almost every night together. You don’t exactly know how it happened but one moment you were sitting on the couch discussing the series, as he had just finished the latest book, and the next your lips were on his, his fingers tanged in your hair and both of you breathless. You started dating soon after, much to everyone’s surprise. Hermione shrieked and Ginny knocked over a glass of water when you told them at your weekly girls’ brunch. They soon accepted it though, they figured if you trusted him and Harry testified to Draco’s innocence at the trials, they could accept him into their lives by proxy. You began living together after a year, and had now been dating for three years.

             You kept your nightmares from him as long as possible. When he woke up alone and knocked on the bathroom door asking if you were alright you explained it was just that you probably ate something bad and were extremely nauseous, you didn’t know he didn’t believe you. It was when you work up screaming one night that you finally told him. You didn’t want him to feel guilty, because it wasn’t his fault. Draco held you close to his chest, drawing soothing circles with his hand across your back and telling you to breathe with him. When he asked why you hadn’t told him before you hesitated before telling him the reason.

             “Darling, please tell me when you have these nightmares, I know what you’ve been through, I’m here for you. I can’t stand seeing you like this. Please, let me help.” And so, you did. When you had nightmares that hit too close to home, times when you spent hours in the shower, the heavy water beating down on your back in an attempt to ground you back into reality, and the days when you went nights without sleeping because you couldn’t stand the vivid scenes from your memory flashing behind your eyelids, he’d do whatever he could to help you.

             “My love, I’m home!” Draco called as he walked into your now shared flat from returning from St. Mungo’s. He frowned when he got no reply, setting down his bag and quickly walking through the rooms until he heard the shower running in the bathroom. He cursed to himself, you were just about to get in the shower when he was leaving that morning to go to work. Carefully opening up the as to not startle you he said your name quietly. Upon entering and pulling back the shower curtain he found you sitting on the floor, half clothed, only in your underwear, the spray raining down on your neck and back.

             Quickly Draco stripped down as well until he was just in his boxers and got in alongside you, as he has done before when he would find you like this, caught in the painful world of the past. He sat down behind you so that you fit between his legs and wrapped his arms around your waist, and put his chin on your shoulder. Immediately you stiffened, your eyes glassy, still not responding to the soft words he spoke. You were far away. A place where your friends were forced to use unforgivable curses on you, and you on them. Where searing pain of a thousand knives’ blades permeated your senses.

             “Don’t shut me out. Listen to my voice, follow the sound of it, come back to me.” He whispered, holding you tight, as you slowly relaxed into his chest, “You’re strong, baby. You have to be. Please listen, come back to me, I’m here.”

             When you finally came back from the memories that still held you like an iron fist, you thanked Draco softly, only for him to reply that you didn’t need to thank him. He helped you up out of the shower, drying you off and getting your new clothes from your closet, before picking you up and carrying you into bed. After he got into bed with you, you quickly snuggled into his side.

             “Y/N, my love,” He said after a moment and you knew what was coming, “Please, come with me to work tomorrow so you can see someone. I think it would be really beneficial for you to talk to someone. St. Mungo’s doesn’t just have departments for bodily health. Please?” His voice was tender has he stroked your face with is thumb, planting a soft kiss to your forehead.  

             You nodded, sighing. You both stayed quiet for a moment, savoring each other’s touch.

             “Would you like me to read to you?” Draco asked after a moment, smiling down at you.

             “I’d love that.”

             He got up, leaving the bedroom briefly and returning with the first book of your favorite series. You laid your head on his lap as he started at page one. Looking up at him, watching the way his mouth moved as he spoke and his beautiful eyes shifted along the words, you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him.

You two had long since said ‘I love you’ to each other. Draco was the one who said it first. It was after your sixth month anniversary and you had just gotten back from your special celebratory date. You were kissing each other, hard and breathless, when he had suddenly pulled back, looking at you as if in awe, only to whisper those fateful three words. You said it back immediately, of course, you knew almost a week in that you loved him. But it was now, looking up at him, your rock, that you knew that you wanted to grow old with him.

