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Red/Black Halamshiral Finery

The sash is a dark red, trim silver, the rest black. Enjoy!

Installation: Please use the latest Mod Manager HERE. Link has instructions!

Warnings: This file will affect the appearance of the crafted version of this set. This mod is also not compatible with any other finery mod.


Update 15/02/2015: Files now in .damod format! Please redownload and merge with the v0.47+ ModManager.

weddinglock  asked:

Hello! My name is Kayl, and I was wondering if i could get your advice? I want to try and make fanvids, I sit on the train on my way home everyday with my music on shuffle and make videos in my head and I think I want to try in real life. I loved your ATY edit and I thought maybe I could ask you for help? Just like, what editor to use, best place to get clips/music or basic newbie editing tips. If you can help I'd appreciate it SO much, and if not thats ok :) Thank you again! -Kayl

Yes absolutely I would love to help! Just private message me and I can help you out!!

knit-punk  asked:

Hi there, I was wondering what fic you would recommend for a Wolfstar newbie. It's always been a low-key ship of mine, but I just realised that I've never read any fic for it before and well, I've got a hankering for it now. I would love for a gentle introduction to it. Thanks.

This is so hard! Okay, so I may have went a little overboard here, but there are so many good fics it’s hard to limit myself. I’ll go by time period since that’s how a lot of people pick fics to read. I’ve kept these under 20k, so you can just dip into the ship, but if you’d like the newbie extended edition rec list let me know! :)

MWPP (aka marauder’s era/aka most of the fics i’ve recced here) everything from fluffy, prank-planning, map-making shenanigans to angst-riden, post-prank, pre-war sadness

Post-Hogwarts (fluff, living together, what war?) same time period as the first war but in general focuses on cute get-together type stories and not heartbreaking angst

First War (angst, suspicion, tears, and more angst) i don’t read first war fics very often but these were the ones that hurt the best

Lie Low At Lupin’s (skipping over the lost years and PoA fics cause I’ve hardly read any and straight on to the time between GoF and OOTP) very sad in general, what with Remus thinking his friends dead or traitors and Sirius having DONE HIS WAITING, TWELVE YEARS OF IT, IN AZKABAN

now to my favorite part: AU’s