Self Assessment

Lately I have been having back problems. I think it has been brought on by not stretching after exercising and working in the yard. I’ve been to see the chiropractor and that fixed me for a day or two but did not address the real problem so the pain and stiffness is back.  What has helped the most is stretching.  

So, I’ve been looking on the web for the HOW TO’s and forms of stretching. I’ve found a great set of videos here: On uTube

I like Tara Stiles format. It’s straight forward and easy going. Thank you Tara!

So with going through some of these I can see that I have really lost flexibility:

Scale of flexibility  1-10 (using my own newbie assessing skills lol)

  • ankles :5
  • achilles :1 (holy bands of steel Batman!)
  • hamstring:2
  • quads:2
  • spine :3
  • shoulders:4
  • neck:3

hmm… not sure if this will do for a way to bookmark my progress. I might have to resort to a video or pictures of my current state.

Already I feel a difference in my back. My goal is to do a session morning and night until it gets to the point I feel once a day will do to maintain.