“Draco, will you marry me?” The words left your mouth before you knew what you were saying.

He stopped reading mid-sentence, and your face went red as you realized the weight of what you just asked him. “I don’t have a ring though,” You laughed, trying to ease atmosphere.

He laughed quietly as well, his grey eyes shining “I do.”

“What?” You asked, sitting up.

“I have a ring. I was going to ask you next week but of course you jumped the gun and asked me first.” Draco got up, walking over to his sock drawer and pulling out a small velvet box. “I should have known my Gryffindor girlfriend would have the guts to ask me first.”

You gasped, jumping up and quickly running over to him. He got down on one knee in front of you, taking your hand in his.

“Y/F/N Y/L/M, will you m—” Was as far as he got before you sprang forward and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Yes!” You yelled as his hands went around your waist, pulling back after a moment to shakily put the ring on your left hand. Pulling you in for a kiss, you both knew that this was the start of a perfect forever.

Your best friend

A/n: requested by @skyl0rd5117 for the dialogue prompts.
#12: “Just get out, get out, get out!” With Jason
WARNING: This story contains mentions of abuse and a couple violent scenes. If this makes you uncomfortable don’t read the story. Sorry, but it’s the only idea I could come up with.

Jason was your best friend. You knew that if you ever needed anything, he’d be there for you. He still was here for you, despite your boyfriend’s attempts to make him leave you alone.

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Tender Hearted // John Watson

Originally posted by smoljohnlock

Martin Freeman is probably one of the most adorable people on the planet. And John Watson… there is simply not enough of him! 

All 737 of you are blessings to me. I’ve been having a really difficult time transitioning into a new chapter of my life and writing these characters keeps me sane. Don’t ever hesitate to tell me what you think, okay? 

Warnings: mentions of domestic abuse

Key: y/f/n - your best friends name

y/bf/n - your boyfriends name

Set after 3x01- But John is not married to Mary.

Requested by Anon: You are not somebody with a particularly good past with boyfriends. The last one you had nearly drove you to the edge of the abyss, and for months you thought you could never pull out. When you decide to stand on your own two feet after leaving him, you catch the eye of John Watson, the most tender hearted soul you’d ever come to know. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  “How do you expect to make it anywhere if you don’t put yourself out there?” 

You leaned forward on your elbows and sipped at the ambrosial coffee warming your hands, desperate to get out into the new fallen snow laying on the streets of London. It had been a rough year but as always, you managed to make it back on your feet with the help of your best friend y/f/n. “It’s not like I have a credible past with men. You know what happened to the other one.” 

  “What do you mean you didn’t buy me a keg? That’s the only bloody thing I told you to do!” Your boyfriend of two years growled, throwing the back of his hand into your cheek and gripping your hair so tightly you thought he would have pulled it out. “You can’t do anything right y/n!” 

Your eyes widened as he gripped your throat and slammed you against the wall, cutting off your airway. Lucky enough for you, Greg Lestrade was a good friend of your brothers and happened to know all about your situation. He burst in at the sound of your screams, gun raised at y/bf/n head. “Police! Lower the woman or I’ll put a bullet in you.” 

After that particularly rough incursion a year previous, you’d temporarily moved in with your brother and began looking for a steady job. It had taken a while, but your best friend had been the biggest help with it, and now it seemed that she was trying to set you up on a date. 

  “You’re so stubborn.” She muttered, sliding on her pea coat and tossing her paper cup into the wastebin. “I’m just on my way over to Baker Street-” 

  “Oh, I’ll go with you!” You cried out, sliding on your beanie and rushing into the world. Your eyes widened as cold wind blew across your face, the tips of your boots digging into the foot prints tracked through the snow. “I love winter. It should be like this more often.” 

Y/f/n frowned and stopped underneath the awning, crossing her arms over her chest. “Who is it you want to see at Baker Street?”

There was just one small problem. You did have a boyfriend and you had failed to tell her. 

  “My… My boyfriend lives there. Ever heard of Doctor John Watson?” 


