The new world resembles Earth with its continents mirroring those of the real world, and the town seen during the epilogue FMV features modern buildings, roads and cars, a modern train and a train station, and there is a plane in the sky that creates a contrail. Additionally, the souls of humanity appear to fly by celestial bodies strongly resembling Saturn and Mars, two planets that share the Earth’s solar system.  The world has a moon and familiar plant life with grass, wheat and Flanders poppies.

When you arrive after a long flight and inhale the smell of a new country a smile creeps upon you. It’s unknown and it’s beautiful. It’s an adventure and a new vibe. A new way of looking.
—  Annedi Bergsma (The smell, culture and vibe of a different country is so stunningly beautiful)
Reaction of a part of Episode 12x13 in Supernatural

Let’s take a minute to re-evaluate the situation between Crowley and Rowena.

It was very subtle with implication, based on Fiona’s words, that she was raped on the boat by horrible men and that a female teacher blamed her for throwing herself at her lover, who she was deeply in love with, which is Gavin.

When Gavin mentioned that he thought of going back to Fiona’s time to rescue her (agreeing with the Winchesters also) after telling the Winchesters and his grandmother (Rowena) the tale, she didn’t want to risk Gavin dying, but a split second later she agreed with Gavin’s decision.

Later on, she explained harshly to her son, Fergus (Crowley), that she let him go because she wanted Crowley to feel the pain of losing a child like she did as revenge.

But she also did mention that she thought Gavin was great… reminded her of Oskar, the human she treated as her own child - the child that she wanted.

You see… I think she took a liking to Gavin enough to realize that he is a good man, which was why she compared him to Oskar. A woman out for revenge because she was treated cruelly and raped back around the 17th or 18th century… and Rowena’s grandson loved her and wished to remove her pain by dying with her on the boat, as it was fated to be.

That kind of bravery and heart could have pushed Rowena’s heart towards warmth as she relented and helped the Winchesters take her Gavin back to his time.

There’s a couple of people I know who think Rowena is messed up for not loving her own son enough, and instead loving someone who isn’t her family blood. Hell, some people may think that it was her actions that pushed Crowley to hate his own family and sold his soul for a few more inches added to his dick.

….well, it’s possible.

However, was it her entire fault, back in the 17th and 18th century, when she felt this pain as a poor girl wanting to be accepted into a group of people for magic? I see it as a domino effect.

She was treated harshly in her time because she was poor. With the way she spoke of her past, it seems as though she loved a rich man who led her on and broke her heart, leaving her lying on the floor in her own blood with their newlyborn baby as he married another woman.

Those were fucked up times in the medieval era. Rowena could have potentially saw herself in Fiona, and saw the goodness in Gavin like she saw in Oskar. With the recent viewing of Rowena’s gruesome, bloody past of being “used”, I think with Fiona’s choice of the word “used” held the same meaning. I’d like to think that Rowena knew she made a lot of mistakes, and that adding on to getting revenge on Crowley, she could have let Gavin go because she wanted him to be happy in his time… something that she knew both she and her own son would never truly have.