Samhain is comiiiiiinggggg and i’m one excited witch!

Samhain (pronounced ‘sow-in’) is drawing very near, and as its my favorite holiday i can’t seem to make enough posts about it. It begins at midnight on October 31st, and celebrations often go on until November 2nd. It is the witches new year! 

Some historic traditions:

Just like at Beltane, bonfires are lit in high places on Samhain, like at hilltops, and around them rituals would take place. During this community ritual, people would take flames from the bonfire and use them to relight the hearths of their homes. They did this to bind the community together. They would also use these fires for divination in their rituals. 

In Gaelic regions, during household festivities many rituals that took place were intended to divine the future of everyone there, for example apple bobbing. (If you don’t already know this, Apples are strongly associated with ancestors and the other world.) The first to bite into an apple was the next allowed to marry!

As you most likely have heard a zillion times, The veil between our world and the next is thinner on Samhain. This is true, Samhain is  a liminal time, and that means the barriers separating the world of the living and the dead and other spirits can be crossed more easily than at any other point in the year. It is said that entities called ‘Aos Si’ can slip from their world into ours, through a summoning or their own will. During Samhain it is traditional to leave libations for any aos si that have come into our realm. This is usually in the form of food & drink, like a plate of soul cakes, a small portion of a meal and a cup of wine. Due to this thin veil, it is a time for honoring those who have passed. It is widely believed spirits of loved ones will come and visit their former homes and seek hospitality from those within. Places should always be set for loved ones who have passed at the table on Samhain. I even set a place for a spirit I feel in my home. People will often hold a “dumb supper”. It is a silent meal during which you set a place for visiting spirits, and invite them to join you.

Traditional Samhain Activities 

Bobbing for Apples- The fewer tries it took to catch an apple, the sooner you’d fall in love or marry. If the apple was crisp and crunchy, the participant would have a happy marriage. If it was soft or rotten, it was bad news for your love life future.

Peeling the Apple- You peel one long strip of skin from an apple and then throw the peel over your shoulder. Whatever letter the peel resembles is said to be the first letter of your soulmates name.

Hazelnut Divination- Couples would throw hazelnuts into a fire, and if it burned it predicted a long and happy relationship, and if it cracked open it showed a rocky road ahead.

Samhain Correspondences

Colors: Red, brown, gold, yellow and orange.

Herbs: Rosemary, mullein, rue, mugwort, calendula, tobacco, apple leaf, sage, wormwood, tarragon, bay leaf, almond, hazelnut, garlic, mandrake root, yew, sandalwood, pumpkin, pennyroyal, pine needle, cedar, chrysanthemum, & hemlock.

Symbols: Lanterns, candles, acorns, bones, photos or memoirs of passed loved ones, Jack O’ Lanterns, corn dolls and corn stalks, scythes, cauldrons, spiderwebs, masks, oak leaves and mirrors.

Food & Drinks: Apples (or foods with apples baked in), potatoes, corn, nuts, turnips, pumpkins, mead, cider, mulled/spiced wine, tea.

Things to do: DIVINATIOOOON GIRLLL(scrying, tarot reading, rune casting, pendulum reading, etc.), holding a dumb supper, lighting a bonfire, looking into your past life,leaving offerings for spirits, cooking, feasting, dressing up in a costume.

Stones & Crystals: Obsidian, Onyx, petrified wood, hematite, smokey quartz, bloodstone, clear quartz, garnet, carnelian, amber, sandstone.

Animals: Black cats, owls, bats, stags, ravens, crows, spiders and black dogs.

I would like to add a note to be cautious on Samhain. If you have a black pet please keep it inside, lots of sick people will harm these animals on this night. Please be careful with spirit work as well, the veil is very thin and as you would normally with spirit work protect yourself, but x10 on samhain. Carry a gris-gris, Create your circles, Keep blessed salt around, Make sure you end conversations with the Ouija and it won’t hurt to keep a silver coin on it, like they say it keeps evil spirits from coming through.  Treat spirits, creatures and humans around you with respect. 

Blessed be, I hope everyone enjoys Samhain!! Note your favorite samhain activities and traditions, and please note any traditions passed down to you! 


New Years baby 2017! BB-TECHIE!

Leader Snoke decides to make a clone of General Hux to test the first order’s cloning technology… they ended up with a cherishable little slip of paper with some itchy blue space allergy eyes, who loves blue milk and his new space daddies. co-commanding and co-parenting Hux and Kylo begrudgingly get romantically closer as they raise Techie as their own.

here’s hoping for hux. 2017 dont be as cruel as 2016. LET HUX LIIIIVE.

