Kallithought #1

If you are reading this book with me, let’s begin our journey together. The first Kallithought revolves around the philosophical thought of self preservation; but the biblical premise of being able to supply what every joint needs. When we are introduced to God in the OT, we meet the Creator of the universe and He is creating a perpetual earth and heaven and everything therein. He is giving of His creative genius so you and I can not only exist but live.

Scripturally, we were created in the image of this magnanimous giver who shares His resources and His Son with us. Thus we should resolve to have dominion in the earth just as He does to this day. However, we cannot have dominion over that we don’t understand. God spent days teaching  Adam how to have dominion and reign in the earth. Today, we need to transfer the scripture to a modern day context and we need to apply this kingdom system of discipline so that we too can be fruitful or productive in the earth.

We need to practice the discipline of paying ourselves by spending time with God in His Word. This is paying yourself; but, the power is not in Word read but in Word applied. Application means looking at what is happening in the society surrounding us for example a new IPO is has been applied for by Facebook. What is an IPO? Can this be a vehicle for the transference of wealth to the Kingdom of God? Should we formulate small corporations that take advantage of putting monies together in a synergistic pool to increase our share purchase strength? Or are we practicing Christianity in some type of box or vacuum.

It’s time to get out the box and to break out of this recession mindset!