newcastle city


Forty years ago this night, March 10, 1977, T. Rex played Newcastle City Hall supported by The Damned. A fan smuggled in a small portable cassette recorder and taped the concert. He was only six rows from the front of the stage and the band was quite loud. So this recording may not be of the highest sound quality but there is no denying the energy of Marc Bolan and T. Rex on what was to be their last tour of the UK. Fans all said Marc put on a great show, looked really happy and it came across in his joyous performance. He played new songs from the Dandy In The Underworld album as well as the old classics, opening with Debora and later, a punked up version of Jeepster which set the place on fire! Of course, none could know at the time this would be the final concert performance of Marc Bolan and T. Rex before his untimely death.

Actual Danish cities as translated directly into English

Ringe - Lousy

Hals - Throat

Skæve - Uneven

Vejen - The Road

Aabenraa - Open Raw

Balle - Buttcheek

Revn - Rupture

Øerne - The Islands (the town is not on an island)

København - Buy A Harbor (this is the capitol city)

Nyborg - Newcastle