So, I used to work in a college dining hall, specifically the Kosher Kitchen, where kosher food was made and served for the college’s kosher-keeping Jewish population (which, after my student supervisor graduated my freshman year, consisted of literally just me).

Anyways, in my third year, the Powers That Be decided that each section of the dining hall needed customer reviews. So they distributed little review forms to each kitchen and told us to put them out next to the displays or wherever and tell students to fill them out. Since we didn’t really have the space right up front, we wound up sticking ours a little to the side, on an end-table-looking thing. 

We pretty consistently got 8s and 9s and 10s on the 1-10 rating scale, and nice compliments in the comments section. Our chef was really good at his job (the cornish hens were amazing), and I am a friendly and memorable person (seriously, people who have met me once will recognize me a year later). 

My favorite review was the one that gave us like a 3 or a 5, I don’t remember. It must’ve been while I was taking a bathroom break and my supervisor took over (because we were horrifically short-staffed and my coworker was in the middle of something else that she couldn’t stop doing). The comment section read: “Food was good, but I don’t like the angry little man with the beard.” or something to that effect.

My coworker and I swore to never tell our supervisor, because he is indeed A) short, B) has a beard, and C) horribly anxiety-ridden and terrified of screwing up or making a bad impression. We hid it at the bottom of the stack and made sure he never found it. It was still funny.

Also, that same coworker and I were frequently described as “dinner and a show” because we would get into these theatrical debates and discussions with each other and the guests. One time we sent three people into a fit of giggles because of a two-week-old argument over whether the new disposable gloves were purple or blue. A bunch of our regulars wound up taking sides. We ended up compromising and calling it indigo.

Also, another funny story: On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, one of the traditional foods is fish heads (“Rosh” means “head”; it’s basically a pun). Anyways, nobody I know actually eats them, but my supervisor insisted on putting out a pair of them on the cold table every year. One day, while my coworker and I were at the front after just finishing with the dinner rush, our supervisor greets us from behind using muppet voices. We turn around and he’s got the fish heads on his hands like sock puppets. I laughed so hard I lost my balance and knocked into the steam table. My coworker gagged and fled, because it turns out she hates the smell of fish. Whoops.

My supervisor also really liked Allen Sherman, a Jewish parody singer from the 50’s. This is pretty obscure, obviously, so he was delighted to discover I had been raised on Allen Sherman. We used to sing the songs together during close and cleanup. We rarely made it to the end of a song without interrupting each other to argue over the lyrics or to discuss a reference. It was a lot of fun.


Barbie Vlog #8 | New Year Traditions


Kurdish new year celebration (newroz)

Without the light and the fire of Love,Without the Designer and the power of Creator,We are not able to reach Union.(Light is for us and dark is the night)This fire massing and washing the Heart,My heart claim after it.And here come Newroz and the New Year,When a such light is rising.

Fan Fiction Master-post

Aged Up: 

Not exactly a balcony, Wendip:

A 16 year old Dipper Pines returns to Gravity Falls one summer to find something strange on the roof of the Mystery Shack.

A very Wendip Christmas: 

Dipper has a plan for the holiday season, and he’s going to pull out all the stops to make sure it goes ahead.

An uncertain apology, Wendip:

Dipper makes a mistake and tries is best to make up for it.

Namesakes, Wendip:

Dipper learns to love his name.

Shades of red, Wendip:

What colour reminds Dipper most of his girlfriend.

It’s simply love, Wendip

Wendy comes to a sudden powerful realisation.

A new development, Wendip(NSFW):

Wendy has to deal with a ‘gift’ from Dipper.

Revenge, Wendip(NSFW):

Wendy pays Dipper back for the marks he left her.

A momentary solution, Wendip. (Part 1)(Part 2)

Something has got Dipper spooked and he seeks an unusual answer to his problem.

Protect and Serve, Wendip: 

Dipper needs to be certain that summer is safe, Wendy can’t help but notice.

Double Trouble, Wendip and Mabcifica: 

Dipper and Mabel attempt to broker a truce between the most competitive people in their lives.

Adrenaline Junkie, Wendip(NSFW): 

Wendy and Dipper spend time on the roof. 

Power, Wendip (NSFW): 

Dipper dons articles of submission. 

A traditional ritual, Wendip(NSFW): 

Wendy and Dipper attempt to perform a sacred rite. 

A power nap, Wendip: 

Dipper has the most Amazing night.

