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Younger vs. older Poirot

Curtain? What Curtain? Instead of a lonely old man dyeing his hair black, how about a silverfoxy elderly version of our beloved detective? My own personal headcanon. :)

real quick thing here, haven’t listened to the newest ep, but just about caught up, finally:

all this stuff about how Mcelroys and TAZ is Bad ™ now because of the design choices of an artist who isn’t them and the whole bit where that ignores all the fucking good that these guys put into this show, all the wonderful things they’ve said, all the Good Shit they did that they could’ve easily gotten away with not doing…they’re doing pretty fucking good, in my opinion, and i feel seriously upset that, suddenly, i’m supposed to hate them? I love taz and what they’ve all done with it, and i don’t see myself going back on that.

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How do you feel about lapis' portrayal in the newest ep? I remember you voiced some concern over the title in regards to lapis, and I'm curious if that's still there, or if this ep hit a good balance?

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i really liked it!! lapis really doesn’t care about presenting herself in a certain way when steven isn’t there. i expected she was gonna be kind of a jerk (but with feelings), since it’s raven and paul writing. at first i was a little torn about how easily the whole drowning thing was dropped, but two points on that:

1. very glad it was addressed! 

2. it makes sense, especially given how lapis is trying to avoid her past actions, and is, yknow, still kind of haughty and judgmental. not only would she rather avoid it, she would prefer to believe it’s in the past (”i tried to drown a lot of people”), and connie being just some random human, she tries to minimize it. she skips over the whole apology thing. that’s one very important distinction with lapis - she’s become more self-aware and feels a lot more guilt, but she is not always nice. she dishes it out pretty harshly, and still doesn’t really… know how to apologize to people. 

i think it would be naive to think connie and lapis would instantly have wonderful communication, and that lapis would just be falling over herself to make sure connie was ok - that’s some post-arc resolution, and lapis isn’t there yet. which is good. this show loves letting uncomfortable status quos linger. connie is more focused on saving beach city than addressing her own trauma with lapis - she can’t get caught up in that, not when she’s got an important mission (by her standards) to do. 

she does, however, call out both lapis and peridot on their shit later on, putting other people in danger and caring more about this little roleplay than that. good characterization on all of them - and pumpkin dog was a star, of course. they make good crystal temps, which i feel was the perfect way to end it off - they’ll all help out in a pinch, but they’re the temps, not gems. it wasn’t about lapis becoming a crystal gem, thankfully, but she’s playing along and trying to make the best of her current life.

if you hate miyokichi, you don’t understand this show.

(to be upfront about certain things: i don’t think ‘she didn’t do anything wrong’. nor do i think she and sukeroku, or she and kiku, were ever actually in love so. lets start with that.)

in the context of the show, there are three overlapping factors affecting the lives of our main trio here: homophobia, gender, and class. if kiku is affected by homophobic and sexist gender norms (’a boy can’t be a geisha!’) and sukeroku is affected by homophobic and classist norms, miyokichi is affected by sexist and classist norms, and the specificities of her situation end up making her far more vulnerable in her life than either sukeroku or kiku is.

she has been forced into sex work for the entirety of her life. first she attempts to have kiku marry her, because he is of an elevated class and will literally bring her out of poverty and free her from needing sex work and bring stability to her life. it’s not a love match, it’s literally survival for miyokichi. if kiku understands any of this–and i think he does–he ultimately chooses not to care. left with little other options, miyokichi turns to sukeroku. both of them clearly are thinking of kiku when they’re with each other, but they both know that–miyo obviously recognizes the homoerotic nature of sukeroku and kiku’s relationship (how many times has she tried to force her way between them/claimed sukeroku ‘steals’ kiku from her? it’s not even subtle, folks). but again, it’s something. if she can get sukeroku out of the city, she thinks, away from rakugo, he will get a job and support her and maybe she can escape sex work and poverty with him.

is it likely? no. does miyo manipulate sukeroku with her pregnancy? absolutely. is miyokich the only one at fault here? absolutely not. sgrs is a dramatic tragedy…all of the characters have faults and make serious, painful mistakes. that’s the show.

anyway, sukeroku turns out to be a complete fucking bum and does nothing but drink all day, and miyokichi is forced back into sex work again. she abandons him and her daughter and while in many ways that is a reprehensible choice, is it also an understandable one? yes, in my opinion.

rather than hate miyokichi, it is far more interesting to try and understand her, to recognize that her situation was stacked against her in every single way and that she did what she thought she had to do to survive. no, she is not perfect. but kiku has spent the entire time he has raised konatsu denying her the one thing she wants because she is a girl, deliberately making her miserable, making her suffer, because he wants someone to suffer the way that he suffered, to be unhappy as he is unhappy. yet kiku is the fandom’s beloved fave despite this.

why can’t miyokichi ever get the same understanding?

(NEWEST EP SPOILERS///) yes, she killed sukeroku. that is the tragedy that this entire show is built upon. maybe not everyone is willing to try and understand miyokichi in this moment. but that tragedy stems from her own tragedy, the one that she has struggled with her entire life, the one where no one wanted to empathize with her or reach out to her and understand her and maybe help her instead of manipulating and using her.