Of course my hands crapped out and I dropped my phone in the bath tub. It seems okay but I threw it in rice to be safe. I’m worried about the charging port and everything.

Honestly I’m surprised my hands held out this long and I haven’t dropped it in water before. 

Can I just pretend that White Heart isn’t actually the main story for the characters but a… very strange AU my 13yo self somehow made up

GOING DOWN MEMORY LANE OF AWFUL TUMBLR APH RP COM DRAMA AND RPERS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS YEARS LATER and holy shit we keep on digging up stuff that one of us didn’t know this shit is fucking wild

what annoys me: when your not really a talkative person on social media to your friends. then you finally message them for help, you’d expect them to reply like ‘sure, i’ll help you’. BUT NO! They are fucking ignoring you now your wondering what the hell you’ve done to upset them when you haven’t even seen them in weeks. what’s even worse is that you know they’ve seen the message because it shows the R icon meaning they’ve seen it.