Lost bets and surprising talents, Wendip(NSFW-ish): 

Dipper looses a bet and Wendy wants him to do something for her.

Scars and Souvenirs, Wendip: a

fter a mission goes wrong Wendy has to patch up her husband.

A brighter side, Wendip: 

Wendy has to enter the study to find her husband. 

The protectors of Gravity Falls, Wendip

Dipper and Wendy attempt to find a missing person. 

Echos of days gone by, Wendip: 

Dipper, Wendy and Summer celebrate new years in a traditional way.

The road to hell: 

After the sudden death of Candy Chu Dipper makes a decision. 


Dipper and Wendy visit an old friend to help an even older one.

The race: 

Wendy and Dipper go for a walk to the multi-bears cave.

You’re an idiot but you’re my idiot 
Wendy understands Dipper better than he does. 

Don’t underestimate what a person will do for someone they care about.
Follow up to my short Moonshine Wendy is protective to say the least 

We are not going to steal someones dog. 
Dipper is certain he found a werewolf

A talk with Mrs Corduroy 
Dipper talks to Wendy’s mother. 

The dragon of gravity falls. 
Dipper and Wendy partake in some wildlife preservation 

Five Times Wendy and Dipper Were Visited By Specter and One Time They Put Him To Rest.
Wendy and Dipper deal with a silent watcher all their lives.

They don’t make spider demons like they used to. 
Wendy and Dipper get in a sticky situation 

Coffeehouse Au:

Beware the green eyed monster, Wendip: 

Wendy has her eye on the new guy but is scared she might have competition. 

Hot Chocolate: 

After their first date Dipper shows that he can be relied on.

Caffeine, Wendip and Mabcifica: 

Dipper needs a date to his sisters wedding, and he knows just the girl to ask.

Espresso, Wendip

Tambry is sick of covering for her Co-workers.

Neon Stars: 

Set in the near future. Wendy is a private investigator in the Depths a multilayered city where crime runs rampant. In an attempt to find a missing girl she is thrust head first into a life of crime. Heavy Wendip and Mabcifica. Mentions of blood and significant violence.

Chapter 1: The shooting star 

Chapter 2: Old leather-bound books

Chapter 3: Making Promises

Chapter 4: Everyone has their reasons

Chapter 5: What are you running from

Chapter 6: The man in black and yellow


Chapter 7: A bolt of neon 

Chapter 8: Mr Mystery

Chapter 9: The best laid plans

Chapter 10: Of mice and men

Chapter 11: 

Gang aft a-gley



Wendy and Dipper visit an old informant 

a darker narrative where Dipper goes missing after his 16th birthday, most of the gang has moved on but when Wendy hears something in her bathroom she is thrust back into a world much darker than she remembers.
Why exactly do you need Chloroform at 2am 

Small town girl big city cult. 

Direct sequel to the original short

I tried my best to not feel for you but guess what, I failed.

Don’t underestimate what I person will do to protect those they care about

Wendy Corduroy, student, lumberjacks daughter and Slayer. When gifted with the sacred duty of the vampire slayer, Wendy is quick to refused the responsibility of her title and the aid of her new watchers. But as sinister forces begin to move against her, Wendy will soon realize that sometimes, no matter how hard you try you can’t outrun your destiny. Heavy Wendip and Mabcifica. Now with added Wendipbry   

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Chapter 6 

One Shots:

Competition, Showers and Overwhelming Attractions, Wendip(NSFW): 

after a race goes awry Dipper and Wendy keep messing up.

Tell The Truth!, Wendip:

an old Item gets revealed for a game of truth or dare.

Control the story
Dippers 21st birthday celebrations go shockingly wrong.

The clock strikes midnight in Paris, there are cheers all around..
  • Chat Noir, leaning towards Ladybug: Well My Lady, a kiss to bring in the new year is a tradition, may I?
  • Bee Chloe, hip-checks him out the way: Move bitch. The first kiss is mine.
  • Fox Alya, grabbing Chloe's pony-tail: Actually as Ladybug's number one fan and supporter...
  • Chat Noir: Uhm. I think you're talking about me?
  • Ladybug, edging away as they start bickering: I wonder where Adrien is right now...
The Happiest New Year - Lewis Redman Imagine

Request: ‘Can I request a Lewis imagine, please? It can be anything. Love your imagines and hope you have a lovely day!💖’

Summary: 7 months after splitting up with Lewis, you attend his family’s New Year’s party and see him for the first time since. 

