Hello! I’m frandlle, writing for Cynthia of the Sinnoh League. Please like and/or reblog this if you’d be interested in RP’ing with me!! I’m still fairly new to tumblr rp-wise, so I hope I can be a great rp muse/character to interact with!

Heeeeey guys! My name is Inperia, I am 20 yrs old and live in San Fransisco. I basically just work at Zara’s haha but I love it. I occasionally work at MAC Cosmetics.. I cant even stress the love I have for my makeup, it aint even funny anymore! I breath and sleep makeup and tattoos (and i dont even have one 😩) Im basically just here to meet new people and hopefully we ALL can be friends and hang out, If you’d like to talk just hmu! 💕😀

uh hello there I’m faye~ I’m a german artist and occasional photographer. i live in a small apartment in which i work and sleep. I live close to my family so you’ll see a lot of them. i’m single and bi. i’m here to show you my work and pictures of my travels, and even make some new friends. if you wanna talk, hmu, and i usually respond within the year ღ okay bai

Tip for new RP tumblrs!

Don’t wait for inspiration to motivate you into writing in order to make a tumblr post.

If you do nothing but post writing, that’s all well and fine, but it does take away somewhat from the purpose of being a roleplay blog and becomes more of a bin for your writing only.

Reblog things that resonate with your character’s interests and vibe, like quotes, pics, aesthetics, gifs and gifsets, and music videos!

Reblogging memes (prompt games, actually, not the funny captioned photos, but those are nice, too) helps spark ideas and interaction as well.

anonymous asked:

((Hey! I want to do a blog somewhat like this (RP) but I'm kinda scared that I have wrong grammar and that no one will like what I'm doing. Do you know how I am supposed to start?))

((I have horrible grammar and people still follow me for some reason. I really really suggest finding other people start out with even if it only one other person it helps get you out there and actually have somewhere to start. Also the fandom really matters if it a bigger fandom were there a lot of content out there it will be harder to actually get people to look at your. Also have you rp before? I’m new to rp on tumblr but I know instagram had (I haven’t been on in a few years tbh) a lot of people rp on it and it was a easy place to find people and just start practicing. My suggestion is just to start and don’t worry about how many people you interact with at the beginning. Try and find yourself a group it really help.))


Hello! My name is Isadora, I am 18 and live in Sweden. I freelance as a photographer and occasionally design clothes. I breath and sleep interior design, pizza, tattoos and hot chocolate. 

I’m here to blog, meet new friends and hopefully someday show you some of my designs. If you’d like to talk just hmu. 

xoxo Isadora

The Positivity Initiative Masterpost I

 Hello everyone! I’ve noticed a lot of hate going on lately and would like to change it. This is a masterpost, detailing the things that this initiative will do to make the community a better place. Memes to spur positivity will be tagged under: the positivity initiative . Please take a look, as this is what the positivity initiative is all about. As I create posts, I will go back and edit in the links, so please don’t be shy about reblogging or liking it.

This will become a reference for people new to rp and new to tumblr rp, specifically. Please don’t be shy about asking questions or making comments to the post–anything that may help someone else is welcome. This will be a support for all rp bloggers that may feel inadequate about their writing or may have received hate.

Everyone is allowed to participate in The Positivity Initiative. No matter the fandom, no matter the muse–everyone is welcome to participate. If you have an idea for a post, please message me or make your own and tag it as the positivity initiative.

Things The Positivity Initiative will aim to do:


  • Create a more positive RP community overall.

Please spread the word by reblogging these posts!

“I am alpha, and I am omega. I am one, and I am all. I am indefinite, and I am infinite. I am chaos and I am fear. 

And yet…I am I.”

▶ Independent Sonic the Hedgehog comic Eclipse roleplay and ask blog.

 Canon Character and OC/FC Friendly, currently not yet open to crossovers. 

 More experienced with small to moderate paragraphs, however is open to cracks and one-liners

 Mun is friendly!!  ψ(・`ω´・)ψ

 Occasional NSFW items, however mostly revolves around violence/gore/language and not sexual items.

 Mun is new to tumblr-format RP blogs, however is semi-experienced off of tumblr

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REBLOG if you’re an indie/open affiliated rper who is part of the Alice in Wonderland fandom, and you will be added to this masterlist

This masterlist covers all of the Alce in Wonderland fandom, including the novels by Lewis Carroll, musicals, movies, American McGee’s Alice, Pandora Hearts, Are You Alice?, Alice Mare, Disney Descendants, Once Upon A Time, Wonderland-based OCs, and many more! If your fandom is an adaptation and/or is heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland, you are part of this masterlist. If you have a verse/AU that is based on Alice in Wonderland, you are part of this masterlist.

ahh my first piece of artwork in forever! 

anyway since i saw @strawberrysharkcake‘s au i was totally in love with the idea of mage kyle and companions member stan and i always wanted to draw something like a sorta fan piece but I never had the time! also for one of my rp partners because said au also got me craving a plot in skyrim’s verse and it’s one of the most enjoyable rps I’ve had so far (alongside a cryde one i plan on trying to sketch for tomorrow)