Missing My NFL

It’s At This Time Of Year That I Begin To Yearn for The NFL…Beefy, Brawny Men In Skin-Tight Uniforms Battling It Out Over The Gridiron. 

And Especially Those Beefy, Brawny Men Who Define Sexiness, Like Eric Decker!

Woof, Baby!


National Football League teams and their stadium (inspired by x)

On May 26th, 2017, Collette Smith became the first female coach in New York Jets team history when it was announced that she would work with defensive backs during training camp. Smith previously coached and worked as a marketing executive for the New York Sharks of the Independent Women’s Football League. 

Smith said of her hiring, “I’m over the top. I’m humbled and I’m proud. This could have happened with any NFL team. But it just so happened that it was with my beloved New York Jets. This is bigger because of that. God forbid it would have been with the Patriots. But I still would have done it.”


Third String

Christian Hackenberg May Not Be The Starting Quarterback For The Jets, But Lordy, Lordy!! He Looks Every Inch The Conquering Hero In Skin-Tight Whites.

Now, If He Can Just Improve His Throwing Skills!

Woof, Baby!