Pure food and wine, NY

Just had dinner at Pure Food And Wine, New York’s only raw food restaurant. Hugo and I both really enjoyed it. While a little pricey, (in my opinion, anyways) it totally took raw food from the scientific level you see at places like crudessence in Montreal, to fine dining. First, they have a great selection of wines, organic beer, and sangria ( refreshing…), but also the dishes seem to focus a lot more of the natural flavours in the foods than the art of creating recognizable foods out of raw ingredients. The highlights of the meal were the hazelnut and mushroom with raw cheese and flax wafer appetizer, the corn and avocado enchilada and the tremendous desserts (chocolate something or others). Points to improve would be that the service, while excellent was almost too quick and the dessert portions seemed bigger than any other course. Overall, thumbs up for pure food and wine. It may not be as healthy as other raw places, but it certainly is accessible ( in flavours, less so in price) and delicious.