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Can we talk about how father-like Kanan was in the newest ep?
Like, when Maul threatened to tell the Empire about Chopper Base if Ezra didn’t come with him, Kanan was straight up like: “No! We’ll find and build a new base! I don’t care, you’re my son and I will protect you cotdammit”

Protective Spacedad is life

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opinions and theories based on the newest ep of riverdale?

i’m glad i’m being asked about it, because i wasn’t sure if people are enjoying me exploring the show a bit more. it was a great episode, first of all. probably the best yet. riverdale has a lot of issues, but tbh all shows do, and i’m really impressed with the direction riverdale is taking. 

skeet ulrich is 💯 and he made the episode, really. i was mildly bored by FP’s struggles being the highly cliched “high school were the best years of my life” but after consideration, it felt in-line. but let’s start with the dream. 

visually and aesthetically it was great, but it was framed to emphasize jughead as an outsider, which is kind of what this whole episode was about. riverdale very clearly has a problem with wealth disparity, but most of the main characters come from very privileged backgrounds. 

even as dysfunctional and abusive as, say, the blossoms and coopers are, they still are a ribbon of americana. they’re still 2.0 white picket. so what i like about riverdale is the way it uses it’s very wholesome poodle-skirt background to subvert the darkness that licks at the corners of small towns. jughead dreaming about being engaged to stepford betty, carving the turkey at norman rockwell’s table, was to highlight the way he feels as though he doesn’t belong—in life or, especially, in riverdale. 

and yet, jughead is a character who clearly craves the american dream, in the most pedestrian, suburban sense of the term. he’s obsessed with old film, with americana, with the great american novel—but he’s at odds with his own upbringing and the tragedy of it. 

FP was a great highlight to that—jughead learning that he was a big man on campus, a football star; the all-american golden boy he is trying to understand via jason blossom’s death. 

this could easily be me reading too much into things because i do that, but in my analysis of the show, i think with the novel, jughead is not just trying to explore his desire for an idea of a perfect home, the perfect parents, he’s also trying to understand his own father. 

regardless, riverdale is essentially an exploration of the idealized american suburb. but using murder as a foundation for the show plays up fact that it’s bleeding out; the murder isn’t a catalyst, it’s a flashlight. all it does is highlight the pre-existing tensions between class within riverdale; using jughead as the narrator—and thus telling the story of privilege from the perspective of a homeless, emotionally abused kid (perhaps physically as well)—is a successful mark of that. 

i wish the show would be a bit more overt with it, and would explore racism in the suburbs in the same way that they seem to be exploring classism but it is still a teen soap on a commercial network. gotta start somewhere. 


of the dream sequence bit where he “stabs archie in the back,” i think that was an obvious bit of foreshadowing of the tension mounting between the two friends over betty. like how jughead struggles with his semi-suppressed dreams of idealized americana, he also can’t quite shake the self-imposed guilt that he believes archie and betty are supposed to be together. jughead can’t have the white picket fence fantasy without also inserting himself as archie, a golden boy with a good father and a safety net. 

in other words, he doesn’t feel like he deserves betty, both as a person and what she represents. the implication i have from how quickly jughead acted on his feelings is that he’d been carrying them for a long time, but it was seeing the struggle of betty’s life that made him realize she wasn’t that perfect image. unlike archie, he saw how much weight she was carrying. 

she was as suppressed as he was, in search of the same meaning and knowledge that he was, and i imagine it really shook up his world view as the outsider. for all it’s problems in the rushed execution and background information of erasure, that’s what i like about that ship; they’re two sides of the same coin. 

as far as theories, i don’t know, i really don’t trust hermione. is it just me? i feel like she set hiram up tbh and is trying to slowly take over the company. part of the way she said “anything for alice cooper’s girls” reinforced that for me…why not say “anything for veronica’s friends”? hermione has never had a positive interaction with alice, and we don’t know how far their history runs, but i imagine it’s not great. if she’s the big bad for the next season, i think it would be a great twist. 

additionally, regarding jason’s jacket in FP’s trailer—i think it’s more likely connected to the drugs in the car than anything, which would probably be a direct trail to him and the serpents. the serpents are all red herrings though; as demonstrated by sheriff keller and jughead, it was only a matter of time before the police started blaming things on the kids from the “wrong side of the tracks.” 

jughead noting that the police were trying to scapegoat him and mentioning paradise lost was a really subtle frame for the whole episode (and would’ve been a great episode title, but perhaps a bit obvious). i was proud of him for knowing his rights and how things get out of control. 


-veronica can be so mature, but when she’s acting out, it’s from such a sense of vulnerability that it’s very sad and moving. veronica is absolutely a character who was raised in a world that didn’t encourage a typical childhood and clearly grew up too fast, so it was important to showcase. i love camila’s portrayal, she’s doing a great job. 

-reggie taking a selfie while searching for a missing girl was hilarious and terrible

-did i mention i love skeet ulrich 

Shabby treasures

Hello, guys!!! :D I brought you super cool stuff today, which is… 9 objects from the newest TS4 EP “City Living” (yeah, my game is unplayable right now, so I was enjoying myself modding XD) and I unexpectedly converted the mirror - a genuine add-on for the “boheme” set uploaded earlier!! You need AL for the mirror and the painting (in TS4 there were 6 different ones, but since they share the same mesh, I just put them all together) and Seasons for “Coregy Ottoman” (double sitting with books). The heaviest objects are plants and “improvised bookcase” with cushion on top (about 1100 polys), the signs are not light too (820 and 590 polys).

Here is the painting swatch:

I`m truly happy to have such a nice addition to my TS2 game and hope you`ll feel the same! Enjoy!

Credits: EA, Maxis, Sims 4 Studio, MTS

Tokiya and Otoya’s parallels: phone callings

I thought a lot about Tokiya and Otoya after the newest ep and I realized something….
In this ep Tokiya was the person Otoya chose to call to say his decision. and to be honest it is not the first time they chose the other one to call. It is really like they always chose each other to say something important and it it os so significant that their important talks are always dramatically finished which makes their worries even bigger. And really it is like by all series they look for the way to connect. They trust each other so much so they always choose each other…

season 1

In season 1 when Tokiya was struggling with his demons it was Otoya who was trying to reach him… 

But he was calling and calling (all this calls are from Otoya ;)) but he never could reach Tokiya. 

Finally Tokiya found out Otoya was calling so he called back… to explain everything where he is and what happened… 

Otoya baby was soooo worried for Tokiya… 

But before Tokiya can explain anything his battery is dead making boys lost connection again… 

leaving Otoya so confused and worried ….

And Tokiya so frustrated he couldn’t explain everything… 

season 4

When Otoya gone missing… he decided to call to someone… and this person is… Tokiya of course. :D 

Tokiya is soooooooo emotional, because he was so so so worried for OToya… 

Otoya says him such painful things, so Tokiya wants to help of course but… Otoya ended call before Tokiya could say anything… And when he call back he can’t reach Otoya…. which makes him suffer so much…. 

see?! ajhajkahh hey care so much for each other, really please let them connect finally and reach each other and be happily ever after ahh. Their bond is so amazing. my heart. 

Luke and Al

Listening to the newest ep. Al says they should call Sam, but Luke says he is in South Africa. Now this ep was done yesterday and they talk about BAFTA awards so it is post weekend. Who knows.