Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (by Chelsea 101)


“Legitimised racism” 😔. How can you be proud of being British if this is your mindset. Not one person in this country is 100% pure British. As a nation we have been invaded countless times, and then we have colonised countries ourselves. “British” blood is made up of every nation in the world. The British language is the most bastardised language within the world. The diversity of people within in this country is what makes Britain great.. Not the racists and xenophobes that this referendum seems to have allowed to be more vocal.

I’m absolutely heartbroken that Newcastle upon Tyne, the city I made my home, is included in this photo set. However, I do know that in retaliation to this blatant racist act, hundreds of people stood in the city centre as one, declaring that everyone is welcome in this country including refugees of war. This gives me hope.

As a granddaughter of a Polish migrant I am proud of my heritage and think myself as British as anyone else I know, we need to unite and show solidarity as a country that everyone is welcome, no their matter skin colour.

Today, I am not proud to be British.