the world can be a really scary place sometimes but it’s important to remember 

1. books and music transcend cultural barriers and can make anyone feel less alone

2. oranges taste like sunbeams feel 

3. leaves on trees change colors every season!! and sprout flowers!!

4. nothing can last forever, not even pain 

5. the smell of the street after rain when everything feels new

6. the calming glow of dust floating in the sunlight 

7.  the sky turns pink every evening when the sun sets

8. sometimes you’ll laugh so hard that your ribs start to ache

9. the feeling of sleeping in on a sunday morning

10. puppies will always be excited to see you 

2:27AM here on 8tracks

1. Holy PVRIS
2. Take Shelter Years & Years
3. Drowning Banks
4. Knee Socks Arctic Monkeys
5. Degausser Brand New
6. Head.Cars.Bending The 1975
7. Jet Pack Blues Fall Out Boy
8. Empty Gold Halsey
9. Wait (Kygo Remix) M83
10. Lost in my Bedroom Sky Ferreira
11. Motley Crew Thompston
12. Car Radio Twenty One Pilots

{ gifts }

“it hurts, all this. everything i see, everything i hear, touch, smell. the conclusions that i’m able to draw. the things that are revealed to me. the ugliness. my work focuses me. it helps. you say that i’m using my gifts – i say i’m just treating them.”

a sherlock holmes fanmix

1. state of the art (a.e.i.o.u.) - jim james
2. afraid of everyone - the national
3. daysleeper - dear and the headlights
4. first song for b - devendra banhart
5. jesus christ - brand new
6. monsters - angus stone
7. disappear always - wild nothing
8. lust - the raveonettes
9. going for the gold - bright eyes

[ listen at 8tracks ]

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