Word count: 2.7K

Author’s Note: So pleased to have finally written something about Lew! I know it isn’t really the season for New Years themed imagines, but I thought the concept was cute! Thank you for such a sweet message, I hope you enjoy!

Dating Lewis had been a dream. It had been three years of immense happiness that you never imagined you could feel. The first few months had been just the two of you, however things got serious fairly quickly and before you knew it you were immersed in his life and were meeting all his nearest and dearest. You’d met the boys first. You were apprehensive about meeting them because they were Lewis’ friends and you didn’t want to intrude, yet over time you had become close with them and they’d become your brothers, especially Josh. Meeting his family happened soon after. They accepted you like one of their own and became your second family. Anything you told your parents, you told Lewis’ and they would often give you advice much like your own family.

News of your breakup spread quickly. The boys had texted you asking if you were okay and pleading that you still kept in touch with them. You tried in the beginning but it was a painful reminder for you so slowly you withdrew contact with them and became a recluse. Lewis’ Mum called you as soon as she found out. You cried on the phone together for hours reminiscing about times you’d shared together and how much she’d miss seeing you. She told you that Lewis would never find anyone like you again and that you would always be part of the family. She still invited you to all the family events, but despite missing her and the rest of his family dearly you always gave her an excuse. However, when you got your yearly invite to the New Year’s Party it was different. 

New Years was a tradition in the Redman household. Every year their entire family and closest friends piled into the house for food and booze. They sung karaoke, counted down the New Year and celebrated in style. You’d attended for the last three years. You had almost turned down the invite until you heard the words ‘Lewis won’t be there’. He was spending his New Year at the house with the boys instead and so you felt like you could go without the added pressure of seeing someone you loved so dearly but couldn’t have. You had been nervous that once you arrived it would be awkward, however the warm greeting you received from Lewis’ family made you feel just as welcome as when you were together. The beginning of your night was filled with small talk about how you were, family members telling you that you looked well and people telling you they were pleased to see you again, however as the drinks flowed and you loosened up, you had more in-depth conversations which mainly revolved around Lewis and where things went wrong.

You were in the bathroom when you heard excited cheers from downstairs. At first you were confused but it all became clear when you heard Lewis’ Mum exclaim ‘Lewi!’ in a shrill voice. Your breath caught in your throat and your heart felt like it was beating out of your chest as you realised that this was the closest you had been to Lewis since you split up 7 months ago. You’d actively avoided places you knew he frequented and although there had been some close calls, you had managed to stay away from him until this point. You wondered how he would feel about you still spending time with his family since he split up with you- whether he would be pleased, astonished or irate. As much as you loved being around his family, you didn’t want to upset him.

You left the bathroom and quickly darted to the guest bedroom. It was dark and gloomy inside, just enough light spilling in to allow you to see around. You paced back and forth around the room, your fingers tangling in your hair as he exhaled shaky breaths. You couldn’t avoid him anymore. 

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” You muttered to yourself nervously. “It’s fine, it’s absolutely fine you can just go downstairs and… and…” You put your hands either side of your face in stress. “What am I gonna do?” 

“I’m interested to know too, what are you gonna do?” A voice called from behind you, startling you. Your head turned quickly in the direction of the sound, feeling a mixture of dread and relief as your saw Josh in the doorway, leaning against the frame casually.

You’d by far been the closest with Josh out of the boys. He was Lewis’ closest friend so you saw each other often. Josh became a brother, a best friend and an agony aunt to you- he listened to you moan about life and Lewis when things were tough and he always gave impartial advice. He always knew the right thing to say depending on the situation at hand. You had missed him dearly and as much as you wanted to reach out to him you couldn’t bring yourself to do so. 

“I heard you were here.” Josh told you, smiling softly. He carried on when you stayed silent. “That’s because you were told that Lew wouldn’t be, right?”  

You nodded, your gaze dropping to the floor. “Yeah…” You started, drifting off when you didn’t know how to respond. 

“We didn’t plan on coming. We decided last minute that we would rather spend tonight with people we care about- most of our families are away because we planned on staying at our house and not with them, but Lewis’ house was the closest so we ended up here. Plus, who turns down free food and drink.” You laughed under your breath at Josh’s statement, causing a toothy grin to spread onto his face. 

“Can I have a hug?” You asked vulnerably, looking at him with pleading eyes. It had been so long since you had seen him and you felt awful about distancing yourself from him. Without even thinking, Josh enveloped you in a hug. His arms wrapped around your shoulders and he pulled you in tightly. 

