So all these are apart of this au so yeah here we go

- Jinki walking through his practice rooms at the school to his office, looking over his lesson plans softly humming a new tune he was working on, when he hears the soft sound of a piano key being played repetitively. When he asks who’s there, Little Minho squeaks. And when Jinki goes over Minho is very very scared because he never should have run off from his mama’s classroom, but then Jinki is turning the corner and his face softens like hey what are you doing here little one. And Minho mumbles Ma is working, and I like the piano. And so Jinki asked if he can sit beside him on the bench and asks him if he wants to play with him. Minho is lifted onto Jinki’s lap and his tiny hands are placed on the back of Jinki’s and Minho is smiling so wide when Jinki starts playing.

- Junghee coming in like a force to be wreckened with calling out Minho’s name, because she was just making sure all the instruments were put away correctly and she turned around and her almost 3 year old son was missing. And when she finally finds him she rushes to him and pulls him close to her tiny little body like how dare you run off and scare mama like that, and then her eyes land on Jinki and she glares like who are you? And Minho smiles like he’s really good at piano mama. And Minho never speaks that loudly around strangers so Junghee figures that Jinki is someone she can trust. 

- When they start talking and stuff, Junghee dropping Minho off with Jinki because Minho loves Mr. Jinki, and his giant piano. He likes sitting on his lap and being taught a little tune. Jinki will watch him for a couple hours while Junghee finishes a couple things, and for that Junghee is forever grateful.

- Jinki dropping off a stuffed animal penguin for Minho because he once said Jinki looked like one when he was in his suit and how he wanted to be one. And Junghee smiles softly like thank you. She thinks about his smile the rest of the night.

- Minho falling asleep on her desk one evening, and she doesn’t want to wake him up but he’s gotten way too big for her to carry with one arm, and she sees Jinki across the way and she softly smiles because he’s really nice to look at. And then she quietly walks over there, bare feet because her heels clack too loudly, and she asks him if he wouldn’t mind carrying Minho to the car for her. She doesn’t even get to finish her question before he’s saying yes. She kisses Jinki’s cheek as a thank you once Minho is all snug in his booster seat.

- Minho running over to Jinki in the hallway, and Jinki smiling so wide as he sets his coffee mug on the top of the locker near him and bends slightly to lift Minho up. And Minho just finishes asking Jinki if he’d like to come to dinner as Junghee is pushing her way through the crowd of bustling students to relax once she sees Minho in Jinki’s arms. And Jinki smiles and asks her, so if I do come to dinner what would be made? And she had no idea Minho was going to ask him, but she takes one look at the pleased little boy and she recovers with a smile, whatever your favorite food is Jinki. 

- Junghee finding the picture of Jinki’s late wife on his desk shortly after they start actually dating, and asking who it was. At first Jinki’s defensive, and snatches out of her hand and yells none of your business, but when Junghee leaves looking hurt, he feels horrible. Later that night when he goes in to get Minho who’s sleeping on a beanbag beside her desk he sits her down in her chair, he sits on her desk, takes her hands and softly explains how the woman was his wife.. and how she died. He explains to her how it’s still hard to go on without her, but how Junghee and Minho are making it easier. How sorry he is for snapping because it wasn’t her fault. Junghee just smiles softly and wipes Jinki’s eyes before pecking his lips. Saying she understands and that she hopes he’s comfortable enough to tell her more about his wife.

- A couple years down the road, Minho having to tell his ma that he’d like to pursue the piano and not the violin. Jinki giggling behind his hand, being so pleased, when she hits his shoulder pouting how, Jinki how dare you, you corrupted my precious little boy. But at Minho’s first recital both are standing and hollering as he finishes his piece.

Zachary Cale - The Living Room, Brooklyn, July 16, 2015

Hey! I wrote a bit about Zachary Cale’s great new LP, Duskland, over at Aquarium Drunkard. Here’s a recent live gig, very nicely recorded by NYC Taper’s Acid Jack, with a setlist full of new tunes. Oh and if you haven’t checked it out yet, Zach’s Lagniappe Session (with covers of Peter Laughner, Eno, the Stooges and JJ Cale [naturally]) is very much worth your time. 

And hey, Cale is on tour now

Homecoming Album Review!

Aussie Rock Band Short Stack have released a brand new album just last Friday (21st August 2015) titled ‘Homecoming’ and it is their 4th consecutive album. The band have been building up hype since August last year, telling fans they have been working on new tunes and getting the opportunity to record in England! Along with that announcement, they were signed to 'Universal Music Australia’ prior from their last label 'Sunday Morning Records’ before their break up on March 30th 2012. The band is now back together with a brand new album and currently on a Meet & Greet Tour all over Australia promoting their new and very exciting album!

