Historic Eureka Hardware, Newcomerstown, Ohio

Eureka Hardware Co. was started in 1882. Geo. W. Miskimmen had a feed mill built 50 feet wide and 70 feet long, four stories and a basement. It was built on the property adjoining the tow path of the Ohio-Erie Canal‚ primarily to ship grain on the canal. 

The mill was quite complete. It was equipped with grinding stones run by a steam engine located in our present office. The old shafting, drive wheel and cups for lifting grain upstairs are still in place on the third & fourth floors. The grain tubes are still in place in the fourth floor. There was a large winch on the third floor that was donated to the Roscoe Village museum. It was used to load grain in canal boats. A smaller winch for loading and unloading wagons was on the Canal St side of the building. It is now at The Newcomerstown Museum. The arm still protrudes from the building. 

In 1889 Mr. Miskimmen decided to expand the business and handle hardware also. The store was set up with a ladder, storage drawers, showcase and counters. We are still using most of them today as they were in 1889. At some time the right (north) section of the store became a funeral parlor (now our housewares department). 

In 1900, an addition 30 feet wide was added to the west end of the building for the purpose of handling horse harness and related items. Mr. Miskimmen’s nephew, who worked in the store in …

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