“I started my career as a barista pretty late at age 27, but now I am a member of the national barista team. At first I saw that almost anyone was going for the barista license, so I thought I would also give it a try. That was initially how it started, but as time went on, I was really enjoying it and I felt like this was truly meant for me. I studied computers since I was in high school and worked in the IT field, but honestly, I just did it because it was what I had studied. But with coffee, I thought I could keep at it while enjoying it. Still… it was difficult to quit a career that I had been working in for a while to start something new. I was pretty anxious. During that time, it was my parents who provided me courage. When I brought my thoughts up to my parents after much contemplation, they encouraged me by saying that they could see that I had been forcing myself to do something I disliked while doing IT work, and that they were happy to see me brighten up while learning about coffee.”

“저는 27살이란 늦은 나이에 커피에 발을 들여놨지만 지금은 바리스타 국가대표예요. 사실 처음엔 너나 나나 할 것없이 사람들이 막 바리스타 자격증을 딴다길래 그럼 나도 한번 해봐야지 하고 시작한건데 하다보니 재미있고 이게 내 일이구나 싶더라구요. 제가 원래 고등학교 때부터 컴퓨터를 배워서 쭉 IT일만 했었는데 사실 그 일은 제 전공이라 마지못해 했던 거 거든요. 근데 이건 제가 끝까지 재미있게 할 수 있을 것 같았어요. 그래도… 오랫동안 해오던 일을 접고 새로운 길을 결심하는 건 쉽지 않더라구요. 많이 두려웠거든요. 근데 오히려 그때 부모님이 용기를 주셨어요. 저는 오랜 고민 끝에 부모님께 얘기를 꺼냈는데 부모님은 제가 그동안 하기 싫은 일을 억지로 하고 있는게 보였다면서 커피 배우면서 밝아진게 너무 보기 좋으시다며 응원해 주시더라구요.”

The picture says it all. I’ve been working since September of 2013 to get to this point. I didn’t take many decent pictures when I was at my heaviest of 402 pounds. I’m now finally where I want to maintain my weight. My BMI is finally in the normal range for my height and gender. I’ve always been in the Morbidly Obese category but now I’m healthy. I’m now going to work on toning up my muscles to get leaner. After I maintain my weight for a year and build some muscles up I will finally have skin removal surgery. I’ll get my arms and entire lower body done. This has been the craziest journey I’ve ever been on. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I stuck to it and really gave it my all. #weightlossstory #weightlossgoals #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #howtotransform #402pounds #145pounds #bmi #bodymassindex #bodymass #healthybmi #chronicpain #chronicallyill #chronicfatigue #youcandoit #ificandoityoucandoit #newlife #newbeginnings

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Happy New Year! The first painting of 2016, cheers to New Beginnings…😊

Prints of this painting and others are available at

Not interested in a print? If you appreciate my art, would you consider supporting me through PayPal? If you have a PayPal account, You can send a donation of ANY AMOUNT to my direct link at Any portion that is sent is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for taking time out and checking out my work. There’s so much more I’m looking to accomplish throughout this year and beyond! God bless.

For the month of March, I am engaging in a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual cleanse.

Throughout the month, I’m going to share my personal practices, my revelations and also the fears I’m putting to rest (like the #EmotionalNudist that I am). Yesterday I did something different. Instead of eating late at night, I opted to go to sleep. It seems like a small decision, but it’s the beginning of small decisions that have large impacts on your life. I’m going to take the month of March to make small decision, so that I can witness the large impacts it has as the months unfold.

New beginnings, new awakenings, new revelations, new understandings, new joys. I am calling forth new, prosperous, spontaneous, abundant, joyful, heart warming, fun, loving experiences and beginnings into my life. Who’s more deserving of your love, your commitment and your consistency than yourself? I invite you to join me on a journey of total self-care this month. Try being consistent for yourself. To show yourself what you’re capable of. To receive the benefits of follow through.

Here’s my vow:
Dear Self,
You are deserving of a commitment from me. I am going to take good care of you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. When you’re tired, I will take care of you. Lost, I will take care of you. Lonely, I will take care of you. Together, we are going to heal from the inside out. Together, we’re going to manifest the experiences we know we deserve and are preparing to receive. I got you.

I hope you all will journey me in being brave, being vulnerable and being committed to ourselves because it’s time and we’re deserving.

Join the journey by following my instagram @BrittanyJosephina! Tag a friend to join you on your journey! Tag your posts as #MarchForMe2015 so we can follow each other’s journey!

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July 28, 2015
I officially became Medusa! 🐍 Still need to cut some bangs and fix up a couple dreads but it’s only my first day with these natty things and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been waiting around 3 years for this. I promised my mom that I’ll graduate first and then dreads and here they are! I know my parents still won’t fully agree with my decision, but I’m hoping they (and others) will see what this means for me. This is the first day of a whole new journey in my life. At the end of the day it still may just be a bunch of knotted hair to some people but its my own personal experience to teach me much more about things I find important in my life. I am going to get good and bad looks. I am going to get good and bad comments. My dreadlocks will teach me more about ACCEPTANCE. Any other decisions I make in life can come with those reactions too. All I have to do is stay true to who I am. My dreadlocks will teach me more about SELF RESPECT. I plan to have these babies for 10 years or longer. My dreadlocks will teach me more about COMMITMENT. I’m going to have to work at these things to keep them maintained and shine light over the stupid stereotypes people put on dreads. My dreadlocks will teach me more about PATIENCE. Yes, I liked my hair before, but it bored me and though it was pretty, it always got on my nerves. I am constantly working to be the ‘me’ that I want to be in this life. The best I can be and the happiest I can be. My dreadlocks will teach me more about INDIVIDUALITY. I’m taking control of my own life and my responsibilities along with it. And I am so happy with who I am.
THANK YOU @liv.d11 and Michelle for helping me with the dreadies as well as my dread sista @sarahpainterr who also got her pretty dreadlocks done with me the same day! You’re the most beautiful group of people and I’m happy we have become apart of each other’s world 🌻🌻🌻
#dreadlocks #medusa #nattydread #nature #dreadhead #dreadjourney #newbeginnings

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