🐝YAAAAAAS🐝 (at All Saints Sports Centre)

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Tiger Bay Brawlers hosted a roller derby double-header yesterday at Talybont Sports Hall - as well as TBB’s own B team taking on Newcastle Roller Girls, there was also a chance to see a men’s bout between South Wales Silures and Tyne and Fear.

Both bouts were incredibly entertaining and hard fought - I enjoyed my the physicality of my first men’s bout, and the TBB v NRG face-off was brilliant, with the crowd really getting into it. Then it was off to the after party (at my old student pub) for pool-cue limbo dancing and push up challenges…

kind of forgot I was meant to be doing this… carry on!

Day 3 - A picture of you in your boutfit

I don’t really have a boutfit per se. Just my team tshirt (we normally skate in black) and something black on the bottom. One time I wore these gold shorts but that was a mistake with my size of arse haha.  Anyhoo that’s me jamming and being blocked by the lovely Nomi Wan-Kenobi of Middlesbrough Milk Rollers in September 2012. 

Day 1 - A picture of you pre-derby & 5 random facts about yourself

1. I started roller derby with my league Newcastle Roller Girls in March 2010 and my first bout was September 2010.
2. I’ve had three derby wives, the first left the league to have a baby, the second left after injuring her knee but my third and current is my platonic soulmate Levine Dead <3
3. I met my boyfriend of 2+ years at roller derby (aahhhh)
4. I wanted to be called either Hermione Danger or Beatrux Skiddo but both names were taken so I had no idea. My friend Sammy ended up naming me (Big Smack & Fries)
5. I didn’t start jamming until 2012 as a new year’s resolution and now it’s my primary position on our A team the Canny Belters. Well, it was anyway - I broke my ankle two months ago!