An exclusive insider has told DT Weekly that contrary to reports from less reputable publications, country turned pop superstar Taylor Swift hasn’t been spending her off time with a new man. DT Weekly can now reveal that ms Swift has in fact been in Nashville working on her much anticipated 6th Studio album! And it looks like ms Swift is single in more ways than one…the insider claims that the sultry songstress has decided to forego collaborators and has been going at this project alone… word yet on when we can expect to hear this new music but we doubt the singer could shake off another year without releasing brand new tunes.
—  excerpt from a DT Weekly report (x)

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Wild UPDATE appeared! Demona used UPLOAD! It’s super effective!

No, but seriously, I apologize for the long wait. Let’s hope this motivation I have now stays longer :D

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shoutout to musical autistics
shoutout to autistics who love to stim to music
shoutout to autistics who sing or hum to stim and focus
shoutout to autistics who’s instruments are their favorite stim
shoutout to autistics who can’t play an instrument because of poor motor skills or just can’t associate the movements with sound and sing instead
shoutout to autistics who can’t stand off-key music or music that changes tempo suddenly
shoutout to autistics who love group singing because it feels good to be in harmony
shoutout to autistics who hate group singing because they can’t hear themselves and that scares them
shoutout to autistics who get in trouble for humming while in class/at work
shoutout to autistics who have to finish the verse before they can stop, they heard you when you asked them to stop, they just need to finish
shoutout to autistics who can read music very easily
shoutout to autistics who can’t read music at all
shoutout to autistics who are told they should take their talent on the road but are too nervous to
shoutout to autistics who sing in front of others for the social thrill and feeling of people paying attention to you
shoutout to autistics who only sing songs they’ve heard before
shoutout to autistics who can make up a new tune on the spot
shoutout to autistics who don’t sound great to others
shoutout to autistics who dance
shoutout to autistics who dance and are praised for it
shoutout to autistics who aren’t very well coordinated but still try their best
shoutout to autistics who dance and are too shy to show it to anyone
shoutout to autistics who love music
shoutout to autistics that are good at rhythm-based games
shoutout to autistics that can’t help but move to the beat
shoutout to autistics who can memorize every word
shoutout to autistics who can only remember the tune
shoutout to musical autistics.

dating Taehyung [realistically]

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• he wouldn’t really always be all happy and romantic as fanfictions and imagines make him out to be

• as far as I know (assume) he doesn’t have that much experience with relationships/girls so I think sometimes he wouldn’t always be able to know how to handle fights and difficulties in the relationship

• because he’s not really experienced I can imagine that he would try his best to be the perfect boyfriend that appears in dramas and books

• if he’s really in love with you he would always want to show and tell you how much you mean to him and give you everything you need but he’s only human

• pda wouldn’t really be a thing, he doesn’t seem like the type of man who would be making out with you in public or even kissing you in front of the members. I can see him holding your hand or keeping an arm around you while you’re walking

• also he seems like a really decent guy who wouldn’t have problems to wait for a while until he’s sure you’re the one before he decides to get really close to you physically

• also don’t see him making out with you a lot but a lot of forehead kisses and the dramatic fun kisses he loves to give (you know the thing he does with the camera)

• your first kiss being a meaningful and sweet experience

• I can even imagine him waiting for sex til he gets to marry you because you both don’t necessarily need it right away

• if you want to get closer to him you had to tell him. I feel like he is the type of guy who doesn’t understand girls too well but would notice that something is going on

• if there were times you wanted to kiss him (because he just didn’t make a move) you just had to tell him and he would be okay with it

• i don’t know but i just feel like he would be unsure at first to touch you because he didn’t know if you wanted it

• but as soon as you told him he would constantly hug you, kiss you, and love you the way he wants

• It would get more and more the longer you are together like he would get so touchy and cute from then on

• once he’s sure and comfortable around you, he would literally do anything with you

• the sex wouldn’t be as great as fanfictions make it out to be though

• sometimes he would fall asleep right after because he’s just too tired

• but you love each other so it wouldn’t matter a bit

• him always talking to you about your future together and how many kids he wants to have with you

• he would love to hug you and squish your cheeks

• his hands are really big and he is aware of that (the focus he always sets on them in front of the camera jesus he knows) so I think you and he would love comparing your hands together

• he would love that yours are smaller than his

• he would love the feeling of protecting you and calling you his wifey (even if you’re not married yet)

• If you both have bad fights, there would be times he would walk off and wouldn’t talk to you for a while

• If you both don’t talk to each other anymore he would go to the other boys to tell them about it. He would either do it to get advise or to get it out of his chest, but you’d still be uncomfortable with it because you don’t want them to know about your relationship problems

• He wouldn’t always be so happy and in kissing mood when he wakes up in the morning because he’s a heavy sleeper who has a hard time standing up in the morning

• but as soon as he sees you there would be a lot of times where he would wrap his arms around you and just lay there for a while

