New City beanies available in the store now. Just in time for cold weather and warm drinks, each order gets a free coffee coozie for Cyber Monday only. Enter your favorite color when you check out! @newcitycoozies #newcitycoozies #cybermonday @nyssamoitoso @hannahlarick

Terry freaking Winter on that #tbt game @twwhisper .He’s been slayin 39’s before you knew that rope loop existed. My dad took this picture at Shortline Lake in ‘98ish, blew up the picture to poster size, had Whisper sign and put it on my wall. The best part is, this ski is a KD•7000 and Terrance can get the same scores then that he can now on his HO•A3. So, yes, Terry was ahead of the game. Terry’s and Marcus’ philosophy seems to have been proven right. Just ski natural. #newcitycoozies @marcus_brown_

Merry Saturday. I’ve been waiting for somebody else to ski cause the lake is way to glassy for me swerve. Rough life. But in the meantime here is the beautiful @nicbeard_06 wearing our SouthWestern SnapBack #newcitycoozies @newcitycoozies #snapback

Getting ready for the preorder package shipments! It’s very comforting to see things you make being accepted by people I have never met. It’s an unusually good feeling I hope I never get used to. You guys are very awesome. There are some very cool, free, goodies that will be coming with the Americana Bikini PreOrder Package. There’s only 2 days left. So please, order now! #newcitycoozies @newcitycoozies #coozies