Isn’t this guy a beauty?

His name is Purple Sutherland, and he is available for adoption through New Vocations! As a racehorse, “Jack” started 56 times over 6 years, with his last start being on July 1st of this year. He won 11 races, was second 9 times, and was third 7. He earned a total of $87,809. 
Currently located at New Vocations’ Ohio facility, Jack is one of the sweetest horses around, both on the ground and under saddle. He will go around the arena on a loose rein, but also knows how to pick himself up into a frame if asked for more contact. He has a lovely, lopey canter for trail and pleasure rides. He stands patiently on the cross ties, and doesn’t hurry to the pasture. When turned out with other geldings, Jack showed the same mellow attitude as he had in the barn, and befriended all of them. 

Jack’s adoption fee is a small $400. He will make a lovely horse for someone, and will only get better with more under saddle work. If interested, please contact New Vocations.


Look at that precious face!

This adorable little guy is named Great Dancer! Known around the barn as “Nemo”, this 7 year old gelding stands 15.1 hands high. As a racehorse, Nemo earned $65,940, winning 5 races, having 3 seconds, and 5 thirds. His final career start was on April 19th of this year, where he finished eighth. 
Located at the Pennsylvania branch of New Vocations, he has become a favorite of all the kids, because of his loveable personality and his unique ‘fin’ markings on his right hindquarters. Nemo has very smooth gaits, most notably his floating trot, which make him a very comfortable ride. New Vocations is confident that he will make a great all around horse, because of his willingness to please his rider. He stands quietly while his mane is being pulled, and for the blacksmith. He is turned out with other geldings and gets along with them great.

This great little gelding can be adopted for $400. If you want to adopt this loveable guy, please contact New Vocations.

The I’ll Have Another shirt is fresh off the presses! It took me a while figuring out how I wanted to achieve the half-tone effect in color this time and then just cropping out the horse *just right* is what took me so long. Get yours in whatever color, style, and size you’d like here!

I added five cookies to the background to go along with the story behind his name, one for each of his spring races: the Robert B. Lewis, the Santa Anita Derby, the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and next, the Belmont Stakes.

Use the code TEEMAY at checkout for 10% off your order, good until Wednesday night. All proceeds go to New Vocations.

Meet Miz Emmalou! She is a 18yr old 16h roly-poly mare. This lady is cute as a button on top of being a doll to handle. Emmalou has been a classy mare all her life and nothing has changed.  She was multiple stakes placed and earned $153,816 in her racing career. Upon retirement from racing, she had a second career as a mommy, producing 7 foals.  Five of her foals raced and 4 of them are winners! Daring Reality and Landing My Way, 2 of her foals, earned $272,100 and $159,551 respectively. Now Emmalou is on to her third career and has been nothing less than impressive so far.

She is a princess in the barn and has no vices. Emmalou is used to being out side with lots of other mares so she gets along well with al the girls. Emmalou goes well in both Western and English tack. She is eager and spunky, she accepts new lessons with ease. The second video is of her first time going over poles. Emmalou is suitable for all flatwork disciplines and low level jumping. She is suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. This girl is a gem!

Someone go get this cutie!


So this monkey is nuts about the dogs, they aren’t so sure about him though xD We did some following over a cavelleti in his field and my agility dog decided to show him the ropes. I had a herd of corgis and a giant thoroughbred gelding running circles with me over a jump and felt like I was in the circus! I wish I had a video but unfortunately I was alone. I bet they’ll do it with me again soon though, everyone seemed to love it! He just wants to put his nose all over the dogs, they’re disturbed by it, normally they can herd the horses, not get sniffed! (My trainer breeds corgis)


Got to meet Parker baby today! He’s only been here two days but he seems right at home. He’s super playful and lovey, he has no sense of personal space at all lol. He’s an even cooler mover loose than I thought so that’s pretty awesome. Compared to everyone else we have he looks very big xD Sorry for the iPhone quality, there was some very tiny snow falling and it was a mess out there, ergo no camera! He was very happy to stretch his legs and play while he could.

should have been on my photography blog, whatever….

Lady is a 7yr old mare with a compact build and very correct conformation. She has a very free and athletic movement  lady is very confident and independent. At first introduction to the herd, she does her own thing and explores her new surroundings on her own. Lady makes friends easily. She is gentle to handle around the barn and will stand without even being tied for mane pulling. She does not have any vices.

Lady is looking for and advanced rider who is looking for a project to really mold into their own  Someone who will take the time to bond with her and can patiently focus all of her talent will surely end up with a loyal and willing partner. She has a very soft mouth and prefers a rider who is very soft with their aids. She loves the outdoors and is a complete braveheart on the trails. Lady also seems to prefer the outdoor arena as opposed to the indoor. She is sound and has the athletic potential for any endeavor, from jumping to barrels to polo, and so on.

How has this mare not been snatched up yet? I swear, if I had the money I’d be halfway to KY by now.