bitmapdreams new 52 colors

Here they are!
early summer seaside carnival
♦︎ art deco breakfast boudoir
♣︎ lazy crystal greenhouse afternoon
❤︎ department store high tea
✴︎︎ midnight creamy heartbreak galaxy
☂︎︎ endless raincloud university road
puppy love apartment kitchen
dizzy summer night fireworks
sticky sweet baby toybox
☁︎ rainbow shaded cloud picnic
harbor taffy jewelry store
wednesday lunchtime diner shift
♠︎ chilly morning sunshine laundry

“50 Tales for 50 Years: A Celebration of Barbara Gordon” - 2014: The Batgirl of Burnside:

Even with 34 thrilling issues by Gail Simone of Babs as Batgirl in the DC soft reboot of The New 52, there were many who missed the character of Oracle, believing that DC was being disrespectful towards a character that created such a powerful impact in the disabled community. Nevertheless, in issue 35, a new creative team of Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and @babsdraws (Tarr variant cover to issue 35 presented) took on our celebrated figure. Presented a new take on this female heroine who debuted in 1967, Babs has to move to the hip area of Burnside after her old place burns down while working towards her Ph.D. By night she transforms into Batgirl protecting her new home as a hero that is relevant and inspiring to women readers. Mixing her fresh new costume with the modern use of social media in a brighter (figurative and literal) world, ‘The Batgirl of Burnside’, introduced in issues 35-40 (December 2014 - May 2015) was refreshing to say the least; audiences were given a Barbara Gordon both relatable in terms of her everyday life and struggles and an intriguing Batgirl enveloped in her own unique world fighting new foes, establishing her own journey not heavily based on the other members of Batman Family. Babs of Burnside in a nutshell established a Batgirl for the new generation. ✌🏼💜💛📖🎨🎉

Batman - The Crimson Knight

Here’s an angry Batman to celebrate 1655 followers on “lotsofcomicseverwhere”, a Tumblr I run with my sister about DC.
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probably better not to talk about fetishes when your actual kiss is lethal, ivy.  //  not always. sometimes. okay, fair enough.