Today, this blog has reached pretty big milestone, and hit 80k. Big thanks to everyone for supporting my effort. It means a world to me! Much love to followers old and new.

So this screenshot post came up on my dash yesterday and I just kefhkdswhak IT LOOKS LIKE THE COVER OF A CHEAP HARLEQUIN NOVEL and so I did a thing again. I couldn’t figure out how to reply with a picture in the original post, so I’ll just tag u guys: @thejohnlockhell and @spoko 

Series update
  • Naruto shippuden episode 478 will be titled The Unison Sign and airs on October 6. 
  • The new naruto shippuden opening and ending songs will air on october 20. This might indicate a continuation of the shippuden series instead of a new Naruto anime, but no confirmation other than the airing date have been confirmed.

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okay i gotta give a shoutout to the etsy shop CroquisKnits, which belongs to one of my best friends

she is hella talented and her stuff is so cute and soft and stylish, i highly recommend it

thekeekster  asked:

Solas in Cherry Soda for the art prompt!

Solas - Palette Challenge

One Solas “I don’t know what the hell I’ve done” for the lovely @thekeekster. 

Well my friend, this is what I like, someone pulling me out of my comfort zone (templarsehemehem). Thank you ♥!

This has been a great challenge for me because on the one hand I was not sure what to do with this colors and on the other I had never drawn Solas. Besides that, my relationship with him has been full of “love and hate” from the beginning so I thought I wouldn’t get to finish it.

I hope you like it and thank you so much for your request!

mmm when you start on a fresh platform on a new site n u feel so wholesome n able to introduce yourself and not b known n just,,, b around ppl who only know u by preferred pronouns and the nickname u give,,, u kno ??