You had John had met over at the book shop on Baker Street the month before y/f/n had attempted to set you up on multiple dates. You had been in a rush to get to work but had wanted to buy the newest copy of your favorite series, and on your way out you had slammed into him, thus knocking the two of you onto the floor.

It was the most embarrassing thing you’d ever done in your life. 

  “Ah, John! Y/n is here!” Sherlock called out, managing a smile as you stepped into the flat. You inhaled the scent of what you could only assume was dinner- leaving the Detective alone to compose as you stepped into the kitchen. 

  “Hello love.” John murmured, his blue eyes shining as you stood several inches away, hesitant to reach out and hug him. He had been so understanding of your situation when you had told him about it; he had wholeheartedly agreed to move as slow as you wanted. “You look beautiful.” 

Red spread across your cheeks as you glanced behind your shoulder to the living room only to find Sherlock was gone. He finally got the hint. “You flatter me way too much.” You said quietly. “Y/bf/n never said that to me.” 

  “Well, he was a stupid sod. You are beautiful and I will continue to tell you that you are beautiful.” After a rather delicious dinner, John moved the two of you out into the living room. You let out a sigh as his hands slid up to your shoulders, gently massaging the knots out with his fingers. “Are you afraid sweetheart?”

You inhaled sharply, feeling rather silly about the fact you were crying just at his hands on your shoulders. “The last time a man touched me I was being strangled.” You cried, hiding your face in your hands. “I’m sorry John, I’m sorry I’m such a sap. It’s such a stupid reason to cry-” 

  “No. No.” He removed your hands from your face and held them in his own. You exhaled through your nose as you dipped your head to meet his eyes. “Let me tell you something, y/n. You have so much compassion and love for people that it makes you tenderhearted. I’m the same way. Sherlock refers to me as ‘The Man Who Never Came Home From War.’ Your heart is one of the things that drew me to you. It’s intriguing. Captivating.” He used the pad of his thumb to wipe away your tears, his fingers lingering against the curve of your jaw. 

And then he kissed you. 

Part 2?

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Taehyung + 99 please!

99.  “You got a cute butt.”

“The new intern is fucking hot.” Jungkook slams his palm against his desk for emphasis but Taehyung doesn’t even look up from the manhwa he’s reading.

“I’m sure she’s hotter than a summer day in the tropics,” he responds dryly and Jungkook huffs in disappointment. “Sorry, Kook, I’m just not interested.”

Jungkook walks around the office desks just so he can hop on to Taehyung’s, crossing his legs as he pokes around. The latter doesn’t seem bothered at all; the next chapter is more straining than anything that can come out of former’s mouth.

“Why? Coz of your childhood friend/roommate? You sure you guys aren’t dating yet?”

At that, Taehyung actually looks up.

“Gross, no. She’s disgusting. I would ne–”

“Sorry, Tae,” Jungkook cuts him off as he scrambles to his desk. “The new intern is coming up with the human resources rep for their tour. Back to work.”

Taehyung shrugs but not before dipping his nose right in the middle of the newest volume of his favorite series. The story’s new and interesting, unlike this intern Jungkook keeps talking about.

The intern maybe new to the company, but not in Taehyung’s life. He’s had about enough, yet here, you’re taking over his workplace, too.

“Hey, geek,” you call out as you strut into his department block. “Fancy meeting you here.”

Jungkook simply looks on, confused. You don’t pick up on it, but Taehyung does. He ignores it; he basically leaves Jungkook to his own devices, opting to explain through banter rather than a lecture. He supposes Jungkook, who’s busy checking you out, is smart enough to understand. He hopes, at the very least.

“Shut up, nerd,” Taehyung answers casually, nose still buried in the manhwa. “Go back to your desk.”

“So mean to me, even at work?” Pouting at Taehyung, you don’t even notice Jungkook ogling you. At least, until Taehyung calls him out.

“Are you going to actually work or are you going to drool over my best friend all day?”

“You aren’t in a place to say that, Taehyung. You’re reading manhwa!” Jungkook protests, “but at least give me inside info on her.”

