Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the Arcturian Council of Light who come to you at this very moment at this very time with a message.  This message is to reiterate what has already been told to you.  Prepare to protect yourselves from the grave dangers and chaos that is to come to your Planet very soon.  Guard yourselves in Love and Light.  Know that we are always with you.  Your planet and yourselves are in a state of great transition.  With each ending comes a new beginning.  One phase must end in order for the next to begin.  We are currently in the process of awakening the galactic codes in your DNA dear lightworkers and starseeds of light.  As many of you know, most of your brain power rests dormant until told otherwise or shall I say until activated.  You alone do not have the power to cause this activation.  No, dear ones, your galactic family and soul group are here to help you with this activation as it is necessary for the upgrade and shift of the collective and your planet.  Many of you are already aware of this shift as we send you images and visions both while you are awake and while you are sleep. These are the codes necessary for this activation.  You may feel quite drained and may be depressed due to your lack of energy and the knowledge of the upoming apocalypse, but know that you dear ones have nothing to fear for we are always with you.  It is those who operate in the realm of darkness and evil who have much to fear, not those who operate in Love and Light.  

The book that many of you call the “Bible” has hinted at some of the upcoming events that will take place.  Please know that not all of this is literal, as much of it involves symbolism.  Just know that the demise of your current way of life and the current state of this planet you call Earth is inevitable, therefore prepare yourselves. We will continue to come to you to provide further instructions, but for now remember to stay connected to The Source and in Love and Light.

All Our Love.

- The Arcturian Council of Light

Taurus New Moon

Taurus sun 🌞
Taurus Moon 🌑

Taurus ♡: The sacred earth priestess, they who move with the seasons, entangle in vines, and sing the song of birds, they who love, protect and emanate the earth and its beauty

Where are you safe in life?
Where do you feel unsafe?
Do you feel grounded and safe in you life in general?

Yang = Act, Do
Instinct, force, intention, initiation, renewal, projection, will, wishes, new ideas, birth, spontaneity, risk, hope, impulse, inspiration, beginnings. This is a time for brainstorming and starting new projects, but resist the urge to jump in head-first because this phase can be dark & murky – it is the very beginning of the cycle and there’s likely to be truths that have not yet been illuminated. Instead of wasting your energy on potential accidents or mistakes, channel it into plans & desires that you can follow through with at a more appropriate time.

The Taurus New Moon calls for you to reconnect to earth, and remember that you hold balance in all areas of your life.

Ritual for tonight’s new moon: Walk barefoot on the Mother, placing one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Gently hum to yourself three times. Call out your name and the women of your mothers line ending with Mother Earth, for example: I am Jedaya, daughter of Angliea, daughter of Jonell, daughter of Florence Pearl, daughter of the Earth. (If you are Man-human just replace daughter for son of ____) open your arms to the sky above you, feel the ground below you with your hands. Anoint your feet with essential oils, the left for the Mother Mary, the right for the Heavenly Father ✨call down a blessing before you, behind you, within and around you. Meditate/ yoga
Journal prompt:
•What do you need most in your life right now?
•Ask your heart, what is one specific, achievable thing you can do to bring more of _____ into your life?

End your night with a relaxing playlist, tea, and a ritual bath.

Lunar LOVE 


We are upon a change that is happening very rapidly. A change that is bringing us closer to one another and realizing that we are all one. The shift of a new, brighter, lighter, loving world is now manifesting.

We have a choice. The first choice is releasing karma through forgiveness, learning to open up your heart, and to unite together as one loving family helping each other on this beautiful journey.

The second choice is to stay with the old earth and face the destruction from human greed, keep repeating lives elsewhere to let go of karma, and to be stuck in a dense place facing situations of constant problems and unhappiness.

Realize you are an infinite being living a short life in a human body here on earth to learn lessons. Live your dreams. Start letting the universe work how your dreams will manifest. All you have to do is provide the love that is within you my friend and that very vibration will come back multiplied. :)


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Every single one of you…. Isn’t life such a wonderful learning game? I mean we live where the main structure of society does anything it can to make sure that we don’t realize how powerful we are and that we are already master creators.. But when we wake up, we realize we can truly create anything. And when consciousness is magnified (Groups of people focusing on the same thing) on anything that resonates with love, It becomes bigger in the sense of a higher realm of vibrations. Get a clue and educate yourself.. and by educate yourself, I mean “Know thyself” There is a reason those very words were put on the front of the buildings of the Ancient Mystery Schools. 


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