The 1st track of 'Homecoming’ is titled 'Dance With Me’. This track was released Early this year in April along with the EP they made with it, releasing other songs they had worked on out of the studio in London. When this was released, a lot of us fans were wondering 'is this their new sound? No more synth or techno in their music?’ we were all quite impressed with how the song turned out. Shaun Diviney (lead guitarist & vocals) had written this song with the boys earlier in 2014 and was really happy with how it turned out! Since their last album 'Art Vandelay’ the boys proved how much they had really improved on their skills, and how they can show it off. Andy Clemmensen (bassist & backup vocals) sung in this song, not like many other of their songs where he would only support Shaun with backup, he actually had an entire verse to himself! The bass they used for this was great, it really showed independence in his bass playing skills and how he can play apart from sticking to the guitar root notes in their previous albums. Bradie Webb (drummer) showed that he can play more than 4 beats! In previous albums he would stick to a couple of beats per album, and they would mix incredibly well with the guitars, but in this song he really showed what he can do and how good he is in it! The lyrics in the song were great, Shaun demonstrated how well he can write, and what he can write. The song is catchy, fun, it gets you all hyped up for the album (and even some of the vamps fans seemed to like it!).

2nd track of the album 'Elvis’ is a very, very catchy tune. From the moment I heard the instruments play I hit that repeat button and haven’t had enough of it! The song itself reminds me of 'Wild, Wild West’ by the Escape Club, but it’s still a very addicting song! Shaun speaks very clearly in this song, like all the others apart from their last album (Art Vandelay) he was a bit whispery the way he sung, but now he’s ready to take down international singers with his skills and talent! Shaun also shows how well he’s improved at guitar yet again! He has a rockin’ guitar solo which is quite hard to learn, I don’t know how he does it! I find it very clever how Shaun managed to rhyme Elvis Presley into the song, most artists don’t use famous names in their songs. The only time I’ve heard a well known person in a song is 'Uma Thurman’ by Fall Out Boy. Andy is very clever with this song as well, the simple bass notes is all you need to get addicted to this song! Bradie, keeping the drum beat simple and adding a bit of tambourine into the tune is just what the song needs to make the finishing touch! This song is over all great and it needs to be heard!

The 3rd track of the album 'Gravity’, oh my wow. They really brought their shit to the table this time 'round! Released 5 days prior to the album release, Short Stack wanted people to buy this album and they definitely persuaded many people! Shaun has definitely improved on his song writing skills, giving us fans inspiring lyrics that will stick with us forever. Shaun did very well on his chord progressions, they all agreed it was the best Shaun had ever done and it may just be their favourite off the whole album! Andy sticking to the simple bass lines is just what you need for this kind of song. Smooth, calm, and my oh my it’s pretty! Bradie also shows his love for crash symbols in this song, over all a great beat that I haven’t heard very often from this guy. Great Work!!

The 4th and title track of the album 'Homecoming’ introduces the album like never before. This song was released the night before the release of the album, and man did it get us fans excited for the next morning! Shaun’s guitar in this song is absolutely unbelievable. He just keeps showing us that he improves every time he plays! It’s almost he’s like a super saiyan, gaining power every time he trains! Theories say that Shaun wrote this song for the fans. Now, the last time they wrote a song for the fans, it was saying goodbye to us hence the name 'Goodbye’! This song is (thought to be) about coming home to the family of us fans, showing that these three boys will always be here no matter what. The line “But I cannot deceive you when I need you and the joy you bring” tells (or so I believe) that he is telling the fans he regrets leaving us all those years ago and that we do mean a lot to him and so does this band. Andy, getting to have a bass line in the second verse is really smart since it gives you a new feel. This song really does show all of their talents and what they’re capable of. Bradie’s drumming is mostly what gets me hooked to this song, I noticed he is using double pedals and that gets me really excited for future gigs! This song is overall fantastic and it just hypes me even more for the rest of the album!

5th track of the album titled 'Bambi’ is brilliant! When I saw the name of this song, I was pretty worried to be honest. Bambi is the Disney film about he Deer that runs away from its home after it’s mother was shot dead by a hunter, I really hoped the song wasn’t about that! Instead, I found that the song is super catchy! Very different to their other songs! Shaun’s guitar at the start is simple, but it’s still so amazing. When the drums come in, it’s all about those simple beats that make the song complete. As soon as Shaun started to sing, oh my golly gosh I was amazed! It takes pure talent to sing that fast and not stuff up! It’s not rapping, it’s just fast singing and its great! Andy has the pre-chorus to himself to sing, and even though he’s starting to sing more, it still amazes me how good they are! What I love most about this song is that they change the tempo half way through, letting all the instruments show what they’ve got at a fast pace! Song is great, I was not expecting this!

