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Black character creator options in video games still have a long way to go

  • Black players don’t get to look like themselves in video games.
  • Video game character customization isn’t exactly a new trend, but recent titles like Fallout 4, NBA 2K17 and even newer Pokémon entries make it easier than ever to create a main character that looks just like you — but it helps to have straight hair.
  • Even when games get skin tone options right, other key details like hair type and face structure are typically ignored.
  • The result is often a custom-made black character that ends up looking more like a brown white person.
  • There’s more to looking black than dark skin. Read more (Opinion)

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I am seriously thinking of making a new timeline for Destiny. From scratch. Because the wiki has had errors all over the place since day one and is not to be trusted. And the one I was using previously is now obsolete due to some newer entries. And I’m getting frustrated. I don’t want to look at existing timelines and get biased views. I’ve got enough bias myself to overcome. But I think I might do it.

things to imagine post-AToTS:

- stanford using a smartphone for the first time 

- stanford using the internet for the first time

- stanford discovering a strange new concept called ‘memes’

- mabel eagerly showing ford all of her favourite memes

- dipper asking to read one of the author’s newer journal entries only to be presented with crap like

I don’t care if Fates is your favorite fire emblem to date. I don’t care if Awakening is still your favorite fire emblem. What I do care about is the fact people judge others favorite favorite games in a series you care about like it affects you.

It doesn’t affect you, and it’s people like you that make the Fandom a bad place to be sometimes. What do you care what others people’s opinions are like liking newer entries in the series is a bad thing? There’s a huge line between suggesting that a newer fan should try the old fire emblems and telling them they have to play the old ones or they’re “not a true fan” of the series, because you’re gatekeeping and there is no reason for it.

HELLO! If you’re popping in late, you can read the entirety of the Ask Little Sam Stuff Special HERE!

It’ll help you catch up before the last few entries. I’m sure some are probably popping in pretty confused otherwise, haha.

There’ll be 3-4 more entries for this plot, and then it will be the usual Ask Sam Blog once more; I’ll be opening the ask box for one day after the conclusion of the Ask Little Sam plot, so stay tuned for that! I will also be updating the Table of Contents link on the main blog page to include the new links to all the newer entries. Thank you! ♥

andreelijah  asked:

In today's blogosphere how would you suggest starting and promoting a blog? I keep tabs on you, Marco, and Gruber by way of Pulse daily if not hourly and I love to write. I've enjoyed seeing that my two posts on Medium have over a thousand views/reads and it's good for my ego. But how do you gain meaningful readership, and get out there? Everyone has a blog now. Do you suggest using Tumblr or host a Wordpress blog and put some ads on it? I'm REALLY curious as to your take on this. Thanks!

Things are pretty different from when I started blogging a decade ago. Twitter didn’t exist. Facebook was a social network for Harvard students. Basically, the only way to spread your words back then was either RSS or, gulp, email.

So in some ways, it’s easier to get the word out there now about what you write. But in other ways, it’s harder because there’s so much more content out there.

As you note, Medium (disclosure: in the Google Ventures portfolio) seems to be doing a good job facilitating the creation of new content and helping it spread. Tumblr has long been good at this, but honestly, I find it better for sharing pictures, links, etc, rather than longer-form blog posts. WordPress, of course has long been the standard there. Then there are newer entries like Svbtle and Hi as well.

Honestly, if I were starting out now, I’d still do what I did 10 years ago: which is write a lot. It may be discouraging at first if it seems like no one is reading what you write, but if you keep at it for long enough, people seem to have this funny way of finding you.

Be sure to link to others as well. This remains a great way for other bloggers to discover you and hopefully send some link-love back your way.

You could put ads up, but honestly, without a big enough scale, the money will be tiny. I’d focus on growing the readership first.

I’d also try to focus on one topic or a set of topics to write about most often. For those of us you mention above, that topic was obviously Apple. It certainly helped that interest in Apple stories exploded in the past decade, but I think as long as you’re passionate about something, a similar audience will find you.

The key, as with just about everything, is to stick with it.