A minute of euphoria

ok so i was looking at this picture and i realized something

karkat in this always struck me as weirdly animated, he doesn’t look like he is sitting down, actually he looks like is just floating and got put on a background

but upon comparing him to the other two while tracing an imaginary line as to where their butts should be, i noticed where the problem was.

you know how when you sit, your bum gets a bit flattened because it’s a cushioned surface being pressed with the weight of your body?

like this? compare it to

sakamoto’s little butt stays perfectly round because he has no chair.

but now let’s look at karkat again, if he isn’t sitting then what is he doing?

in case the perspective is a bit harsh on you let me elaborate

those lines indicate the balance of karkat’s body, with the point receiving most force in the middle which in this case his bum, holding the weight of his torso and half of his legs. that’s the gravitational pull

but through perspective, you can see that his bum is under the same line than his left foot, in other words, his butt has to be higher than his hands and feet because the left foot line (in light blue) doesn’t match.

Karkat is not sitting down guys

so there you have it guys, the physics of karkat’s ass