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about the theatre asks: new york citiy - orchestra - wicked - Jekyll And Hyde - Lion King - Lyrical

New york city: Height?
like 5′3ish :0 im. short :(

Orchestra: What are some of your hobbies?
my current fac hobby is writing about my characters and putting more Story Into Them. im working on maelada atm which means replaying skyrim and im having Fun i love my orc child she is Doing Her Best

Wicked: Favorite food?
i have a LOT of fav foods but atm im craving samosas or creme brulee…..

Jekyll and Hyde: Favorite name?
mine of course! i chose it for a reason after all! it can be used in so many ways! casual? frank. formal? Francis. friend? frankie. my friends call me Fronk too so theres just a lot of ways to say it while it remains the same name! its nice!!!

Lion king: Favorite show when you were a kid?
crazy quilt!!! loved that show… it always played on tv real late and since i was little Baby Insomniac i would stay up and watch that, or i would watch it after my night terrors. it was so colorful and nice!!!

Lyrical: You’re cute
GASPS thank u ur cute too and ily!!!