Super New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 25 @ 3:44PM (EST) 🌕♊️✨

a Super Moon is the phenomenon where a New/Full Moon makes its closest orbit approach to Earth on its elliptical orbit.

New Moons represent a brand new cycle, a clean page, fresh beginnings, positive changes, hope, and ambitions.

New Moons are the best times to set new intentions and plant seeds for the future.

during and around the time of the New Moon, it is recommended that you rest, dream, and nurture your creative side.

this Super Moon in Gemini brings us the lesson of self-reflection through the countless mirrors of external form.

Gemini says to honor your knowing, learn from your mirrored reflections and create pathways by thinking new thoughts arising from within.

Affirmations for
• I welcome transformation.

• I welcome growth.

• I welcome abundance.

• I know what I need.

• I am ready.

The feels……the episode wasnt perfect…. too much Iruka in my opinion. I wanted to see a little more about the rest of the characters. especially SS since Pierrot have been neglecting them like crazy. But hey,…. I didnt have high hopes anyways. Though personally I think their little moment was cute. The hack giving  the letter to her of all people (naruto or kakashi) was a nice touch. He does care a lot about her. He knows shell be a little down because of his absence. SMOOTH SASUKE SMOOTH!!!! Even though the moment is little… ohhh this ship still makes me fangirl so much after years and years. The rest of the characters moments were nice too. And to think about all Naruto went through as well. and what he has now makes me so happy. What a ride we all ss comrads had? right….. its been an amazing journey!! Im so happy to be part of this Fandom! We fangirl/boy together… we learned and we felt and we cried and we lauphs.. made friends along the way… bittersweet ending for a part of my life very dear to me. Thank you Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.. Thank you Kishimoto! and thank all of you too!  A new begining now!! Im so exited! Hope we continue to share moments together! (Im still wondering if they will animate gaiden… hope they do lol) hugs and cookies to everyone!!!! Lets do this Dattebasa!!!!! 

Studyblr Introduction

Hello, my name is Marie and I am 17 years old. I’m an upcoming junior in high school and after much setup and consideration, I finally decided to start a studyblr.

* Intrest:

  • Reading
  • Occasional story writing (currently have on in the works)
  • Shopping/looking at stationary 
  • art

* Reason for starting a studblr 

To improve my study habits and to find a new life adventure

* My studyblr role models:

 @universi-tea @ccaffeinatedstudies @studyblr @studyblvsh @apollo-studies @rhubarbstudies @studyingmood @academiix


Super excited to move into my new studio this week!! Isn’t this beautiful? It’s an old forest service building on a campus that was turned into artist workspaces in Twisp (5 hours from Seattle). I’ll be sharing more with you throughout the week! We drive the moving truck over tomorrow, eek! 😬 #newbeginnings #dreamstudio #twisp #ceramicstudio #twispworks

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New beginning

Hey, hey you!

It’s been a while! Like all of you know, time and life flies by. I was busy with some personal stuff and I can gladly say that it’s all sorted out. I’m finally back on track.
Like I already said, life flies by. I changed a lot in a short amount of time. That’s also why I want to change my tumblr ‘’style’’. I want to make it more personal. My ‘’previous’’ tumblr was mainly about love, tattoo’s, traveling and pets. And believe me, all of that is still important to me. It probably won’t interest anyone, but I also want to show more about my other interests and my own life.
I also hope to interact more with you guys. I’m always up for a conversation. If you want to talk about something, hit me up. I might replay late because of some internet issues, but I will always replay.

Hope you’re having a great day!