~Spring Sprung~

A small present for spring!

So, I was poking around organizing and merging files yesterday and I decided to add some recolors to Nemestnaya’s small plant that @msteaqueen converted from Sims 2 to Sims 4. The item really is quite tiny and it wasn’t a big recolor, but I figure its here if you want it. Also while I was at it, I found Lucy Culliton’s paintings and decided I *had* to have them in my game. I made a new mesh (woot?) and popped them in. Well this is my first time making a mesh so far that works the way I wanted to, so yay. So to the info & download:

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Happy New Year, friends!

At last, someone to have a drink with me to celebrate!

(Lunchbox’s old top hat is a bit small on Brunhilda, and even my top hat is smaller on me than it used to be. It may be time for Mommy to make us new top hats for next year!)

P.S. Have you seen today’s Google Doodle? Even Google is in on the tortle fun!

2016: Tortles all the way down.
All hail the Tortle Tower!