The feels……the episode wasnt perfect…. too much Iruka in my opinion. I wanted to see a little more about the rest of the characters. especially SS since Pierrot have been neglecting them like crazy. But hey,…. I didnt have high hopes anyways. Though personally I think their little moment was cute. The hack giving  the letter to her of all people (naruto or kakashi) was a nice touch. He does care a lot about her. He knows shell be a little down because of his absence. SMOOTH SASUKE SMOOTH!!!! Even though the moment is little… ohhh this ship still makes me fangirl so much after years and years. The rest of the characters moments were nice too. And to think about all Naruto went through as well. and what he has now makes me so happy. What a ride we all ss comrads had? right….. its been an amazing journey!! Im so happy to be part of this Fandom! We fangirl/boy together… we learned and we felt and we cried and we lauphs.. made friends along the way… bittersweet ending for a part of my life very dear to me. Thank you Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.. Thank you Kishimoto! and thank all of you too!  A new begining now!! Im so exited! Hope we continue to share moments together! (Im still wondering if they will animate gaiden… hope they do lol) hugs and cookies to everyone!!!! Lets do this Dattebasa!!!!! 

Life is good 😊 Don’t be scared to try new things!

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the year twenty sixteen.

what do you need? what can i do to make you smile? what can i do to make you comfortable? what can i do to make you proud? what can i do to make sure you never get bored with me?

a partner’s constant state of mind.

always catering to every damn thing around her. is the bottle warm enough? am i producing enough? are you full? is your diaper wet or dirty?here, let me rock you to sleep. let me be quiet enough not to wake you. let me check on you every so often to make sure you’re still as peaceful as i left you.

a new mother’s constant state of mind.

whew. another long day. it’s probably 7-8pm by the time i’ve plopped down. did i eat today? omg i had 12 things i forgot to do. i forgot to call and schedule this or confirm that or log this or file that. dammit. i’m tired. i’ll just lay here for a few minutes then maybe get up and eat something. i don’t.

a tired woman’s state of mind.

what do i need? what can i do to make mysef smile? what can i do to make myself comfortable? what can i do to make myself proud? did i tell myself how important i am? how valuable i am? how strong i am? HOW BEAUTIFUL I AM? when did i forget about me? in twenty sixteen i did forget about me. hell, maybe before, i forgot about the things that made me happy. the things that made me feel like i’m worth something. this year, i’m taking care of me. anything distracting me from that path, must go. immediately. the year twenty seventeen.

You know what? I’m done grieving for you. You lost someone who loved you unconditionally and wanted to be with you through thick and thin. Who would’ve waited for you until the end of time. Who would’ve done anything for you. You won’t find anyone like me ever again. So this? This isn’t my loss. It’s yours. Enjoy your life.

Alright my peeps

I’ve had this blog for a few years now. At this point it doesn’t show much of who I am anymore just because of how much I’ve changed. So I’m deleting this blog and making a new one. My new blog is @wheregreenleavesgrow. There’s not much on there at the moment but it’s going to be a blog for me to explore new things and focus on my interest in witch craft. Feel free to go follow me if that’s something you’re interested in. I hope many of you will join me! But good bye from this blog, and hello to new beginnings! See you all on the flip side