Day 126. Near katipo creek shelter to near Lewis hut. We not staying at any of the heaphy track campsites or huts due to the cost of staying at a campsite or hut on this trail. We already paid for hut pass. However the pass does not cover this trail. They want $32 per hut which is more then a private hostel dorm normal $25 a night. A hut at best has a gas cooker on a great walk and toilets and bunks. In the UK huts are totally free run by a charity as they should be. The heaphy track is new Zealand longest great walk which is 78km vs England’s longest national trail at 1000km which is our equivalent to a great walk. Which I hiked camping all the way almost for free. We also have the end to end trail at around 2500km which is the equivalent to the te Araroa trail 3000km hike. However it’s funny because the uk end to end trail has a more wild feal as almost all off road compared to the te Araroa trail. I camped and stayed in huts almost all the way on the UK end to end trail. Both hikes I enjoyed. But the UK hike wins hands down. Due to having to do even more road walking due to winter conditions on the ta trail. I really enjoying hiking with Achara and learning more about Thai culture. I will be going to Thailand I hope over Christmas to help set up her new farm. Follwow our location at make a donation to mcmillian cancer at

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Thanks for the incredible insight on shrooms. I do plan on taking them during the day time, but if I can't during the day, I was thinking maybe at night time and I can chill in the park/woods. For some reason I'm imagining it would be chill like smoking in solitude at night on a nice night. Or am I seeing it wrong? lol Also will other peers notice if I am on shrooms i.e parents? I still wanna look like im ok lol

I did my first potent trip at night, and it was so good. I walked around a urban beach area in new zealand called Takapuna . Great times I was walking in the middle of the road at my peak feeling like the creator is moving thru me and playing music thru my energy field xD there weren’t many people around though lol. It was like a weekday and late in evening too
I guess when it comes to the enviroment , a night time trip would be cool, depending on your dosage and your own state of being. If you can navigate spiritually you can literally trip anywhere. You can even transmute demons into angels and create vortexes with your energy field consciousness. ( This is also without shrooms or substances, if you reach a high level of shamanic development)

If you take a low dosage, you can easily be around people even your parents. I did this many times . Medium doses, you tend to laugh alot and talk to yourself alot ( in my experience, everyone is different ) 
But you could adjust to a situation or enviroment. its up to you :)
A high potent dose would be difficult as sometimes people have trouble speaking or relating to the physical dimension, cause their soul is being wired to multidimensionally streamed to higher dimensions and frequencies and ALSO their eyes dilate go large and black ( same with LSD trips too ) so maybe if someone looks at your eyes they will know you trippin dawg  lol

Well anyway i hoped that helped . <3


Day 124. Karamea domain campsite to Scott’s beach campsite heaphy track. Another fking road walk most the day. Cooked our food at the domain campsite. Woman gave us some veggies there. However I got the feeling we was not very welcome. The couple staying there seem to go there every year for a few months at a time. Seem to want the place to there self. As we was packing are stuff the woman was just stood there watching us. Man some there strange people who run campsites. One the campsites we stayed at a man staying there dribbled snot and spit in my food as he was telling me his life story while constantly grabbing his balls. He did have a metal illness to be fair and the campsite in question seems let them stay free. Which is very kind them. Today was a road walk to the heaphy track. It’s great to get off the road. I have done the heaphy track before 7 years ago. Easy hike even in winter should be OK. However it does go near 1000 metres so may get some snow. I heard a bird noise outside my tent in the night. Yes this time I saw a kiwi bird for sure this time not only once but about 5 times. It was out side are tents. Achara also saw the kiwi bird. Seems the little fella does not like bright head lights. We saw the bird near the Scott’s beach campsite. Right outside my tent. Every time I turned the light power up it run into the bushes. These birds are incredible rare so we been very lucky to see one. The last time I saw one in the wild was 7 years ago on Stewart island. I never seen one on the main land before. It was a 100% the kiwi bird it had the long kiwi beak. It was not the wika. Sadly as it was dark and the kiwi does not like bright light I did not get a photo. However I did see the one before in the day and got photo that time. Follwow our location at make a donation to mcmillian cancer at


Day 129. Aorere shelter to near brown hut. Today was met be good weather and so it was OK. Today was all down hill. Saw some nice views on the way to the bottom. Been better than the road walking however it’s not the best great walk in new Zealand. Half the time you get no view. But Achara loved it. Which I am very pleased about. Infact its not a bad hike maybe not the best great walk. Follwow our location at make a donation to mcmillian cancer at


Day 127. Near Lewis hut to Saxon hit. Today was a day of rain and a long long hard hike up a easy grade hill. We was not going to stay at any hut or campsite on the way due to the cost of staying at hut. No way we going pay $32 to stay in a hut. You think once they have milked the tourists of money in the summer they could alow real hikers to use the huts with a hut pass. There are huts on the trail with just a fire and water for $32 for one night. My advice would be to avoid the great walks of new Zealand and do some hikes with a back country hut pass valid for 1 year. There much better hikes out there than the great walks and some nice huts covered by the pass valid for a year. Just make sure you know what your doing and take a satellite phone. Getting back to the hike. A storm hit us as we was approaching the Saxon hut. So we took shelter in there. We tried drying are stuff but the fire in the Saxon hut was not of any use really. They had a broken tap in the hut they clearly not bothered fixing and still want $32 a night for the hut. The storm was bad outside. Follwow our location at make a donation to mcmillian cancer at