newark califaz

This is the cover of my future dvd, “The Right to Remain Silent”. This photo by Newark Califaz hangs in my room. This is one of the most powerful images i know. It says a lot about the world I, and many around me live in day to day. Although I dont pursue a life of crime anymore, I see it in every young homie in every barrio i have ever visited across the country. The only rights you have are none! Just shut up and do the time. You have the right to remain silent!

(Cholos) It’s not an easy lifestyle. Stereotypes and prejudice make it very difficult for people to glorify it. But I think its great in every sense of it. It represents my culture and coming up with the little bit that you have and shining it up and making it look like the best thing out there. Everybody envies it and everyone respects it. Sometimes people dont agree with it but they still respect it.
—  Felipe Vasquez aka Newark Califaz , From my interview with him.

This is my newest Mini Documentary on the very talented Chicano Photographer Felipe Vazquez aka Newark Califaz. This homeboy has taken some of the most popular Chican@ images of the last 20 years.


A video i just finished up for My homeboy Felipe Aka Newark Califaz.

A photo shoot at the carwash in Barrio Old Newark