Voltron S2 Tease? Maybe?? Idk I’m dumb & I don’t pay attention

So if

A) Shiro is the Black Paladin (now), and

B) he doesn’t have the black bayard

then how did I not figure out that Zarkon was the old Black Paladin before the show hinted at it, because in the FREAKING opening they show Zarkon

and then in literally the NEXT SHOT they show what I USED to think was Shiro’s back, but once I actually paid attention…

Either the Voltron team is thankfully giving us hints that Shiro will survive and reclaim the black bayard, or they’ve been showing us Zarkon piloting the black lion for literally THE WHOLE SEASON and I NEVER EVEN NOTICED until I rewatched it this week

Either way, well played, Voltron peeps. Well played.

Edit: lmao guys I knew Zarkon was the Black Paladin literally one of the first things he says is that he’s going to get the lions *back* I’m saying I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t notice the black bayard in the opening lolll