“I’ve really missed you,” He murmured into your hair. “You pushed me away when everything with Lew happened- Simon and Vik too. We knew that you were upset, but we didn’t think you would just pretend that we didn’t exist, especially since you’re still in contact with his family. I wish you would have told me that you needed space rather than just falling of the face of the earth. I was really worried, but I’m glad to see that you’re doing okay- that’s all that matters.”

“I’m sorry,” You whispered into his chest. There were a few moments of silence. “How much longer is it going to take before it stops hurting? It’s been so long and it hurts as much as it did the first day I was alone.”

“Hurting is normal, don’t beat yourself up over it sweetie. You loved him, moving on was never going to be instantaneous.”

“But he moved on.” You swallowed thickly. “It’s been hard seeing his conquests everywhere I turn. Every time I log onto twitter or check my Facebook there’s a new girl that he’s banged. He isn’t doing it to cope, he’s doing it because he’s finally free. Free from me.” 

Josh didn’t know how to respond to he just squeezed you and pressed a kiss to the crown of your head. His grip loosened and he took a step back to look at you. “Will you come downstairs for the New Year?” He asked softly. “You don’t have to talk or even look at Lew- please just ring in the New Year with me to make up for lost time. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, please.”

“Five minutes.” You replied, giving him a small smile.

“If you’re not downstairs by 11:55 I will come and find you.” 

Josh gave you a jovial wink and left you by yourself. You checked your watch- you still had a little while before you had to go downstairs. You wandered around the upper level of the house killing time. It wasn’t long before you arrived at a door which filled you with butterflies and dread at the same time. You paused for a second before taking a deep breath and opening the door. Lewis’ room hadn’t changed that much. The walls were still cream, his bedding was still light blue and shockingly to you he still had a picture of the two of you on his bedside table. You were taken aback by it. Lewis had been home many times since you had broken up so seeing a picture still on display was strange. You had boxed yours up and put them in the bottom of your wardrobe to avoid remembering the happy times which were now tainted with sadness. 

You ventured deeper into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. You clasped the picture gently and looked down at it, trying to hold back the emotion you could feel manifesting as tears. The picture had been taken at The Shard for your two-year anniversary. You had worn a wine coloured dress and Lewis wore a black suit with a tie that matched your dress. You were smiling sweetly at the camera however, he was looking down at you lovingly with a adoring grin on his face. You held the frame on your lap and rubbed the pad of your thumb over Lewis’ face. Your heart ached. 

You caught sight of Lewis’ alarm clock, seeing that it read 11:55pm. You sighed. Being in his room was risky but you didn’t want to leave- it was like being back in happier times. You heard footsteps in the hallway behind you which stopped in the doorway. Josh kept to his word, you thought, 11:55 and I’m still not downstairs. You opened your mouth to give a sarcastic remark to him but you were cut off by the sound of a voice you wanted to forget. 

“It’s my favourite picture of us,” Lewis spoke from the doorway, startling you. You peered over your shoulder and your heart beat began to quicken in pace again. This was the first time you’d looked into his eyes in a long time. “I thought about putting it away but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It makes me happy.” Lewis moved into the room and sat a few feet away from you at the other end of the bed. “I wish I could rewind time back to that point and just relive it.”

“I should go.” Your voice was a whisper. “I’m meeting Josh downstairs to ring in the New Year.” You reached over and placed the picture back, got up and walked past Lewis. His hand clasped your wrist before you could get away, pulling you back towards him.

“Please don’t go.” He whispered back, looking up at you with big eyes. “I told him that I need to talk to you.”

You shook your head and chewed on your bottom lip. “There’s nothing to talk about. Nothing I want to talk about.”

“Oh come on, there’s everything to talk about. Breaking up doesn’t mean that I don’t know you anymore.”

“It also doesn’t mean that I have to talk to you.” You mumbled sarcastically, causing Lewis to laugh. He had always loved your sarcastic personality and it was something he missed about you.

“Look, I know this has been exceptionally difficult for you. You stopped seeing the boys and my family, you stopped being yourself. I know you’re mad at me for things I’ve done and all I can say is I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologise, you can do what you want now- we’re not together anymore.“

You tried to leave again, pulling your arm from Lewis’ grasp. You heard him grumble as he stood up and grabbed your cheeks, making you look at him. Your eyes studied his face. His brows were furrowed, jaw clenched and eyes pleading. You stopped trying to get away and melted into his touch. It looked as if he was still struggling with the breakup too- he looked vulnerable. He ran his thumbs over your cheekbones. 

