Obit of the Day: Tumblr Crushes:

Today I’m going to change it up a bit, besides following the folks above as well as anyone of my fellow History Spotlight Tumblrs I recommend checking out some actual friends of mine who are (gasp!) not on Tumblr:

Bridgette Raes, Style Expert: Fashion tips and opinion. She’s been on the Today Show and countless magazines.

At Your Service: If you live in Central or Northern NJ (too bad for you Southern Jersey) give them a call to take care of those errands that are a hassle. Free up some of your own time.

Naomi Claire Wallace is a playwright (Madman William) and now a novelist. Her new novel, Knives and Roses is available on Kindle and iTunes.

Chris Teichler: As it says on his site, “Composer Conducter Clinician.” Teaches at DePaul University and Trinity International in the Chicagoland area. Not on his site but important to mention: Chicago Bears fan.

Sherah G Photography Blog: Not just a “mommy blog” but also a fantastic photography blog. Two-for-one, my friends.

Leave Your Ignorance At the Door: Written by a student at Hillsdale College, who I know personally, it’s a Libertarian blog. Although I’m a lefty, the author is very smart and has a great, and very dry, sense of humor.

As always, OOTD is off for the weekend. For your obit fix, check the Archive.