No matter how many projects I make, this one will always be close to the heart. It’s the #MiniDocumentary I did on my homeboy @felipevazquez he’s one if the most straight up and real cats I know. I’m glad he’s my homeboy and was more than glad to be able to film his voyage from young graphic designer with a camera to one of the best Chicano Photographers out there. This is the shot of his very first photo being hung up at a gallery. Make sure to watch it. #cholas #photography #chicano #chicana #NewarkCalifaz #FelipeVazquez


Up Late? Watch this mini documentary on my homeboy newarkcalifaz and his art of photographing the barrio culture

Welp, that’s probably about as good as it’s gonna get. It’s like 3x4 ft on a wood board. 50$ or it gets dumped somewhere. DM me if you want it #NewarkCalifaz @newarkcalifaz