“I don’t deserve a chance to explain myself, especially after ending something so good for such a stupid reason but those pictures are so misleading. I won’t deny that I parties with girls, but they’re my friends. I would never do anything with them and I never have done anything with them.”

“Everyone said…” You trailed off lowly.

“They’re all looking for drama. Come on babe you know I’d never sleep with someone as a rebound to hurt someone, especially not you. I haven’t even been with anyone since you.” Your eyebrows raised in a surprised manner. Lewis was an attractive lad, girls flocked to him and yet he still hadn’t been with anyone else. “You have every right not to believe me and to never speak to me again, but that won’t change the fact that I miss you. I miss waking up to you, falling asleep beside you and loving you unconditionally. I wouldn’t give me another chance, and I’m not asking you to. I just need to hear you say that you forgive me for being an idiot and letting you go when I should have pulled you even closer.”

You were stunned and your brain was frazzled. After months of no contact, Lewis still felt so dearly about you. You tried to speak, but no words would come out. Your throat was dry and your stomach full of 1000 butterflies. The energy downstairs grew as you heard everyone beginning the countdown from 10. Your eyes didn’t leave Lewis’. You heard every second of the countdown, as the family downstairs was crowded around the television waiting to watch the fireworks over the Thames. However, when you heard a chorus of ‘Happy New Year!’, you couldn’t stop the overwhelming urge in your body. 

You reached up and pressed your lips softly against his. He let out a deep breath and although surprised by your move, he kissed you back. His hands slid from your cheeks to your hips, grabbing them ferociously and pulling you close as yours settled on his cheeks. The kiss was long. Something that had started innocently and apprehensively became more longing and passionate. 

However, the moment was interrupted.

“Happy New Year love birds!” You heard Josh call from the doorway with a huge smile on his face. “We were all wondering why you didn’t come downstairs to celebrate with us but I can see why. I wouldn’t want to make out in front of my family either.”

“Mate can you just…” Lewis trailed off, giving Josh the ‘get out of here’ eyes. 

“Fine,” He replied dramatically. “But just remember, we’re all only downstairs so if things get too loud we will hear.” A flurry of red took place on your cheeks as Josh walked away. You were kind of embarrassed that he’d walked in on a moment like that. 

“He’s got a point.” Lewis chuckled, drawing your attention back to him. “We’d have to be really quiet and you were never good at that.” 

“Lewis!” You exclaimed, slapping his chest playfully. He laughed and wrapped his arms around your lower back, pulling you into his body. Your arms slithered around his neck. You relished in the feeling of being able to hold him again after so long. Your bodies fit together just as well as before, and warmth radiated off the two of you.  

“I’m sorry for everything,” Lewis murmured into your skin, placing gentle kisses against the side of your head. “I love you angel.” The tone of his voice suggested that he was worried that you wouldn’t say it back. You responded by pressing your lips to his jaw, leaving them there as you whispered into his skin.

“I love you too Lew. Happy New Year.”

Good Omens in Italy

* Seeing a spider at night is a sure sign of monetary income.

* When you drop something, someone is thinking of you and their name starts with the first letter of the item dropped.

* When your nose itches, it’s either “pugni o baci” (punches or kisses).

* Finding a button on the ground: a new friendship is on the horizon.

* Dreaming of someone dying adds 10 years to their life.

* When a new moon appears, the minute you see it say the New Moon Incantation: “Benvenuta Luna che mi porti fortuna!” – “Welcome, moon and may you bring me good fortune!” This is to be repeated, bowing respectfully at the lunar sliver 13 times with a coin in each hand.

* Eating lentils on New Years Day will bring money in the new year.

hellooo 2017 !!! 10 days into the new year and i’m finally updating , holy shit! Dino skulls i drew while watching Walking With Dinosaurs for what probably was 50th time in my life, available to be tattooed by yours truly if you find yourself in Helsinki, Finland. ♥

this year kicked off real well for me, i’ve already got to do some pretty cool tattoo stuff, which you can check out here, on my insta !! can’t wait to do more ! for regular art WIPs i’ll be using my super ancient twitter, come hang out with me there (2011 me was a fucking dweeb, but i’m keeping the tweets for posterity)!

YEAhhhhh !!! hope this year is a good one for all of y’all! !

RFA + Saeran and V (added) imagines: New Year’s kisses (& a new tradition)

AKA the thing no one asked for but I’m throwing in your face anyway. Everyone has their own MC and they’re at a member only party. More under the readmore.