“I am right here, you know.”

“Well, she drools when she sleeps and she likes burping super loud. It’s disgusting,” Taehyung whispers conspiratorially. “Also clumsy and can’t cook.”

“Really, Taehyung? Nothing good to say about me?” You slap his shoulders really hard and Taehyung merely adds “volatile and violent” to the list. When you huff, he actually laughs out loud.

“Well,” he pauses, tapping his chin for show. “You got a cute butt. Try twerking to snag this pervert.”

Jungkook makes an indignant noise.

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Math is Hard

Rating: K+
Words: 2093
Fandom: Naruto
Summary: Takeshi (Kakashi and Yamato’s son) gets a bad grade on his math test. Kakashi gets up in arms about Naruto’s new curriculum. Tenzo manages to keep things settled. Kakayama, Kakayama parents.
A/N: To the person who requested this: I answered your ask before I had my coffee this morning, and I forgot your username. I hope you see this! Also, Takeshi is the name I chose to give the ‘Kakashi fankid’ from Boruto that Kakayama fans are claiming.

Takeshi looked down at the paper sitting on his desk in despair, eyebrows knit as he rubbed his earlobe between his thumb and forefinger. In red pen screamed the words ‘see me’ above a failing grade. Sensei hadn’t bothered to write the number, either. It was his fault; he’d stayed up way too late the night before the test. He should have been studying, but the newest volume of his favorite series had just been released, and his dad went out of his way to pick it up the day it was available, while he was in class.

He placed his head in his hands, his fingers running through his unkempt, brown hair. That probably wouldn’t happen again, after this. Shino-sensei was sure to tell on him. His grades were usually far better than this, and he was just as disappointed in himself as everyone else. However, there was a small part of him that didn’t regret choosing the book over his notecards. That was going to stay a secret.

As the rest of the class rushed out the double doors on either side of the classroom, Takeshi took his time packing his textbooks in his shoulder bag. The offending test was slipped inside his math book, hidden from sight. Well, he needed to get this over with. He heaved the strap over his shoulder and stuck his hands in his pockets, trudging down the steps to the front of the classroom. His sensei, accustomed to his silence, spoke first, even as he cleaned the chalkboard with an eraser.

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Bad Sleeping Habits of the GOM+Kagami

Kuroko: Moves around a lot in his sleep; hence the bedhead. 

There’s a sleepy grunt as Kuroko shifts in his sleep, jabbing his elbow into your face for what could easily be the hundredth time that week. Hearing your muffled “Ow….”, he opens a sleepy aquamarine eye. Noticing the way you try to blink away the stars he’s caused, Kuroko murmurs softly to you and reaches out to cuddle you close. He shyly kisses the top of your head. 

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles, “I promise I won’t do it again.”

But of course, the next day you wake up again with a knee in your gut.

Midorima: Is the perfect sleeper- but hates to be woken up so he requires his partner to go to sleep just as early as he does. 

You beg him to wait five more minutes. The newest episode of your favorite series is streaming on your computer as your lover stands irately behind you. His dark green gaze is drilling into the back of your head as he watches you with blatant disapproval.

“Bed, now,” he orders like an overzealous student he is.

You ask him to wait again. He sighs, and just as you think you’ve won the bedtime battle, you’re pulled up into the air and thrown over his broad shoulders.

“It’s time for bed-nodayo.”

Kise: Has the body heat of a five year old but refuses to sleep without blankets.

Kise whines your name as you scoot away from him. “I wanna cuddle _____-cchi,” he says and reaches out, pulling you against his ridiculous warmth. You grumble and remind him that it’s the middle of summer and the air conditioning is broken. Not just that, but he refuses to sleep without a blanket covering the two of you. He simply pouts at your words and clutches you even more tightly, causing sweat to bead on your forehead. Finally, you relent and eventually fall into sweaty, uncomfortable sleep.

An hour later he wakes you up with a complaint.

“It’s hot.”

Aomine: Sometimes snores. Loudly. Like a freight train. 

