• Nero O’Reilly and I have a 20-page kaiju murder mystery story in New World, the talent-packed new colonization-themed sci-fi/fantasy comic anthology coming out from Iron Circus (y’know, the publisher who put out Smut Peddler/Sleep of Reason/Poorcraft/basically every dope Kickstarted comic thing).
  • AS OF TONIGHT, the New World Kickstarter has already zoomed past $35,000! IT IS AN IMMENSELY POPULAR KICKSTARTER, and there are still 18 days to go!
  • This means that the final book is going to look SO DOPE. Picture this: alternate cover by Benjamin Dewey, the Tooth & Claw artist? Hardcover option available? This book is going to be like the Rolls Royce of anthologies. AND THERE ARE MORE STRETCH GOALS TO COME.
  • It also means that we get PAID EVEN BETTER than the already super reasonable amount of not coupons, not ExposureBucks, but real-life spendable meat dollars we were already getting paid! Awesome!

I’m gonna warn you right off the bat: our comic is weird. We collaborated on it for everything– from script to pencils to inks, even inking different parts of the pages! Plus we basically poured our love of monster movies into into this sucker WHILE ATTEMPTING TO ALSO COMMENT ON HOW MESSED UP OF AN EFFECT THAT OVERPOWERED FOREIGN INTERESTS CAN HAVE ON A REBUILDING NATION. Even without reading it on that level, though, it’s cute and fun.

This story WILL NOT be coming out in any other weird little mini, compilation or whatever from us, so IF YOU WANT TO PRE-ORDER IT and get some of this rad action for yourself (as well as 340 pages of awesome comics by other talented creators, naturally), visit the Kickstarter here:

There! Three times so you can’t miss it!

We’re super super psyched to be a part of this incredible comic project! We hope you’ll dig our story and NEW WORLD as a whole!

New World is a fantasy/sci-fi anthology about culture clash, what happens when civilizations meet. And it’s live on Kickstarter NOW!

New World features 25 stories by 30 different creators, including Zach Weinersmith (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal), Matt Howarth (Those Annoying Post Brothers), Carla Speed McNeil (Finder, No Mercy), and more. Funding via Kickstarter will not only help bring the book to print, but pad the paychecks of contributing artists in a bonus model originated on Iron Circus and now used nearly universally in Kickstarter anthology projects.

Thank you so much for your support, folks! Both pledges and reblogs!

Started inking my story for New World– it’ll be 20 pages long and weird and unlike anything else I’ve done, and I’m not gonna show hardly any of it early because I want it to be a SURPRISE.

Anyway I just did this to clean up and finalize some decisions re: the main character’s look and spacesuit and how I’m gonna deal with ink and tones. I read the first book of Snowpiercer and it has me thinking a lot about big blocky shadows and tones so that’s what I want to go for.

Suit is mostly based on this mechanical counter-pressure idea, and those are two little cameras on the chin that are meant to record constant binocular video. I’ve been chipping away at a lot of ideas in this comic for years and none of them have materialized into something I can justify spending time on until now…