This night was fucking insane man.

oh my gosh! parkway drive was amazing last night :) i sat on my friends shoulders when the played Carrion and it as their last song, people were going crazy!

I was in the first row in the centre and almost touched Winston’s hand! I was getting squashed by dumb twelve year old who look like they belonged at big day out with their faggot singlets and snapbacks but IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT! and, I’m no longer a parkway drive virgin :) ahhhhh take me back!

So um, my little holiday was actually great. Got to see three of my favourite people. (two in particular)
Amity were, are, and always will be fucking incredible. They stole the show and the confetti canons had me going absolutely fucking bonkers. It was incredible. TGI, BIV and the Architects were all great and it was wonderful and I embarassed myself a fair bit but I really don’t care, I had the best night. <3