Pepperoni Pizza Game Boy Pocket

Reminds me of this quote from former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi:

“If the Game Boy looks like a pizza, we will rise to heaven, but if it doesn’t, we will sink to hell.”

NewBanZo painted this slice (toppings also include an inverted red LED backlight, clear red buttons, and an internal prosound mod), and 8bit Aesthetics is selling it for $119.99.

[Update: Looks like Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres just bought it!]

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SmoothBoy! Red/Gray Stripes & Splatter

This one of a kind item has had every groove filled in, painted, clear coated, and wet sanded to produce a very smooth, shiny, almost glass-like look and feel. Truly a one of a kind Gameboy.

Available NOW!

*sorry for the double post on this one, the photos I uploaded yesterday were terrible and I think that this item is amazing and deserves a second shot :)
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