hi guys

hello all! this is my tumbles (we could of had it alllllllll, tumbling in the deeeeeeep) 

i just said ‘my’ but you all don’t even know who i am, so here goes my introduction. 

hi my name is ana (short for anastasia if any of you care) and i’m 15 yrs old. i’m a flight rising addict, i love pink and pusheen and arcane flight and people. i also love imperial dragons. LOVE imperial dragons. like i could go on and do a whole blog about my love of imps. but i’m not going to (or maybe i am, possibility for the future) i live in ontario, canada *sings national anthem while drinking maple syrup* yum. oh oh oh i love food! food and me are best friends. never see one of us without the other. c:

so i think i’ve rambled enough now, hopefully some people actually read this!


In honor of the 4th of July, we created two looks inspired by denim. Nothing says all American quite like a pair of jeans do!



Maheen’s Look:

Jeans // Rachel Roy

Top // Free People

Sunglasses // Free People

Shoes // Birkenstock

Lipstick // Extended Play by MAC

Sara’s Look:

Top // J Crew

Jeans // H&M

Necklace // Zara

Watch // Michael Kors

Sunglasses // Ray Ban

Shoes // Dolce Vita

Lipstick // 1995 by Gerard Cosmetics

Without subscribing to the recommendations of the Levy Committee or its justification for Israel’s territorial claims to the West Bank, I enthusiastically endorse its candor. For decades, Israeli government lawyers have argued that the laws of belligerent occupation give the military commander in the West Bank broad authority to enact measures in the name of security – ignoring the obvious fact that the towns, factories, colleges and cultural centers serving Jewish settlers in the West Bank are not temporary installations erected to protect security but rather permanent settlements treated as part of Israel for most practical and legal purposes. The facade of temporariness has served as cover for Israel to claim the authority of a belligerent occupier, while in fact using West Bank land for the benefit of Israelis, without formally annexing it and without granting citizenship rights to its Palestinian inhabitants.
—  from article Israeli human rights lawyer: Levy Report shows occupation is not temporary up at +972mag, on the recent publication of the Israel-sanctioned Levy Report on settlement outposts that unmasks the comfortable lie that Israeli government lawyers have told the courts and the rest of the world for decades.
Canada’s Effort to Criminalize Criticism of Israel

Quietly, without authority from Parliament, an all-party group which calls itself the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA) has been formed to investigate antisemitism in Canada. Not antisemitism as it is traditionally understood: discrimination against or denial of the right of Jews to live as equal members of society. (Members of this Coalition are well aware that traditional antisemitism exists only among fringe groups in Canada.)  Instead, their focus is on something they label as the “new antisemitism” — which they define as criticism of the State of Israel!


Milujeme moderní architekturu. A o to víc, když je zasazená mezi zeleň a historické vily. Takovédle krásky můžete vidět v Drážďanech, když se projdete po stezce kolem řeky. A nebo to vemte lodí. Jedna projížďka stojí okolo 15 eur.

Located in Dresden, Germany. 

I Am Not A Mule: Neither Are You

Blind loyalty is dangerous. It puts you at the mercy of those you choose to bend over backward for and help by hoping that they will reward your muling by returning the favor. However, when a person sees how easy it is to gain your loyalty they are more likely to take advantage of you and to even be purposefully disloyal. Blind loyalty is weakness, a weakness that is subject to be taken advantage…

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