Aomine is snoring again, which you wouldn’t really mind. No, if he snored like a little buzzing bee, or even a honking car alarm, you could probably learn to deal. But unfortunately, you lover is no little bee, no badly constructed car. He happens to be the occasional but undeniable roar of a freight train. You try to cover your ears with your pillow and soon begin to contemplate buying industrial grade earplugs. 

Eventually the sound gets so loud you grab your pillow and smack him with it. Aomine wakes up with a jolt and an angry, “What was that for-?!”

He cuts himself off when he sees the sleep deprived murder in your eyes.

Akashi: Is an early riser and enjoys turning on the lights/opening the blinds at an ungodly hour of the morning. 

Akashi stretches languidly along the bed as he awakes, his internal clock functioning better than any man made tool. It’s only five o'clock but already he can see sunlight peering into your bedroom. He rolls over to kiss your cheek softly before getting out of bed. Pulling on a pair of Armani sweatpants, he goes to open the blinds. An ungodly stream of sunlight fills the room. 

He chuckles when you groan and pull the blanket over your eyes.

“Good morning, sweetheart.”

Murasakibara: Loves to eat in bed and leaves umaibo crumbs everywhere. 

“It’s only a little bit,” the giant mumbles like a child when you accusingly point at the many orange and yellow crumbs littering your bed. You had asked him over and over again to stop eating in bed, or to at least brush the crumbs off when he finished. But, regardless of how you fumed or grumbled about the many pieces of food attracting ants, he always either forgot or refused to stop his habit. You tell him it’s uncomfortable to sleep on a mattress of crackling food crumbs.

When you continue to glare, he huffs and flops on the bed. “See,” he says as the pieces of umaibo crunch underneath his large body, “it’s still super comfy.”

Kagami: Hogs all the blankets and mattress space. 

You pinch Kagami’s nostrils shut, hoping that it’ll somehow wake the man enough for him to move over. Spread eagle across the admittedly huge mattress, he often unintentionally forced you to sleep curled up on the edge. He begins to snore as your fingers continue their hold on his nose and after five minutes you’re ready to give up. You had already pinched and prodded him to the point where you had begun to wonder if he was actually dead. Too tired to continue waging war against his sinuses, you curl up on the small space of pillow and mattress alotted to you and resign yourself to another uncomfortable night.

When Kagami wakes up, he reaches out for you. When his hands grab at nothing but the sheets, he opens his eyes and sits up. After moments of frantic confusion, he finally looks over the side of the bed to see you curled up on the floor where he pushed you last night. Seeing the way you glare at him, Kagami sheepishly rubs at the nape of his neck.

“My bad.

Rating: T

Prompt: “Dipping feet in cold water.”

I went way off base with this story, I’m sorry.

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“Inoue?” a terribly familiar voice spoke up from behind her.

She whirled around, heart shooting up to her throat, and thanked whatever deity dared listen she had not made it to her ultimate destination.

That same morning, she had been sitting on her bathroom floor rummaging through a wooden basket she kept under the sink. Every month, she made sure to restock her…feminine products in the unlikely event she ran out. She had never once fallen behind in this endeavor, but ever since she had decided to start bringing one every day for the sake of helping out her fellow classmates suffering the same plight she found she had, understandably, begun to run out much, much faster. She had reminded herself continuously on her way to school to buy more, but work had gotten demanding and it often slipped her mind completely. This led to the inevitable state she was in now, left to her very last one and caught off guard by a surprise attack led by her own body.

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Quick questions for my amazing followers:

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One Direction Preference : 1st Anniversary

(In celebration of my 1st tumblr anniversary) :)

Zayn: You looked down sheepishly after he had given you his gift which was a diamond bracelet, necklace and earrings that you thought were the most gorgeous things you had ever seen in your life. “Zayn, these are beautiful, i’m sorry i didn’t get you something like this.” He waved your apology off. “Don’t be sorry, i’d be perfectly fine if you gave me nothing because you give me enough just by being with me.” You blushed as you handed him a tiny box. He took his time opening it and when he finally took the lid off, he quickly engulfed you in one of his hugs. “(YN), this is incredible.” “It’s nothing.” you say and he shakes his head. “(YN), this belonged to your father.” You nod. “Yeah and he told me to give it to the one person i could never live without, and that’s you Zayn. Happy 1st anniversary babe.”

