When you arrive after a long flight and inhale the smell of a new country a smile creeps upon you. It’s unknown and it’s beautiful. It’s an adventure and a new vibe. A new way of looking.
—  Annedi Bergsma (The smell, culture and vibe of a different country is so stunningly beautiful)

Usopp: The weather is terrible!!

Brook: Yohoho~ The sky is pouring!!

Robin: The wind is blowing strong!

Franky: The sea is crashing!!

Nami: The compass’ needle is all over the place!!

Chopper: The sea looks red!!

Sanji: A surging sea of flames!!

Zoro: It looks like the entrance to hell.

Luffy: PERFECT!!!!

Chapter 654: The Strawhats entering the New World with smiles on their face.