New Au!

Hey! Just wanted so say that Im creating an Au! AAAAAAAAA

Well, for the moment, Im just making some sketches for the characters but I will probably show them soon.

So, if you read my post, this Au is called Hat Tale.

Now, the characters of Hat tale are pretty simple to explain: They are a little bit upper class, they like good manners, (dont worry, Sans is still lazy btw) And they wear fancy clothing and hats!

Thats all I can say for now, Sans and Papyrus’s designs are already finished because they’re simple and now, im trying to design Flowey!

I can wait to show my Au to tumblr!

Becky spent three weeks in Thailand travelling Solo! Her favourite stop was Koh Tao, a small island well known for its tail boat lined shores and diving and snorkelling opportunities, as well as a more relaxed and chilled party scene! If  you have the opportunity.. GET YOUR BUTT THERE GIRL! Make sure to take a trip to the neighbouring Koh Nangyuan where a short climb up to the centre of this teeny island leaves you with incredible + breath taking ocean views.. and a few scratches!

Soooo after some thought I decided to redesign Olivia to look more 80s like, and I believe with help from Snow-Chan that a final design has been found:D. I must ask you guys as well, whats your opinion on the current style I’m running with, and of course by style i mean like overall look of how I draw. What would you improve to make it better in your own opinions? Any Feedback will be greatly appreciated:)


Brand new ‘Empress’ leotard 📷 @tmronin #janedoelatex #newdesigns (at Hollywood Villains)

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  • name: Lucia Lopez
  • face claim: Naya Rivera
  • family of origin & birth order: Lopez family, middle
  • age & birthday: 21, November 12th
  • area of study: Graphic Design
  • relationship status: Single
  • gender & preferred pronouns: Female, She/Her
  • sexual & romantic orientation: Asexual, panromantic
  • ships/antiships: Anything with chemistry, nothing forced.
  • organizations & clubs: Chess Club
  • sports teams: None

the beat user profile @graphicallucia

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”

Lucia Lopez. I like computers and people kinda freak me out. So if you want to talk, there better be a screen separating us.

networking goals: To make some friends and learn to open up more.

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  • @graphicallucia I’m not sure what’s given me more of a headache; staring at a computer screen or Dino’s music.
  • @graphicallucia Sometimes Edgar Allen Poe is beautifully insightful. Sometimes he’s just insane.
  • @graphicallucia Found some new paint brushes for photoshop. I know what I’ll be doing with my day.


  • Lucia has an interesting relationship with her sister, Dino. She has been known to tease Dino and her musical tastes, but always makes sure Dino knows she’s just joking. In reality, Lucia does her best to support her sister and knows how important her music is to her. She is always scared Dino will take drugs and alcohol too far. Dino’s music is something that Lucia has practically grown up with and it’s the reason she learned of a problem she’s had to learn to adapt to.
  • Lucia learned at a young age that she wasn’t like other people. The first time she noticed something strange was when she was eleven years old. Her mother knocked some pots and pans in the kitchen, causing the noise of them crashing to the ground to radiate through the house. Instead of covering her ears, Lucia covered her eyes. Later on, listening to music, she noticed the way the colors danced and blended together in the air. Lucia learned at fifteen that the name for what she had was synesthesia. She kept it to herself, only sharing this revelation with her family.
  • Lucia’s synesthesia sounds like it could be a lot of fun, but it’s caused her a lot of pain. She has to avoid large, crowded areas due to the noise. With too much sound, the synesthesia can become blinding. This is something she’s had to deal with before, and usually leads to her hiding away from people for a few days until she’s worked up the courage to see people again.
  • Lucia is incredibly shy and anti-social. She can become tongue tied around people, and only feels confident when she’s in front of her computer screen. Thebeat felt like the perfect opportunity for Lucia to share herself with people in a space she was comfortable with. This way, she was slowly learning to open up, whilst still controlling what she shared. Her ranking on the app didn’t matter much to her, though there was a thrill to competing with her sisters for a higher rank.
  • Lucia’s a bit of a book worm. She cares about her grades and does her best in everything she attempts. Her favorite past times include reading, playing chess, and making art. Her first love is graphical design. Lucia uses the colors she sees swirling around her to create unique images.

ooc information

  • name/alias: Gabz
  • age: 23
  • timezone: GMT + 9.30
  • preferred pronouns: She/Her