  • Staring intently at his watch to make sure you two kiss at the stroke of midnight.
  • Starts off giggly and innocent enough, but he’s a little drunk and a lot comfortable and it gets more heated.
  • You two only stop because Saeyoung yells “WHOO GET IT BOY” from across the room.
    • Actually makes you both jump and Saeyoung is laughing loud now how is he so loud he has the projection of an opera singer.
  • “Ah, sorry, I… got a bit excited. I hope I didn’t embarrass you,” the blushing mess says.
  • “Mmm, no, I liked it. We’ll pick up where we left off when we get home.”
  • He shook. Client Yoosung Kim is experiencing latency issues. Lag in the form of stuttering and nervous laughter.


  • Literally dips you into a deep kiss (this extra mofo)
  • Y’all get yelled at too but you don’t care, you don’t stop. Everyone else is like “okay…” and kinda go about the party around you two.
  • He only stops when he says he has to or he’ll become a beast and he wants to be a perfect gentleman for you.
  • Besides you look so beautiful tonight and he already smeared your lipstick (which he wipes so it’s neat again,) he wants to and does admire you the rest of the night
    • Admires in a different way when you’re home know what I’m saying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Gentle kiss that becomes giggling and a bunch of little kisses while you keep holding each other tight.
  • You two are so cute and wholesome everyone else (but Jumin) might cry. Zen and Yoosung definitely cry a little.
  • She says softly in your ear that she feels so lucky you came into her life, she feels like you’re literally God sent. This woman is an angel. You tell her so. She is literally an angel.
  • Rare earth magnet strength attached to each other the rest of the night.
    • The rest of the night.

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Paring : Percival Graves x Reader, Newt Scamander x Tina Goldstein

Request : Reader and Percival gets involved in a drinking game and their crushes on each other is revealed.


Originally posted by liebemagneto

You had just finished a mission, finally capturing the witch you and your co-workers have been hunting down for months. The success had automatically put Percival in a rather good mood, so instead of sending his team off to write reports, he very generously gave everyone an extra 2 days of New Years holiday.

So, naturally you and your fellow best friend stuck to true new years tradition and decided to devour some fire whiskey. Except being the matured adults you all are, you agreed on playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ with fire whiskey. And based on your past experiences, alcohol and truth usually never mixed well for you. 

Tina Goldstein, your best friend brought along her fiancè, who both plotted against you by dragging a certain Percival Graves  in. Because that’s what best friends do. They make you drunkenly spill your dirtiest secrets to your crush, who you happen to work for. 

You had made a rule for yourself to  set your feelings aside during work, remaining utterly professional. But once the day was over and you had to greet him in his office to hand in the reports, you would linger a while longer in his velvet oak chair, silently admiring the way his sleeves were always perfectly rolled up from the long day, his breathes steady as he inspected the report. 

You also never failed to dismissed the idea of him feeling the same way for you. It was simply not possible. Besides, you somehow convinced yourself Percival was too ‘no-nonsense’ and busy to get romantically involved. 


‘You need to take a break, boss.’ you heard heard Tina insist. You turned your head to see two very tiny people practically dragging Percival’s large frame into MACUSA’s lounge area. 

You tried to remain calm as you wore a soft smile, gesturing to the empty seat in front of you. ‘They are right, Mr Graves. You need a life outside of the office.’ 

His eyes wandered from the empty seat and back to you. What’s the worst that can happen? A little fun never hurt nobody right? Taking the glass from Newt, he plopped down on the chair facing you and linked his hands together.

‘It will more fun if we direct the questions to specific people okay. If your answer is yes, then drink up.’ Tina’s excited voice piped up, stressing on the specific people. 

For once, Percival didn’t seem to be stressed, he was lazily leaning back onto his chair keeping close attention the questions, occasionally sneaking a few sips of fire whiskey. 

You answered all the questions that were asked, directing a few harmless ones to the three other wizards. As time passed, you were getting less and less nervous, and so did Percival. He had a relaxed expression, quietly studying his company. 

A nudge on your shoulder caused you to embarrassingly pry your gaze away from Percival and settle them on Tina’s brown orbs. She was looking at you expectantly, like she was waiting for an answer. ‘I’m sorry, what?’

‘Have you ever had a crush on someone in this room?’ Tina repeated, trying so hard to hold back a smirk. You shot her your 'why are you doing this to me’ look and slowly took sip of your drink, earning a few dramatic ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the engaged couple.

‘Okay, so it’s my turn to ask a question right?’ You checked, in hopes to change the topic. And with a  nod of agreement from Newt, your heart started to beat a little as you could feel the word vomit coming out. ‘My question is for Mr.Graves. Haveyoueverhadinappropriatethoughtsaboutsomeoneinthisroom?’ you blabbered out, pretty sure nobody understood you. Did you understand yourself?