6th track on the album 'Amy’ is a really fun and catchy song. It was released a month or two before the album and it’s overall awesome! We believe the meaning of the song is about his Fiancé since her middle name is Amy. We all find this extremely cute and just adorable!! Shaun did a really good job on the lyrics, just like the whole album. This song gives you an excuse to sing whenever you hear the name Amy. Guitar is nice and simple, but very different to what they’ve done in the past. The bass gives us and upbeat feel to the entire song, you just can’t miss it! Drums are nice and loud, Bradie is really loving the tambourine! Fun as song to dance around to!

'Golden Boy’ being the 7th track on the album just wraps the whole thing together! They’re really starting to like the reverb effects on their amps! Shaun yet again, showing off his talents with different guitar chords all mixing together to create a nice upbeat tune, and the lyrics are very straight forward! The line “I’m so sick of all your shit” just proves that he really is done with all your shit. Shaun threw in another guitar solo which gets you even more into the song, it gets you in the mood to jump around and wanting to be able to play guitar like him. It really makes you want to be him. Andy’s bass is just simple, sticking to the guitar roots, but man does it make a difference! He really has improved since all those years ago! Bradie throwing in a new beat for us to enjoy just makes the song 10x better then we already think it is. These songs are very original! Well done guys!

8th track of the album 'Bad Religion’. I have to agree with Shaun on this one, the first time he heard it all together he was 50/50 on it, but now I’m hooked! It’s such a catchy tune that even if it’s not your favourite on the album, you’re bound to have it on repeat one day! The title 'Bad Religion’ hints that it may be some kind of drug he’s addicted to, or a girl… It really is a nice tune to jam out to, really feelin’ the old rock. Andy helping out with the backup vocals is just what you need to make this tune perfect. Bradie as usual, not messing up a beat and always keeping pace and always bringing something new to the table, it’s incredible what he is capable of! Awesome song!

9th track of the album 'Parades’ really tests your pain tolerance. This song is just too many feels to handle it makes you want to cry from the moment you hear it! Originally, this song was released in 2009 on Short Stack’s 'Sway Sway Baby EP’ titled 'Rain On Her Parade’ instead. The boys recreated this song with piano and a cello! The boys made this track a memorable in many ways. They had re-reacted an old favourite for the fans, made it even prettier than the last, and it brought the whole album together, making it a true homecoming.

10th track of the 'Suburbia’! Before the track was released on the day of album release, fans had thought that it would be a recreation of the original Short Stack song 'Suburbia’ off of their 3rd album'Art Vandelay’ Shaun told fans on twitter that the album (Art Vandelay) felt like a solo record, but this song meant something to all the boys, thus recreating it. They changed the tempo to a faster speed, turned up the pitch a little, and they had a new and improved 'Suburbia’ that blew everyone away! We can all agree that this version is 100x better considering there are more live instruments instead of synth and keyboard. the boys made this old favourite a new favourite in an instant! It was a very wise move by the boys. Love it!

This whole album really did blow me away. The way the music was produced, it was proper rock and they are super proud of how it came out, and I can’t show my love for these tracks, absolutely amazing! I can’t wait for the future! If you think you might like this album thanks to my review, go onto iTunes and buy 'Homecoming’ for only $9.99!! That price in every store! Be sure to go and buy it because if they do well on this album they’ll be able to make another album in the future, and that means more rock, more music, more Short Stack!

Overall rating on the album: 10 out of 10 Stars! They did such a good job on this it deserves 10!

Thanks for reading :) -Liv


If you’ve ever wondered what Sylvan Esso’s “Hey Mami” sounds like with a tuba, Noisey has your back.


Jason Aldean - Burnin’ It Down

“I thought I saw the devil, this morning
Looking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongue
With the warning to help me see myself clearer
I never meant to start a fire,
I never meant to make you bleed,
I’ll be a better man today

I’ll be good, I’ll be good
And I’ll love the world, like I should
Yeah, I’ll be good, I’ll be good
For all of the times that I never could.

My past has tasted bitter for years now,
So I wield an iron fist
Grace is just weakness
Or so I’ve been told.
I’ve been cold, I’ve been merciless
But the blood on my hands scares me to death
Maybe I’m waking up today

I’ll be good, I’ll be good
And I’ll love the world, like I should
I’ll be good, I’ll be good
I’ll be good, I’ll be good
For all of the light that I shut out
For all of the innocent things that I’ve doubt
For all of the bruises that I’ve caused and the tears
For all of the things that I’ve done all these years
Yeah, for all of the sparks that I’ve stomped out
For all of the perfect things that I doubt”

- Jaymes Young, I’ll Be Good

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