The Lord told me to start blogging some of my journal entries & to open up about what He has been telling me & doing in my life! So, cheers to being obedient and sharing!

My name is Jessica Chambers & I’m crazy in love with Jesus.

Im so thankful that he never stopped pursuing me. Even at my lowest of lows he loved me & was seeking after my heart. Much like everyone else in this world I was trying to find my place. Trying to find my purpose. To find who I was & what would fill that empty hole in my heart. I longed for more. Again just like everyone else I looked for that wholeness in people, relationships, & things. I tried to find happiness with what the world was feeding me. Temporary happiness. Temporary things. When you get alone that feeling will still be with you, you will still fill empty inside. I was always missing something. I didn’t know what was missing in my life until I encountered a man named Jesus. I tried to fill that void in so many ways but it could never be filled.

That emptiness in my heart that just wouldn’t go away was filled the day I excepted Jesus Christ into my life totally & completely. I was truly a new creation in Him. I saw with new eyes. EVERYTHING CHANGED. Only in HIS presence can you find that wholeness, satisfaction, peace & purpose in your life. I wake up everyday with a smile on my face because I am now truly living- I know how loved & accepted I am by a God who never stopped pursuing & loving me. Even in the mess. Even trough mistakes.

He knows everything about you. Your past & present wrongs & he loves you completely the same. That’s an amazing love. My joy comes from him NOT from people or things. People will let you down. Things are here today gone tomorrow. Trust in a God that is never failing, never changing, the same today- tomorrow- & FOREVER more. Constant. Faithful. & He sticks closer to you than a brother. You will never be that same after you encounter one taste of His Presence. I no longer am I “happy” but I have joy! I’m not a happy person but I wake up a joyful person- the JOY of The Lord is my strength!

we are the reason he gave up his life

Church today i cried.

GOD is so great that at times i feel so ashamed of myself , how far behind i am and unworthy of his forgiveness. I cried because through it all , the letdown and sins i'v committed he still provide to me endlessly . I’m far from anything good but he still love me so much. But i know because of his sacrifice i am made righteousness. 

Jesus is the end of generational curses

I never really had the best example of how parents really should love each other most of my life. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to carry that attitude on into my life. My parents divorced and grandparents too on one side. But that all stops with me. 

Sexual immorality which has had a hold in the past for my family and myself stops before me. Bitterness and distance stops before me. Abuse in the family stops before me.

You can declare all generational curses stop before you in Jesus name! If you are a Christian you are a new creation, and the old is gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17