newborn baby deer

“C’mon, Y/N! Let’s blow this popsicle stand!” Harry slurred, hobbling out of the dentist as he threw the ice pack to the ground with a triumphant cackle. “Let’s go before they catch us!” 

“Harry- Harry, you need to hold the ice pack to your cheek! They took out your wisdom teeth, are you crazy?!” You couldn’t help but laugh lightly at the sight of Harry wobbling around like a newborn baby deer as you picked the ice pack up off the floor, chasing after your loopy boyfriend. 

“Y/N, I gotta tell yeh somethin’, love.” Harry puffed out, humming happily as you wrapped an arm around him to keep him stable. 

“What’s up?” You breathed out, giggling when he gave you a sloppy kiss on the cheek. There was a moment of silence before he spoke up once again.

“I dunno, I forgot.” He shrugged casually, running away from your grip. “I wanna get some juice now! Let’s get some- woah!” All of a sudden, Harry tripped over his own feet, tumbling to the ground with a grunt.

“Harry, are you okay?!” You gasped, quickly helping him up off the floor as he rubbed at his sore hip. “We’re going home before you get hit by a car or something.” You muttered, wrapping your arm around his waist tightly to ensure he wouldn’t collapse to the ground once again.

“Walk me to the car, slave! We gotta get out o’ here before they come at me with a drill again..” Harry babbled, rubbing at his eyes before leaning against you, one of his hands sliding down to cup your bum. (Unfortunately, you had one hand holding the car keys and the other was holding onto Harry - So you really couldn’t do anything about it.) “Your bum looks great in these jeans, babe. Have I ever told yeh tha’?” 

“Harry, get your hands off my ass.” 

“Can yeh blame a man for appreciating fine art?” Harry asked, squinting his eyes when he tried to reach for the car door but kept missing. “This car is broken. We need a new one - I told you t’ get a Range Rover jus’ like me, but no-”

“Get in the car, you dolt.” 


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Newborn baby deer… 😉

The harsh light of the hallways of the USS Enterprise was enough to make the Daled’s head spin. Wren needed an antidote for this migraine. As they stumbled along like a newborn baby deer down to the medbay, they leaned against hte doorway, before stumbling in.

“Doc, do you have anything for a migraine?”
Wren winced, her green eyes hopefully looking over at the surly doctor behind her sunglasses.