Started googling a load of pretty people to see if I have a “type”, and idk? Cheekbones, beautiful eyes, and a personality I perceive as kind seems to be the thing?

And it’s not just all dark haired people; gingers are teh shit, but apart from Hiddleston I couldn’t think of a hot ginger celeb who currently appeals to my aesthetic. Could be Luke Newberry, but he’s a bit young.

  • luke newberry:*loses Dom Mitchell at a party*
  • luke newberry:*uses rolled up script as a megaphone* Cancelling In The Flesh was a good idea!
  • dom mitchell:*fist fights his way through the crowd* WhattheFUJCK DID YOU JUST SAY BOY I WILL... I WILL.... *breaks down in tears* i just care about this show so much man its so important and they just fuckin..... why would anyone - IT WON AWARDS GODDAMMIT IT DESERVED BETTER