Louis: “Whatever shall we do for our first anniversary?” he sing songed as he walked down the stairs in your shared flat where you laid on the couch, all snuggled with a warm blanket, a nice movie on the television and the newest book in your favorite series in your hands. “I thought we could just stay in and chill and do whatever the hell we want without having to leave the comfort of our home.” you answer him and he thinks about it for a minute before jumping onto the couch, barely missing your feet and curling up to you so that his back was against the back of the couch and he was spooning you. “Sounds good to me, now, can we restart the movie, restart the book and get a bigger blanket for the both of us to share, then after the movie we can order a pizza or something?” You smirked at him. “Such a perfect anniversary.” He nodded. “I agree.”

Niall: “You rented out the entire theater for us, Niall?” you whisper shouted as you passed a couple workers and most likely the owner of the place. “Yeah, look, we have the place to ourselves all day long, we can watch whatever movie we want to watch, we can have the movie paused so we never have to miss our favorite scenes and i already had food ordered to be delivered here. Do you like it?” You smiled at him and gripped his hand tighter. “Niall, it’s perfect, i’ve just never had someone put this much thought into a first anniversary is all.” His worried expression turned to one of love and joy. “Then i’m glad i’m your first to give you the best first anniversary ever. This will be a night you’ll always remember, i’ll be sure of that one.”

Liam: “Paris? We’re going to Paris?” You squealed as you jumped up and down in the middle of the airport, not caring if anyone around you saw. You were just so happy with the news that Liam had just told you. “Yeah, your birthday is in two days and i thought why not just do a huge mega party for you. So we’ll start in Paris for our anniversary, then for your birthday, we’ll do whatever you want.” You thought about it for only a second before he started to pull you through the terminal so you could get on the plane. “Shopping spree? I’ve always wanted a Paris shopping spree, Liam!” He smirked down at you. “Then that is what you shall have. Ready for our first anniversary in Paris?” You nodded and ran in front of him and onto the plane. 

Harry: Roses had been delivered to your front door. Chocolates had been sent, a giant teddy bear, you were starting to get overwhelmed with each time you opened the door and another gift appeared instead of Harry. You knew that he obviously didn’t forget your anniversary, but you were still curious as to where he was at the moment. “Come on Haz, it’s our first anniversary, we only get one of these.” you mutter and that was when the doorbell rang again. “Better be you.” you mumble and walk slowly over to the door before opening it just a crack then squealing when you saw Harry down on one knee on your guys’ doorstep. “Happy first anniversary babe. I hope you enjoyed all the gifts i had sent for you, now will you please consider accepting one more gift?” you nodded and he smirked before producing a tiny box from behind him. Opening it, he stared right into your eyes. “(YN), will you marry me?”

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Eremika - I twisted my ankle and you’re the only one here strong enough to carry me to the nurse’s office but we’re both really awkward

Hahaha how did this turn into nearly 3.5k words. I have no control over my life.

Mikasa was never late to class. She was always sitting in her seat with everything she needed out and ready by the time the bell rang. How she found herself practically running through the nearly empty halls to get to class on time was beyond her. Okay, maybe not completely beyond her. She may or may not have gotten distracted reading the newest book in her favorite series in the library and maybe lost track of time. It didn’t help that every time she saw a teacher she had to slow down and walk at a normal pace to her class, on the complete opposite side of the building and the first bell just rang.

She groaned and picked up her pace again once Miss Zoe was out of sight in the science hall, not that she would’ve even noticed if Mikasa was running or not. She held her bag tighter to her, her book gripped against her chest as she hurried through the increasingly emptying halls. She had time, it was okay. It was just the first bell, she had to the second to get to class.

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