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meeting junhui for the first time and he's all flustered and ur a fan so ur kinda taken aback because he's supposed to be the "greasy" one

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Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 681

Characters: Wen Junhui/OFC

He didn’t mind being the coffee boy. He didn’t mind being anything, actually. For this evening, he wasn’t Seventeen’s Jun, child actor, Prince (Savior, God, the list goes on) of China. He was Just Junhui, getting coffee. Completely and irrevocably normal.

“Hey, aren’t you Seventeen’s Jun?”

Speak of the devil. The question came from the person in front of him in the queue, a little lady looking up at him with slightly shell-shocked eyes. He took note of the way her pupils were dilated, pools of chocolate he was practically drowning in, but kissed with a little silver glitter from the café lights.

Picking up his composure, he cleared his throat, tilting his head in tandem with his signature sultry smirk. “Yes, I am.” he replied, low enough to not cause a stir, but loud enough for just her ears.

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Fuckkkk I love Logan square I’m so glad I found a place to live in it. I’m at new wave and I had this weird realization that I probably look cool/hip enough to be here with my shaved head and blue lipstick but in reality, I am listening to one direction on my headphones and am a huge fraud mwahahahaha they have all been duped