• If you both have free days together you would go out to a cafe or an adventure park and just have a good time

• you would also have great museum visits

• taehyung seems like someone who is a great listener, so if you both have time alone together you would also have great thoughtful conversations with a lot of eye contact

• he wouldn’t always tell you everything, but you would turn out to be the person he would trust the most out of all people

• he would love when you play with his hair and just touch him in general

• he would also love to touch you and make you feel secure

• from what I saw, taehyung likes to give people (expensive) gifts, so he would also be willing to buy you lots of presents whenever he feels like it

• sometimes you would get a little mad at him for that because people would think you use him

• but even if the rumors and the drama would be hard to handle, if you both were meant to be, you would go through ever difficulty together

• he would always want to participate more in the music making process, so if he made a new tune/melody for the next song or wrote some lyrics, he would love to show you them and ask for your honest opinion

• because you both would always be honest to each other

• the relationship making you both feel down at times because he’s barely there due his schedule and you not being able to visit him on tour often because of your own work

• him being so cheesy and sweet to you especially when you’re sad and feeling down because he loves to make you feel loved after all

• him being the one to call you mostly in the beginning of the relationship

• silly facetimes, usually once a day but sometimes he would be too tired or jetlegged so he would forget to call

• he’s actually really funny and has a good sense of humor, but sometimes he’ll use them as a tactic to avoid conversations he doesn’t want to have

• he can be really naive at times which could make you frustrated

• he can get really distant at times for no reason

• you being super close to each other’s families

• your parents loving him and seeing him as their son-in-law

• taehyung would love to introduce you to his family and would be super happy to see you getting along with his siblings and cousins

• you being totally in love with his dog soonshim and spending most of the time with her when you visit his house

• him admiring you completely during the process and always telling you how much the dog loves you

• his parents being happy to see that he found someone who makes him feel so alive
• at first i can imagine, the bts members would be concerned if taehyung isn’t getting to serious with you but after they realize that you have good intentions and a good heart, they will treat you so good

• especially little jungkook would always come to you when he has to tell someone other than the boys about his problems and other stuff (you know some girl advice)

• you’d be his inspiration at writing at times. he would write stuff about you. It might not be good and fully written but he would like to write them but never show them to you.

• overall, you two would have a sweet happy yet hard relationship that you both would be fighting for. and if you keep on respecting and loving each other it would possibly hold on for a life time.

I wonder how many new people are tuning into the Late Late Show tonight after enjoying James Corden at the Grammys and then having those people get to experience Louis and Steve performing Just Hold On…

A 2D-Bendy Illustrated Fanfiction

An AU of 2D Bendy, inspired by @shinyzango and @squigglydigglydoo. Written and hand-drawn by myself. Used’s poltergiest background audio for ambiance. Enjoy!




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Get ready for some groovy hijinks, guys! I’m starting up a Coolsville comic of my own design to satiate my thirst for Scooby Doo! I haven’t enjoyed how their arcs have been going as of late, so I am starting up a whole new one. Stay tuned for future character profiles and story info :D


Click for the whole thing!!

… The last part is finally here!! Part 3 can be found here.

New layout, as I already told you .. it’s not as fancy but I hope you can enjoy it anyway. PLEASE tell me if anything’s not readable or if you encounter any other problem.

So yeah .. this has been quite a ride. I wanna take a moment and thank the marvellous @elladoodles and @ghostgetters for the continuous inspiration and motivation. I couldn’t have done it without you, really. I LOVE YOU GAL PALS SO MUCH.

And also everyone who liked, reblogged, shared. You guys all deserve a big plate of cookies.

So, let’s get this one out there as well! Again, this is 100% fanmade by me.

Enjoy this fluffy conclusion and stay tuned for new projects coming your way!

Love, Lima!

24K Magic (Reader x Peter Quill)

Word Count: 1340

Summary: Reader has been to earth within the past year and has picked up a few new albums for their iPod. Peter has no idea what anything is.

Warnings: none 

A/N: Here’s some peter fluff to get you through the week because guess what? IT’S GOTG WEEK YALL!!!! Enjoy!! <3

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🦇 More music! 🦇
I have updated my big playlist of songs and created a second one for easier listening. The music is not strictly goth rock but the kind gothy folk will enjoy. Both lists range from classics to new favourites, so there’s loads to choose from!

Best of Batty Tunes: This is best for finding out which bands you like and which ones you don’t. There is only one album per band: Best of, singles collections, or one full album to give you an idea of their general sound as well as to introduce you to the big hits. The playlist can be found here:

Goth-y list: This one is full of entire discographies creating a list of almost 10,000 songs, live recordings and remixes from dozens of goth or otherwise dark-sounding bands. Put it on shuffle, click play, and you’ll have non-stop spooky sounds to last you a month! The playlist can be found here:

Both of these lists live and will be updated every now and then with new tunes. Enjoy!