You mentally slapped yourself as you realized what you had just done. Again, truth and alcohol didn’t mix well for you. 

‘What did you say, doll?’ Percival said, his voice was slow and careful.

It was too late to turn back now, so you gathered yourself before questioning him with a straight face. ‘Have you ever had inappropriate thoughts about anyone in this room?’ 

After a short moment of pure silence, Percival didn’t bother breaking eye contact  with you as he brought the glass up to his lips, taking a swig. 

Your heartbeats grew faster as you felt the sudden tension, not to mention Newt and Tina had gone extremely silent while they stared at the both of you, waiting for one of you to react. Your eyes flickered to Newt before clearing your throat, cutting the tension loose. 

Newt was about to ask the next question when Tina placed a hand on his knee. ‘Oh my oh my. Look at the time!’ she dramatically called out. 

It took a while for Newt to catch on, and when he did, he quickly got up and gave a fake yawn. ‘I’m tired and I err think its getting late so err yeah. Bye!’

Tina threw a quick wink in as she was politely ushered to the door by Percival. You soon realized that the  last thing you needed right now was to be alone with him, so you briskly collected you coat, raking your mind for an excuse to leave. 

‘ And where do you think you’re going?’ Percival voice was suddenly deep and demanding.

You turned your attention to him, clutching your coat tighter. ‘ I think I am sick.’ you weakly defended. 

His strides to you was slow, almost as his he was taunting you. ‘Is that so?’ he was dangerously close to you now, and you were stuck in between him and the edge of a tall counter like table. 

‘I see the way you look at me.’ his hot breath whispered against you. A soft shiver ran down our spine when you felt Percival’s arm circling your waist, swiftly pulling you to his chest. 

‘But you don’t see me looking, don’t you?’ 

Words were lost as your eyes fluttered close.body relaxing under his touch. 

Percival’s lips ever so slightly trailed up your neck, kissing it. ‘You don’t see me looking at you when you are in my office late night.’ His hands very slowly pulling your hair to one side. ‘How you always bite your lip when you are confused.’

‘I do have thoughts. Very very dirty thoughts.’ He confessed, roughly kissing the skin under your neck before whispering in your ears. ‘Do you?’ he taunted.

Electric shot through your whole body as you responded by crashing your lips together. You held him roughly by the jaw, pressing into the kiss as his grip tightened on your waist, already leaving a mark through the fabric.

He held you tightly as your hands ran down the front of his shirt, playing on the first button. Things were getting heated up quickly as he walked you backward, your upper back hitting the table’s edge.

A sharp ding from a old grandfather clock caused you two to pull apart in lightening speed, like teenagers getting caught by parents. The hour and minute hand both pointed at 12, indicating that it was already a new year.

‘Happy New Year.’ you wished, kissing him on the cheek. ‘Happy New Year to you too,’ he mumbled, leaning back in for kiss.

You placed your index finger on his lips, stopping him. ‘I strongly suggest we don’t do anything further even with the tiniest bit of alcohol in our system. Just to be safe.’

His eyes softened at your words, taking your index finger in his large hands. ‘ Agreed. Dinner at my place tomorrow then?’ he suggested.

‘I’ll bring dessert.’ you cheekily replied, throwing a wink in.

A/N : THIS TOOK SO LONG. I’m so very sorry dear anon. I hope I did justice to your request. Please tell me what you thought. I would really like to know. AND A HUGE thank you to all you other fellow readers out there for reading this and giving me so supportive feedbacks. Send in request if you have any. 

Happy New Years!!

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Myanmar punks wearing customized attire take part in a punk gathering ahead of the Thingyan water festival in Yangon, Myanmar, 12 April 2017. Myanmar punks have been gathering in Yangon on the day ahead of Thingyan water festival to celebrate every year. The annual water festival is marked with large groups of people congregating to celebrate by splashing water and throwing powder at each others faces as a symbolic sign of cleansing and washing away the sins from the old year to mark the traditional New Year in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. This year, the Myanmar Thingyan water festival falls on 13 April and ends on 16 April. (Lynn Bobo/EPA)


Losar Fashion in Lhasa: 

I’ve found that one of the best things about Losar here in Lhasa is checking out what everyone is wearing around town. The New Year is a time to show off your new and best clothes, and Tibetans go all out to look good as they walk around the streets. I did my best to capture some of the coolest looks one afternoon.